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  1. @Kim M, I'm so sorry I missed your original post! I am here to support you! Thank you SO much for sharing your story. Your honesty is a sign of true strength. I have all the confidence that you will power through this time and get back on track. Your words definitely rang true for me, as I have yo-yoed my whole life and definitely related to the hiding when I didn't want to face that I was going back up. But this time will be different for you. You have a tool to help you, and you are a strong person. A strong a very giving person to share your story for others. I plan to tag your post and read it from time to time as I find it very powerful. Thank you, and keep us posted how your journey is going. We are here for you. Congratulations on your good choices! Keep it up!
  2. I'm here to support you too, @Nana Trish! Hugs to you! How are you feeling this morning? I bet every day, your stomach swelling will go down and things will get easier. One thing my surgeon told me to do to add calories was to add avocado, banana, and/or peanut butter to my protein shake (which I do in the blender). Keep us posted how you are doing. <3
  3. It's amazing that all three doctors didn't use a scale! And even more surprising that now they pull out the scale when you are at such a healthier weight. I'm shrugging too!
  4. Thank you so much for cheering me on, @CheeringCJ! I've been too embarrassed to share my real before picture before now. I guess I'm getting more comfortable with letting go of that person forever. About the weight loss stopping - Before this journey happened I told myself that statistically the average loss was 60% of extra weight. And I was letting my body be the guide where it would stop. 60% for me would be around 180, so anything under that, I would be happy. I didn't want to fight my body ANYMORE. I have this idea that, on the surgery table, my body setpoint was reset, and it held the secret of where that would be. And I'm determined still to accept it wherever it will be. I'm just struggling now to trust. To trust in my body to not spike back up. There's my rub. If we are doing everything right with food and exercise, then we really have no control over where our bodies will stop. I definitely think you're doing the right thing by learning to maintain where your body lands. You are in the healthy zone, you look amazing, and you are wearing great clothes! You are doing fantastic!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!! I'm sorry for my whining, and thank you for being so empathetic!
  5. That is really funny that your doctors never weighed you before! Boy, they do that here in the US at EVERY visit to just about any doctor. Thanks for telling me my fears are normal. That helps tremendously in trying to squash my anxiety. Maybe this is just the normal course of things. I guess maybe it makes sense that after being a yo-yo dieter my whole life I would fear regain. I've seen it too often! Maybe it's even a good thing and will keep me on track? I just need to temper my fear enough to let myself stop the weight loss.
  6. MY HERO!!! Way to kill it on maintenance! This is the most important phase, because it is the rest of our lives, and you are doing awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing. You are showing great strength while going into this next part of your journey. As I see it, you are: 1) Keeping your weight steady 2) Checking in every day with the scale 3) Lowering your anxiety about weight regain 4) Finding where your body weight is comfortable 5) Learning body acceptance 6) Learning food habits that work for you Wow, wow, WOW! Awesome! Great job! Holding steady weight, learning where my body is comfortable, and lowering anxiety about regain are three that I'm struggling with, but I'm only 12 months out. You've set a good goal for me to add these other accomplishments by month 19. Thanks for posting!
  7. Thanks for this, @Cheesehead! This is a situation I hadn't thought of so haven't prepared myself yet. What to do if someone come out and asks if I'd had WLS? I've already decided that, at least for now, I am only telling my husband, sons, and my four closest girlfriends (whom I've had for over 40 years.) Everyone else, when they ask what I'm doing to lose weight, I tell I'm attending Weight Watchers meetings, which I am. BUT, what if someone comes out and asks me point blank if I'd had WLS? Hmmm. Better prepare for this before it happens, or I'll stammer along and have no choice in the matter!
  8. I'm definitely with @Nana Trish, but for both shows. I tend to do better focusing on where I want to go (TT heroes, friends making healthy decisions, happy people) than where I want to avoid (reality shows). Just part of my personality. For me focusing on the positive pushes me up and looking on the negative makes me drift down. Reality shows depress me.
  9. Oh, @Nana Trish, I take that as a huge compliment coming from you, one of the true TT heroes, and mine for sure! Thank you.
  10. WAY TO GO !!!!!!!!!!!!! That is SO awesome! And yes, you have incredible things to say. And I'm so glad going was helpful to you. Remember that feeling and go to the next meeting too! I wish I had meetings to go to. My surgeon's office only has them like every quarter, so that's why I go to Weight Watchers every week. Community, in person and online, is extremely helpful to we humans. I think it's in our nature.
  11. I had significant hair loss about 10 years ago when my dad died. That was super scary because I didn't know what was happening. Then it grew back. So when my surgery came around, I figured I might be "susceptible" to hair loss, so I maxed out protein and got ready to watch it fall out at month 3 post op. By month 5 I celebrated because it hadn't fallen out. But then by six months it did. Alot. But by then I had lost so much weight, I was focusing on that great benefit and trying to ignore the hair in the drain every day. By 10 months it had stopped falling out, and now I have alot of regrowth. It looks like I have short bangs because of the 2 inch hairs along my hair line. It's all good. I'll take temporary hair loss with permanent weight loss any day of the week!
  12. Ditto, @tracyringo. I'm in the 12-18 month period now, so thanks for that info @Aussie Bear. Another reason to keep my eye on the ball! And I love thinking we'll all be here in 3 years cheering the next batch of people on!
