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  1. Aw shucks, I feel like I am NO WHERE NEAR being a hero, but thanks. It helps SO MUCH people like you are so successful! And for so long. The successful history is SO inspiring. And yes, I do to Eagle River which is only 20 minutes from Sayner! Beautiful part of the country! My three sons went to camp in that area for years too! Good for the soul!
  2. You inspire me! Please let me know how your training goes! Thanks for the encouragement on my training. I hope I have years of running ahead of me. I do really enjoy it and even more enjoy being able to do it!
  3. You look cute as a button!!! Thanks for posting!
  4. Welcome, welcome!! I'm so glad you're here. The people here are packed with information, and more importantly, are super supportive. This site has helped me tremendously. Is your picture from Kauai? I lived on Oahu for several years.
  5. OH no! I'm so sorry as I know you were enjoying the training and were excited. I SO feel for you. Giant hugs!! A few years ago I trained for a 1/2 marathon, even ran 14 miles, and then got a stress fracture in my foot before the race. SO DISAPPOINTED! The doctor told me it was a repetitive action injury, so that I will NEVER get to run even a 1/2 marathon. I was devastated. I've finally come to terms with it, and know that my particular body wasn't made for that. I've found recently that I can run up to 4 1/2 miles, but 5 makes that foot sore. So I've backed down to 4 and have to be happy with that. I also realize that I'm 57 years old, and my running days may be numbered. Whatever happens, at least I know I can maintain my weight without running if I need to. That's the huge difference between then and now.
  6. I've thought about that too. In training a couple weeks ago, I practiced by hiking 15 miles with my husband and one son, and I carried a 30# pack. They kept asking me if I was tired and if they should carry the pack. I finally said, "This 30 pound pack is NOTHING compared to the extra 115 pounds I used to carry!!"
  7. Hahahaha! Love that you've never overlooked a cocktail! HA! Me either! (And sharing a Manhattan with my cousin is a family tradition! ) "I don't have a sister, but I imagine I'd occasionally be a little bitchy to one if she had just lost a ton of weight and looked/felt like a million bucks now " - I laughed out loud at this comment too. Point well taken! Sibling rivalry never dies. Thanks for the nice comments on maintenance. And I will keep you posted on the hiking trip. The main reason I'm sharing it with the group is that there is NO WAY I could have ever dreamed about doing this pre-WLS. What a gift!! How is your training going?
  8. Cindy Lou Who

    4 weeks!

    Sounds like things are going along and you're doing the right things. Good job!!
  9. I snored so bad I had to have a CPAP machine. BEST NSV (non-scale victory) was the day I got to give it away!! Congratulations!!
  10. Wow, can't believe this is my 9th month of maintenance. I've been reflecting today just how scared I was when I first entered the "maintenance cafe." I was so petrified of gaining it all back as fast as it had come off. The weight loss numbers seemed crazy, and I had ALWAYS gained right back before. I'm talking SINCE JUNIOR HIGH. I can honestly say for the first time in my life I feel like my weight loss efforts are working WITH my body instead of AGAINST it. I have officially been on maintenance longer than it took to lose the post-op weight. A! nd I feel great. I am SO grateful!!!!! And thank you, my TTF heroes for being with me the WHOLE way. I look forward to being one of the "TTF old timers" like many of you. I'm not nearly there yet, but feeling stronger and more secure and less scared every day. This is doable! Okay, enough of that, now onto the specifics of the last month. More summer travels with family trips to a Wisconsin lake house and visiting my cousin in Canada. I was away from alot of my foods and the daily scale, but after last month to Samoa (see last blog), I'm feeling way more confident about seeing weight loss or gain in the clothes I'm wearing. I also managed to get to Weight Watcher meetings 3 out of the 4 weeks. I was proud of myself for making the 45 minute drive each week to meetings while on vacation. And the effort really kept my head in the game. I also joined a gym for a month so I could keep training for our huge hike in September. (DH and I are going for 14 days and 160+ kilometers through the Alps with 10 other friends!) Anyway, I ate "vacation food" like yummy Wisconsin cheese and beer, but the 15 mile hike and trips to the gym evened it all out. I also had protein shakes many days for breakfast and my favorite sardines for lunch. (Weird I know, but post-op tastes are different, right? ) Two headgame things happened this month that I thought I would share: 1) When I returned and saw my neighbors and friends at home, ALL of them asked if I was still losing weight. I told them I know for a fact that I've been in the same 6 pound range for 7 months. It made me realize that they still remember me as heavy, so even though they've seen me healthy, they are still surprised when they see me after a break. THEIR minds haven't adjusted to