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  1. Welcome! We are glad you're here and we're here to support you.
  2. Glad you're on the mend. I've had to take ibuprofen a couple of times too, and I was okay. Multivitamins are still harder on my pouch than ibuprofen! I go back to the orthopedist first week in January to see if I can get the boot off. Struggling with keeping my chin up, as even doing the exercise bike hurts it. I'm a bit in the doldrums, as I'm missing my walks and runs. But it's been 4 weeks so time is marching on.
  3. Welcome to TTF!! Hope all is well! I'm from the Houston area too. Which surgeon did you have?
  4. Congratulations on all your accomplishments! You are doing awesome!!!!! Keep up all the good work! I like Jello chocolate pudding too and find it easy on the pouch. I too lost alot of hair. And yes, it did grow back. Don't worry. It's disconcerting while it's happening, but it's just your body adjusting to all the changes it's going through. I have to admit I wasn't as scared as most people, because my hair had fallen out when my dad died just due to stress. And it had grown back that time too. So I knew (well, pretty much knew ), it would again grow back. And it did. Talking to my doctor helped me because he assured me the timeline my hair loss was following was typical and of no concern.
  5. Oh dear!!! That's terrible!! I'm so sorry that happened to you!! I bet you are all black and blue by now. So sorry you're having a hard time. How are you feeling today? Can you sleep okay or does it wake you up? Hang in there! Lots of hugs and prayers coming your way, @Cheesehead
  6. Everyone is definitely different as far as weight loss right after surgery. I lost 7 pounds the first week. Try not to focus on the first week or so though. It will eventually start to come off and people retain water and swelling differently. It helped me to make a table of five pound increments of weight loss and write in the dates as I hit those. Then I only "officially" weighed in once per week. I knew that I may not get to check a box every week, and even at 5 pound per week, it was going to be a long-haul journey, not a sprint. This is the rest of your life, enjoy the ride! Sip, sip, sip those liquids, and count your protein! How are you feeling today?
  7. I definitely understand your anxiety about this issue, @Brass Monkey. I didn't know how to handle it either. I told zero people at work. I had a hernia repair at the same time as the VSG, so I just told my boss and a few friends at work about that part. There are alot of posts here on the forum about this decision, so I read alot of them. I told my husband and kids and three life-long friends and I'm happy with all of those. They have all been very supportive. I did tell my sister, and she has been a bit bitchy about it at times. I do see the merit in people who want to be honest and open about it. The reason I got the idea for the surgery was through one of my dear friends who was successful with her VSG. I didn't even know the surgery was available until she told me about it. I feel thankful for her every day. But I just can't do it. It's a very private matter to me, and so far I'm glad I haven't shared it with anyone else. My son thinks it's healthier to tell and he hopes I'll open up about it one day. I get that. Part of me was afraid to tell in case I wasn't successful! But most of me thinks it's no one's business. And my loving husband always tells me that the surgery is just a small part of all the changes I have made in my life - my food choices, not just quantity, are vastly different. lots more exercise, lots more focus on health, attend Weight Watchers every week, weigh every day and adjust food accordingly. Those are all new habits for me. Good luck with this decision. It sounds like you'll make the right one for you as you are being thoughtful about this ahead of time. Either way, you may not want to tell EVERYONE so think about that too. Like @Cheesehead suggests, get a line ready in your head for random neighbors, co-workers, etc. I can truthfully say that I attend Weight Watchers and switched from full time to part time work so that took alot of stress off. And the neighbors see me out walking/running every day!
  8. Great question! I notice that the Celebrate vitamins I got from the surgeon hurt my pouch and make me nauseous. What are the best OTC chewable vitamins out there? Anybody have a favorite?
  9. Cindy Lou Who's 2nd Year Surgiversary!
  10. The Instant Pot is a great idea! I've only every made it on the stove, but there seem to be alot of Instant Pot bone broth recipes online. And I wouldn't worry if you don't have all the right ingredients. I always throw all my older veggies from the fridge in there. (Non starchy). Or if you're short on time, they do sell it at the grocery store. Won't be as good as your own though.
  11. @LadyDay, I'm so sorry you're having a rough time. It sounds like the requirements are more strict in Denmark than in the US. But it also sounds like the door is not totally closed, and you still may have a chance. Maybe the doctor you saw today was over pessimistic? Hang in there!
  12. Welcome to Thinner Times! This is a great forum for before and after surgery. You are making a great commitment to your health! I have been so happy with my decision!
  13. Ouch!! Welcome to Thinner Times!
  14. Welcome to the loser's bench, @BethSue! Alot of people's tastes change after surgery, so I'm not too surprised if you don't like your old shakes anymore. But if it's just the quantity that's a problem, you could try freezing half of it and then thawing it out. I know one of the members on this site makes several and then freezes them just for ease. You could freeze them in ice cube trays and then just take out a few at a time? If you don't like the shakes anymore, another way to get liquid protein is bone broth. I liked both chicken and beef bone broth after surgery. I liked the warmth of it also. Hope all is well and congratulations on your journey thus far!
