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  2. SO glad you're back @NerdyToothpick. I've missed you. But please, no shame game here! We are all just hear to support each other. And to enjoy a few laughs! Depression can bring isolation, and I'm sorry you've been suffering. Be kind to yourself and know we are all here for you. CONGRATULATIONS on the 2 year mark!! That's awesome!! I find the more I post, the more accountable I feel, so come back often. Yay, so glad you're back!
  3. Thanks for adding the picture to your post!! You look wonderful! You look happy! You look healthy!
  4. You can do this! You CAN get to where you want to be. Keep up the good habits, add another good habit each week and your weight will move. It may move slower than it did before, but your body will adjust to the new habits and the scale will go down. We're here to support you!
  5. Congratulations on your huge success! And thanks so much for sharing it. It helps those of us behind you to see success is real and achievable. Way to go on all your good work!!!! Since you are in a range that you like, you can take or leave the next 10 pounds down whenever you feel like it. You might try it and see if it hard to maintain. I think we all have to ultimately find where our bodies physically and emotionally want to stay. I'm currently a little under where my doctor and husband think is ideal, but it feels good to take the time to decide for myself. After a lifetime of feeling like I didn't get to pick my weight or size, it's fun to actually get to choose! Right now I like living a bit more spartan food-wise and more physically active, but in a smaller size. We'll see if that changes. You're for sure one of the TT heroes! Keep up the great work!
  6. Thanks, @CheeringCJ! You're cheering comments are always so welcome! And your blog still stands as the ultimate in 1st year post-op chronicles!! So helpful for everyone! I'm trying to do something similar for the first year of maintenance. It's not as exciting and well done as yours but hopefully helpful.
  7. I'm only 14 months postop, so I don't have alot of practical advice for 5 years out. But you totally have my encouragement and support!!! I hope you can your head back on track, and it sounds like you're on your way if you're seeking out help. That's a huge first step! I feel very underqualified to give any advice, but maybe just an internal checkup with the following might help? - Are you tracking your food? I find My Fitness Pal very helpful, and when I track my food, I not only feel more in control, but I can see where my extra calories or carbs etc might be coming in. I also seem to eat less if I know I have to track it. - Are you exercising? I eat WAY better if I'm exercising for some reason. It really boosts my spirits and helps me feel like I'm improving my life. - Are you drinking your water? It may help fill you up and get rid of excess water weight. - On line data? Dr. Matthew Weiner has alot of good videos on line about post WLS issues, and maybe seeing them, or seeing them again may help? - Local WLS doctor? I would definitely find one and ask to meet with their nutritionist and/or attend support groups. I know my doc has alot of people that he supports who had the surgery a long time ago, and most of those were not his original patients. People move around all the time. Again, I'm not far enough along to really have good experience, so I'm sorry if my suggestions seem trite or elementary. But they come from me with all my support, at least! Hang in there! You can do this! Please keep us posted how you are doing! Maybe make yourself check in each week to tell us how it's going! Sending hugs!!
  8. I laughed out loud when I read your comment about @Cheesehead's stats. I remember writing her the very same thing you did! And then all my wishing came true! I firmly believe this site helps not only to receive and give support, but to see other people's journeys and see that they are possible. I feel like I am started on a journey, and the TT heroes are there ahead of me showing me the way. I'm so excited for you and your future good health!! So glad you've joined us, @Ro ro and Ollies mom it's a great ride!!
  9. That's FANTASTIC news! Way to go, and keep it up!! You and your body are on the move!! Buying snug clothes is so smart. I found myself trying on my smaller clothes when I felt like the scale wasn't moving or when I needed motivation. It helped SO much seeing snug clothes get loose, and then too big! You're rocking this! Keep up the good work!!