my weight loss yet. It makes total sense, as I've been heavy for years, but it gave me some food for thought. Anyone else experience this? 2) Even though this journey is terrific and so much healthier than where I was, there will still be some negative reactions. I spoke to my sister on the phone yesterday, and she asked how the weight loss was going. I told her I was thrilled, and so proud to say that I've been in a 6 pound range for 7 months now. My goal was a 10 pound range so I'm super happy with a 6 pound range. Her reaction distressed me. She said, "Oh, a 6 pound range? That's tight. That's a really tight range. You need to be careful." Careful of what? How can she turn a success into something bad? Even family members can react negatively, and that hurts. Oh well, one time when I was thin, she told me I had an "exercise disorder" because I was running 4 times a week. Trying not to let it get to me. Anyway, there you have it. I go to my surgeon's nutritionist this month, so looking forward to that. Love to all, and signing out!! Here is a pic from visiting my cousin in Canada (Please overlook the cocktails! ), and hiking in the woods of Northern Wisconsin. Maintenance Diary - 1st month - Range 135.4 - 140 pounds 2nd month - Range 133.0 - 135.4 pounds 3rd month - Range 127.2 - 133.0 4th month - Range 125.0 - 128.0 5th month - Range 124.0 - 126.6 6th month - Range 124.6 - 127.8 7th month - Range 126.4 - 130.4 8th month - One weigh in 126.8 9th month - Range 127.0 - 130.0 10th month - Here we go!
  11. Just so you don't get disappointed about what your pouch will tolerate, I'm 18 months out and still can't eat chili. I'm from Texas, so Mexican food and chili were my staples pre-op. And refried beans worked fine. In fact they were a good one when other foods were hard to get down. But chili hurt. All soups that had solids hurt. It feels like I'm mixing solids with liquids and hurts my pouch. I'm only telling you this so you know that all our surgeries are a bit different and affect us a little differently. Good luck, you're doing great!!
  12. I'd be interested to know how you are measuring your fat % as often as you do. So far I've only been able to do that about every six months at $150 a pop!
  13. Welcome! And congratulations on taking this life-saving step! We are all equals here! I may not have started as heavy as you did, but I did need to lose about half my body weight. It's all relative, and all a giant, wonderful journey! This forum REALLY helped me lose and still helps me every day. SO glad you're here!
  14. Sorry, for the late response, I just saw this. Thanks so much for posting pictures! You look so healthy, happy, strong and adorable! You are a true TTF hero!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration you give!
  15. That is SOOOOO awesome!!! Congratulations!!! And I agree with @Cheesehead. These are the moments that mean SO much and you could never predict them. Thanks SO much for sharing your news. We get it why you were sobbing happy tears!
  16. You're so funny! I purposely tried to keep the entry more about weight tips that could benefit others, and NOT about the trip!! The most amazing part of the trip was the flora and fauna there. After one day of hiking and one day of snorkeling, I rushed to the library to get books on the plants, birds, bats, coral, and fish so I could look up all the things I was seeing for the first time! I was compelled each night to look up what I had seen and record it in a diary so that when I saw the species the next day, I would know what it was. It was glorious, and made me feel like a little kid filled with awe and wonder!! I have to mention the people there are incredible too. The Samoans live by God first, then family, then the village. That mantra is seen in everything they do. I felt perfectly safe at all times, and touched by how polite everyone was, and how reverent they were to God, family, and village. Amazing people, and I made some nice friends!
  17. Yes, the water was simply incredible. I've snorkeled and dived in several places in my life, but the coral and fish approachable from shore was the best I've ever seen. We got to snorkel with a couple of top coral experts in the world (!) and I was awed by the beauty of the water and what was living just underneath the surface!!
  18. Thank you! It was a VERY wonderful trip, and I was happy that some of my weight strategies worked. To throw a couple more ideas out there, I wanted to pass on some things that I tried that didn't work: 1) I took a measuring tape to monitor my weight. But I don't rely on measurements very often anyway, so this was a bust. I don't like measuring myself! Snug shorts got the job done and was quicker and easier. 2) Before I went I figured I could load up on fresh fish and fruit every day. Fruit yes, but fish didn't work. I stayed with a vegan family, and even though they didn't mind my eating animal protein, cooking fish in their house seemed like too much and there wasn't alot of sashimi grade in the village stores. I did have a few cans of tuna, but mainly relied on what the family ate plus a protein bar each day. Glad I had the bars as backup! My lesson was that when going to an unknown, backup plans may save the day!