  13. i love this! I agree wholeheartedly. I'm currently in the first phase of afraid I'll gain it back. But I can see in the future that hopefully, as I'm successful keeping it off, I'll be the second phase where I'm "normal" so it's no one's business. I'm currently working for a new client whose employees only know me at goal weight. It's fun to think that they probably just see me as a normal, fit person! Yesterday one of them said, "Oh yeah, you're like a cool soccer mom." Hahahahaha!!! If they only knew!
  14. Such words of wisdom! Thank you. It sounds like you turned that 3 month "let loose" period into a great learning experience. Wow. I love that. And thanks for the perspective that I'm just now starting this maintenance thing. I DO think my body, let alone my mind, is very confused! Maybe I need to gain some patience. After all, this is the beginning of a decades-long new life. It's hard though. Everything moved so fast the first year, so I want perfection in maintenance to move just as fast!
  15. You know what to do and you can do this. Love yourself so you have energy to love others. We are here for you!
  16. Welcome, Dana! This forum is a great resource. And a nice group of people! I did, and do Weight Watchers too. I find it SO much easier to portion control now. And I still like the meetings so go each week even though I'm at goal. Do what works for you and ignore the naysayers! They are probably reacting to their own issues more than yours.
  17. Way to go, @Cheesehead! Now I can see why your arms may have more muscle than before! Your rock!!!! Thanks for the pictures!
  18. What a fantastic conversation! This is the reason I love this site. You guys are SO spot on. Thank you! I currently have alot of loose skin - on my thighs, on my upper arms, alot on my lower butt, and a little on my stomach. Like @cinwa I have yoyo-ed my whole life. I remember my MIL saying that you wear the past on your face. Well, I wear the past on my body. I was obese, and didn't lose it all until I was 57. So now I will always have extra skin. This thread reminds me that no one else cares. And I don't do all this work to now fret over skin. I do it to be healthy in my future! Yes, I have extra skin. But no more CPAP machine, no more fat "wings" on my back, no more losing my breath when I tie my shoes, no more ankle pain every afternoon, no more embarrassment on airplanes, no more dreading clothing stores, no more upper arms that I thought looked like huge hams, no more high blood pressure. The list is endless! Skin, schmin, not a big deal!
  19. I can see how you'd be frustrated with these people. Your description of eating out a ton at an Italian restaurant so soon after surgery was upsetting, I bet. They must see surgery in a different light. Maybe just something to help them along their journey. I see it as a drastic move. A be all, end all chance to a healthy future. It was SUCH a big deal, expense, risk, etc for me that I refuse to mess it up! Maybe some people see it as a quick fix. One of the few friends I told about my surgery said she knows a mother and daughter that had the surgery about 3 years ago. The daughter is now trim and healthy and that's the way everyone sees her now. They kind of forget that she was ever obese. The mother has regained all her weight back, and eats unhealthily. No one remembers that she had ever lost any weight. It's amazing that even in the same family our reactions to the post-surgery commitment can be so different. We do have a choice. I'm so grateful we have a choice.
  20. I see a big difference in these pictures. Good job!
  21. One more thing - 243 pounds in one year!?! That's incredible! That's 2.75 pounds each week for an entire year!!! You wouldn't have wanted to have lost any faster than that. Please don't beat yourself up about the 6 pounds that were only part of an arbitrary number. You won the battle this year!
  22. FANTASTIC!!!!! I'm so happy for you! You are really rocking this thing! Congratulations on your success so far. You are so right to look back and revel in your accomplishments! Realizing how far you've come helps you keep your eye on the ball in the future. You are doing such a great job. I bet all your good habits are helping your success. Keep it up!
  23. First of all, apologies on commenting on my own blog entry! But no one has commented so I thought maybe I said something inappropriate or unkind. Or maybe just boring! Hah! Anyway, I just reread my entry and I have to add a confession. To be perfectly blunt, I'm just PETRIFIED. I'm completely afraid that if I do anything extra to stop weight loss, I will start gaining and not be able to stop. I have this thought that the only reason I'm still losing is because of the momentum from doing this for over a year. I want the pendulum to stop, but I'm much more fearful of the pendulum swinging all the way the other way (and gaining all my weight back) than I am of stopping it in it's current swing. I think I'm actually sabotaging my efforts to eat more calories. Last week I started eating @Jen581791's peanut butter balls but they filled me up so I skipped other snacks. My WLS surgeon wants to see me again in 3 weeks. So I know I should feel safe eating more because I can't get too out of whack in three weeks. I just don't want the cravings for sweets or carbs or fried foods to ever come back. What I've done for over a year has worked. So I'm COMPLETELY AFRAID to mess with it! So sorry I'm whining and such a wimp. But that's the truth of where I'm at, and I don't know if everyone hits this at some point or not, so hopefully it might be helpful for someone. i would have NEVER expected this to be a hurdle.
  24. I agree with the others. I'm every day grateful for how much better my life is in EVERY aspect! My relationships, my mood, my confidence, everything is just easier and better. The only sentence in the article I could relate to was: "This sudden surge of attention can make you feel vulnerable and exposed. " It's only after a week like I had last week where I travelled and saw a bunch of people that I hadn't seen in many months. So, all at once, I got alot of comments about my appearance, and that did make me feel vulnerable and exposed. But in every day life where someone says something every once in awhile, it's fine. I got a little stressed because for a week, I kept having to face those surprised looks and conversations every day. But I guess it would also be really weird to lose 100+ pounds and no one say anything!