  10. Thanks @Jen581791. It's funny, your comment made me realize I didn't address the most important relationship - my relationship to food! maybe I'll think more about that this next month! So far I've just been trying to copy the food habits that are working and ingrain them in my mind. Some of them include: protein first drink lots of water/Bai drinks/coconut water/tea Add in good fats, fruits, veggies, in that order have snacks available at all times as I still want to eat about 5 times per day no drinking with meals The overall feeling I still have is that since not a whole lot will fit in my pouch, it needs to be very nutritious, and very tasty. I deserve to eat good food!!
  11. For the record, I am now 14 months post-op and 6 months under goal weight. 6 months? Really? Up to now I purposely didn't have the "M" word ("Maintenance") in my blog title because I didn't want to jinx myself if it wasn't going to happen. Looking back now, I can see I wasn't really in maintenance at first as I was still consciously, and unconsciously making myself lose more. But , even though I still feel like keeping in 5-10 pound range is scary, it's beginning to feel not like standing on a head of a pin, but maybe standing on the head of a railway spike? Still treacherous and wobbly, but getting a teeensy bit more believable. I'm grateful for the things that are helping me: 1) My new relationship with the scale. I used to either obsess over it, weighing several times per day, or avoid it like the plague. What is working for me is weighing every morning first thing for my "unofficial" weigh in to make sure I'm staying on track. I notice I make slight adjustments daily in my diet depending on what that morning weigh in says. (I allow myself more or less extra bites here and there.) Then I still attend Weight Watchers each week, and do my "official" weigh in there. The weekly weigh in helps me stay accountable and see my track record, but not obsess over the daily fluctuations. I think our scale friendship is very personal and everyone is different, but this seems to be working for me. 2) Exercise. HUGE help. I'm exercising 5-6 days per week fluctuating between running, walking, rowing machine, elliptical machine, playing golf /carrying clubs. I love the extra calorie expenditure, but love even more how it's keeping me in tune with my body and lowering stress! I'm learning that I must have been a big stress eater because the munch demons are easier to fight when I'm tired and relaxed! My exercise routines are not exciting, and I'm too old to tear up the track or set any new personal records. But I'm trying to judge it like brushing my teeth - something I do for my health. Period. 3) This site. Of course you guys know this one already. But I'm very grateful for this site!! You are my heroes, and it helps to not feel alone!! 4) Cute clothes! It's fun to wear cuter clothes and feel excited about getting dressed! I feel like a teenager figuring out my style because I have been covering up my fat for so many years, I didn't have a style. I was always just trying to camouflage. I'm getting a little more confident that I am buying clothes that will fit for awhile. At first I was afraid to buy anything other than from a resale shop in case my weight shot back up again. I still like shopping resale, but have bought a few new items too, thinking that maybe I'll be able to wear them next year. Here's to hoping! I still struggle in alot of ways, but I'm trying to keep a positive outlook. I don't like that I can eat more now without pain. It's normal, but scary. I'm having to learn to restrict more with discipline and not out of physical pain. Discipline? Time to put on my big girl pants! Or my big girl, little pants! So far, at least, this is doable, people. And if a life-time yo-yo dieter can do it, you can do it. Maintenance Diary - 1st month - Range 135.4 - 140 pounds 2nd month - Range 133.0 - 135.4 pounds! 3rd month - Range 127.2 - 133.0 4th month - Range 125.0 - 128.0 5th month - Range 124.0 - 126.6 6th month - Range 124.6 - 127.8 7th month - Starts today!
  12. Welcome, welcome!! We look forward to hearing about your journey! Keep us posted! Have you started the pre-op liver-reducing diet yet? It's ALL worth it!
  13. GIANT, GIANT accomplishment!! Congratulations, @Aussie Bear! You are definitely a TT hero! It is extremely helpful for those of us newbies to see your discipline of "keeping your head in the game" and all your insight you share here. Thank you so much. Keep up the great work!! Your post also reminds me that as time goes by, other life challenges will arise, but it is possible to keep this success going. Celebrate this weekend!!!