  19. Lots of good tips in these posts. Only thing I can add is that right after surgery, I had aversions to foods that I had really liked before. And it also reminded me of being pregnant, kind of in the morning sickness phase. The smell of bacon, coffee, wine, anything fried... all made me feel sick! And for awhile I had to ask my husband to make the family dinners because it just smelled bad. I enjoy food now. Definitely. But some of the aversions have lessened, but not gone away. They seem to be the worse foods for me, like fried foods and white wine, so I'm okay with it! Just stay on track and let your body adjust. You'll do fine and good food will enter your life again.
  20. Thanks for all the vacay info and pics! Looks wonderful!!! Hope your recovery is going well. I'm interested in your hiking calories. My DH and I and 4 other couples are going to hike 14 days in the Alps in September, one of those hut to hut hikes. Very challenging, so I am trying desperately to get in shape for it, even though I'll no doubt be kicked in the butt by the altitude!! Anyway, I'm sure the calorie intake will be a huge challenge. What successful snacks did you take? Did the peanut butter idea work?
  21. Sorry it took so long! But I finally posted in the blog section and put up 5 Samoa pics!
  22. OOOOOPS, actually doing this blog entry a couple weeks late. I was on Samoa time, Man! Promised pictures at the bottom of page! It ended up being a great trip, and some new weight maintenance challenges that will help me in the long run. The main thing I was worried about was weight gain from being away from the daily scale weigh ins at home, away from the weekly weigh ins at Weight Watchers, no weighing and measuring and predictable food, not being able to run for security reasons, not having a gym, and a completely different lifestyle. Whew, lots of angst!! But I learned some great things from being away from all my security blankets. I did successfully monitor my weight! And now I feel so much more confident in not needing all the niceties that home provides. (I still weigh every day now that I'm home, but I'm not afraid to venture forth!) Things that helped me along the way/weigh are: (Haha, pun intended) 1) I told myself that a 5 pound gain over the month I was gone would be okay if it happened. My ideal was to stay the same, but a small gain would be okay. 2) I gain first in my butt and thighs. So I took a couple of shorts that fit snug. I figured that I would probably notice a 5 pound difference in those clothes. I monitored those in place of the scale. 3) I couldn't run, but took advantage of hikes and snorkeling. I also found a Crossfit class and did that about 6 times total. 4) I cut out the snacking I was doing at home, and listened to when I felt full. I also took protein bars and had them with me at all times. They really helped me keep the protein up as I was living with a vegan family. Results: I had gained about 3 pounds right before I left due to nervous eating. So silly, I know! When I got home I had lost those three pounds! Yay!! Now I feel way more confident that I can see in the mirror or in my clothes and don't have to have the scale all the time. I can tell I haven't run in a month, but after starting it up again, that endurance is starting to come back. I also broke my little toe while I was there, so I couldn't have run anyway. So now I'm learning that getting back in shape is doable. I have returned to my favorite home foods (blueberries, sardines, nuts, etc), but it was comforting to see that the pouch works when those foods aren't available. And the breadfruit, fresh coconut, and other exotic foods were DELICIOUS! Maintenance Diary - 1st month - Range 135.4 - 140 pounds 2nd month - Range 133.0 - 135.4 pounds 3rd month - Range 127.2 - 133.0 4th month - Range 125.0 - 128.0 5th month - Range 124.0 - 126.6 6th month - Range 124.6 - 127.8 7th month - Range 126.4 - 130.4 8th month - One weigh in 126.8 9th month - Let's go!
  23. Prayers and good vibes coming your way!!
  24. Just my 2 cents on WW: I really have found WW very helpful. For me, it's all about the meetings and weekly weigh ins. That is where I find WW invaluable. I still go every week even though I reached my WW goal last October. I find the accountability, the focus on eating right, and the meeting topics most helpful. I like how healthy and balanced the WW plan is now, but to actually lose the weight right after surgery, I used MFP and concentrated on getting enough protein and water. That was hard enough, and made the weight come off. I think if I had to lose any more, I would definitely use the WW plan and just check my protein from time to time.
  25. Doing well indeed! Sleeve surgery Feb 28, 2018. At goal with 118 pounds down (From 245 to 127) and in maintenance mode for the last 8 months. Life is SOOOOO grand! i can now exercise, buy small, cute clothes, play with my kids, enjoy life to the fullest! Being healthy rules!!! I'm so glad you are doing this for yourself!