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  1. Thanks for the tip, Cheesehead. I just ordered the Syntrax sample packs from Amazon. I am feeling much better sbout the protein situation.
  2. Thank you all for all the advice that has come from your experiences. Now my plan is to have small amounts of different things for after my surgery so I can figure out what I like and can tolerate. My plan had been to just stock up so you guys probably saved me a lot of money! I had never heard of Better than Bouillon before but I checked them out and will definitely give some of those a try. Yesterday I felt overwhelmed but today I feel like I have a much better handle on this and am feeling optimistic and excited!
  3. You guys are great! I think I have received so much information In so many different ways from my doctor’s office that I have just been overwhelmed. You all have cleared up so much for me in just a few hours and I feel so much better! I checked and Premier protein shakes are on the list the doctor gave me so I am going to try out their different flavors while on the liver shrink diet so I will know what I like and be prepared after the surgery. Also I think I’m going to pass on the vitamin service company because it just seems sketchy to me and I do think they probably charge my insurance company an outrageous amount for it. I will meet my maximum out-of-pocket on my insurance from the surgery so it would be free for me the rest of the year but I just don’t like the idea of the massive overcharging. You all also simplified the vitamins for me. Seems like it will be simple enough. I am so glad I found this forum. I have a feeling it’s going to be a wealth of information and support for me!
  4. Hi, everyone. I've been "trolling" this forum for a while but was too nervous to join until I finally decided to dive right in. I don't know anyone else that has had gastric bypass so I don't have anyone to ask the million questions that have popped into my mind when I looked at the date and realized that the liver shrink diet is less than a week away and the surgery is less than 3 weeks! EEEKKK! I guess I was in denial that I was actually going to do this until it snuck up on me. Can anyone give me some advice about the following: - Vitamins No. 1: Does anyone use a vitamin service that may or may not be covered by insurance? My doctor's office gave me a form that I filled out and gave back to them for a company called Nutrition Direct. I don't know if this is a great idea or a rip off. They have been calling and texting me constantly and I haven't responded to them. If it's a great idea, then I want to go ahead and get it in place. If it's a rip off, I need to start figuring out what I need to have on hand when I get out of the hospital. -Vitamins No. 2: Any advice on timing of taking the vitamins in a way that would be easy to remember? I'm currently on medications that I take in the morning and at night so that routine would not be hard to continue. However, I don't know enough about the vitamins to know if that timing would work. Chicken Broth: Any advice on chicken broth? The brands carried in stores seem to only have 2 grams of protein per cup. This doesn't seem like a significant protein source after surgery when you are trying to get in 60-80 grams of protein. Protein Shakes: My plan is to mainly survive on bottled protein shakes to get my protein in while on the liquid diet after surgery. Right now, I drink a glucose control shake every morning in order to take my pills and I like and are used to them. They have 16 grams of protein. Is that enough? Any recommendations for ones that might taste good and have more protein? Like I said I have a million questions and this is just a few. I don't want to be obnoxious and ask too many at once! I am also open to any other lessons learned the hard way. Thank you for any advice anyone can give me!