  15. Welcome! Hope you're home and on the mend!
  16. I so get where you are! I was very exhausted too and felt inertia in my whole life, in every way. I was also super scared of the surgery. I had never had any surgery before, and my husband wasn't really on board about my "taking the risk." But I agree with others, I was at risk every day by being so obese. My surgeon kept saying the same thing. I can't say in words how GLAD I am that I did the surgery. My entire life is so much better. I feel SO grateful every day that I had that opportunity. That's why I keep coming back to the forum. I just feel so grateful that I want others to have the same happiness that I feel. So many things happen every day, big and small, that remind me how lucky I am to have had the surgery. Like just in the last hour, I didn't feel defeated and sad when I walked by a mirror, I tied my shoe without wheezing, I put on a fun xmas tshirt that I feel good in, I ate a poached egg and 1/3 piece of whole grain bread and feel satisfied, and........... I look forward to the rest of my life! Do check in with us. We here to support you!
  17. Thanks for asking. I waited to respond until I went back to WW for another weigh in. I'm SO relieved to report that I'm back in my happy weight range. At first I was using my hurt paw as an excuse to sabotage my eating habits. I started having super bad fears of regain because I had a stress fracture about 5 years ago and gained 70 pounds! Now I feel like I beat back an ugly monster rearing it's head. I heard a line the other day about sabotage. It said that until you believe that you deserve to be happy, or deserve the success, you will continue to sabotage yourself. This line had nothing to do with weight loss, but it seems appropriate here too! So whenever I started reaching for a high risk food and heard myself thinking, "Oh well, I can't exercise, I bet I'll regain again like I did last time," I consciously said the mantra, "I DESERVE to be happy. Staying healthy makes me happy. I deserve to stay healthy." Voila! Willpower would kick in! I'm week 2 into 6 weeks in the cast boot, and still know I need it. My foot is still bruised and a little swollen, and really hurts if I put any weight on it. But I can get around on the cast boot so keeping my chin up. (Most of the time! Haha!) Holidays are upon us! I hope everyone is staying sane, safe and silly !
  18. I can attest that people are nice here. I had alot of stupid questions too! All questions are good and help others too, so ask away!
  19. Congratulations on your great decision and your work so far. Welcome to the forum! We are here for you.
  20. Welcome to the forum! We are here to support you. I was right along with most of the same thoughts you are having now. I ate for a host of reasons. And gasping when I tied my shoes was one of the final straws that sent me looking for help. I still work on what to do when I'm bored, stressed, or happy. I definitely get that. It's a journey. But now I get to work on those things as a healthy happy person. Some current substitutions for uncomfortable emotions are walking, allowing myself to rest, knitting, calling a friend, writing/reading on this forum, and thanking my lucky stars that I'm healthy again.
  21. I'm with the others. Every day and week will get better. And don't rush the solid food. Follow your doctor's orders to the letter. That little pouch of yours needs love and care, especially in the beginning when it's swollen. Sip, sip, sip the liquids. I remember a week or so after surgery, I accidentally gulped a mouthful of water after I brushed my teeth. OUCH!!!!!! Sipping is good. I still don't like scrambled eggs ever since surgery. But when it was time (like 3 or 4 weeks postop) I found I could tolerate a poached egg. (I never liked them before.) Now, almost 2 years later, I still love them. Had one this morning for breakfast!
  22. I am SOOOOOO excited! You are the very best!!! Congratulations on your incredible achievement!!! I hope you are basking in the glory of a hero's goal mastered!!! Is it weird that I feel incredibly proud of you? Well, I am! Hug yourself today and know we are all sending our heartfelt congratulations and admiration. Thanks for the pictures. Looks like you had a great day! Sorry about your injury during the race, though. I hope it is healing up okay. Take care. You deserve a little rest time!
  23. YAYYYYYY!!!! We are cheering for you like crazy over here! Shouts of encouragement from around the globe!! You have trained for this and are so ready. I hope you enjoy it! . You are such a rock star!!! And you will kill it! Go out there and know we are all with you. You have come so far already that you have climbed a million mountains! Check back in with us when you're done so we can cheer you. I'm SOOO excited!! I'm living vicariously through you today. Hope that's okay!!
  24. Thanks, @Jen581791! One sentence hit me right between the eyes: "Just be proud that you're at a point where you miss running." Wow! There's the silver lining! I am SO grateful that my body is healthy now and likes to move! At 57 and super heavy I had no hope to ever want to get off the couch. And now the weight loss has resulted in a renewed body that enjoys being busy, enjoys sweating, enjoys life! That makes this 12 weeks seem like nothing in my future happy life. I feel my attitude adjusting. And thanks for the suggestion of the pool. I will look into that in a few weeks. Right now ANY pressure on my foot to move when I'm outside the boot really hurts. But great idea for a few weeks down the line.