  14. Thank you for this! I'm 14 months postop and noticing I can eat more. And I've been exercising so much that I've been able to sneak in a couple unhealthy habits and slider foods without gaining. But this topic makes me pause and think I need to nip these bad habits in the bud!! Thanks for putting this into focus! And @Aussie Bear, thanks for the video! I need to watch that every day for awhile!
  15. One last suggestion that I've been doing lately - If I have an outfit I feel uncomfortable in, I put it on in the privacy of my bathroom, and take a picture of myself in it with my head cut out of the picture. Then, I decide if I'm going to wear it based on the phone picture, not on the mirror. There's something about not being able to see my face in the picture that helps me make a more logical decision. It helps me look at it and ask, "If I saw someone else wearing this, what would I think?" Hope that helps. It helps me.
  16. Wow, wow, wow on the miles without pain! That is SO inspiring! I do aerobic exercise 5-6 days a week, and I definitely think it helps my heart health, spends nice calories, and helps with stress so I don't stress eat! Right now I'm running twice per week and the other days I do fast walking, elliptical machine, or rowing machine. My thinking was that I'd do some other aerobic stuff so I wouldn't get injured. But I'd like to run more (it's the quickest workout), so maybe I'll try adding one more day per week or adding miles slowly. Thanks for the suggestion!
  17. Thanks for the encouragement! I enjoyed the losing weight time because things were changing all the time and life was getting better and better each week. But I love maintenance because I get to be healthy and a small size all the time. I'm newer at all this than you are, so I can't quite say I'm relaxed yet. I still get pretty nervous about either losing or gaining. Working on it, though! I'm hoping by logging a the weekly chart showing a steady weight, that I'll get more relaxed over time. I'm already feeling better than just a few weeks ago. Thanks again.
  18. Thanks, @Jen581791! I agree, my head is confused too. And I'm trying to believe that "you can do this", and every day/week that goes by at around the same weight is giving me encouragement to believe it. I'm definitely not there yet, but I'm working on it. Thanks again for the encouragement.
  19. @Nana Trish, you look BEAUTIFUL, HAPPY, and YOUNG!! Thanks so much for posting the picture! Love all the muscles on the arms as well! You definitely look wonderful in more form fitting outfits, so keep experimenting! You look amazing!!
  20. ALL TERRIFIC! Great job!!! Way to go wearing a single digit size!! Don't you love it?! Thanks so much for sharing the great news!!!
  21. One other suggestion: I forgot to do the measurements when I started, but I did do another thing along the way that helped me when I needed to see the changes. I made a list in my phone notes section of the 25 things I hated about being obese. Things like sore feet, hard to reach things etc. Then I would check into the list every month or so and update which ones no longer applied. It was great to cross them off as time went by!
  22. Fantastic news!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us! Hang in there. The two hour time table will get longer in the weeks ahead. Rest when you can, and know we are sending our best!!
  23. To those of you long time maintenance folks, this may not seem like a big deal. But it's a HUGE deal for a newbie like me. Turn your head 90 degrees (sorry!) and Look at the figure below: ge That's 3 MONTHS IN A 5 POUND RANGE!!!! Woohoo! See why I call it an "MSV"? Anyway, I'm pretty happy and can't believe it. I'm hoping this will give me some confidence as I still worry quite a bit each day about either gaining or losing.
  24. Hope it continues to get better, Dear @Nana Trish! Sorry you're having the complications! Keep you chin up and know we are all here for you!
  25. I looked up my history, and at 10 weeks I had lost 31 pounds, so very close to your story. This is just your beginning! All these people with big losses did it over a long period of time. I kept a scale, but only wrote down my weight once per week after my "real" weigh in. Keeping a weight loss table by week with a space for every 5% of excess weight really helped me keep the bigger perspective. Below is a table that a TTF hero shared (I think @msmarymac or @Jen581791), and it was really helpful. I made my own and filled it in along the way. You're doing great, keep it up!!