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  1. Cindy Lou Who

    I'm going to change things up - Wish me luck!

    @Aussie Bear, good for you, and hope things continue to improve! Way to take charge in your health!! You're rocking this!!
  2. Cindy Lou Who

    Day one

    Welcome to the loser's bench, and congrats on doing so great since surgery! So glad things are going pretty well. Take care of yourself each day. Don't you love the no hunger thing?! I remember wanting to shout (quoting Gone With the Wind movie), "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again!" Haha! It felt SO good not to be hungry especially after Feeling starving and grumpy on the liquid diet leading up to surgery. Good on you to watch and force protein and liquids in, though. You definitely need to push both of those to stay on the healing track. Very important. And speaking of "Gone with the Wind".... sorry you're still windy. Haha, sorry, couldn't resist that terrible joke. All my post-op pain was wind related. For me walking around helped the most. And walking outside a little further every day showed me I was healing and helped with the wind at the same time. That may be what is making the stitch in your side as well. Hope every day keeps getting better! I'm sure it will! I'm so excited for your future!!!!!!
  3. Cindy Lou Who

    17 months post op

    Tracking is an interesting subject, thanks for asking about it. I like reading what others are doing. I tracked on MFP very well the first 8 months, and it really felt good to regulate protein and calories each day. I definitely think it was a huge factor in my weight loss success because it kept me on the straight and narrow. I especially liked using it to decide on what I would eat for dinner based on my calories and macros through the afternoon. I slacked off over the holidays and plan to restart this week as I need to figure out how many calories per day I'll need in maintenance. But it's a Catch 22. I too get over obsessive when I track and it makes me think about food many times per day. But it also makes me relax because I know I am getting the quality of food, protein, calories, and macro mix that I want. So which is better for the long haul? I'm still trying to figure that out. My NUT suggested doing it 3 days a week. I haven't tried that, but maybe that's a good compromise?
  4. Cindy Lou Who

    Food stuck :(

    Papaya enzymes have saved me when I feel like food (always meat of some kind) feels stuck or if I've eaten one bite too many. It's happened 4 times in the last 10 months since surgery. Even under normal circumstances liquid after solid food really hurts my pouch, so I've never done tea, but alot of people find tea helpful. I'm only 10 months out, but I still do about 3 protein shakes per week. They help me to get all my vitamins in. And if you see Dr. Matthew Weiner and Dr. V on You Tube, they recommend protein shakes for life. My NUT wants me off of them eventually. Different advice from different folks so read everything and do what's best for you (Telling your doc of course).
  5. Cindy Lou Who

    Knee surgery

    Thank you, Ma'am! So sweet of you to notice. To be honest, I've reached the "uhh, when am I going to quit losing?" stage. Very weird feeling. My DH thinks I should've stopped a few pounds ago, so I'm trying to stop. But I have to admit part of me is enjoying being lower than optimum. I mean, when has this ever happened before? NEVER!! I'm so glad your surgery date got moved up! Only one more week! Hope your health regime is working at keeping the flu out of your house!
  6. Cindy Lou Who

    Officially maintaining!

    This thread is very helpful to me, so thanks for starting it. I'm a couple months behind you so I'm now having all the feelings you were having when you started this thread. I've kept losing, slowly, through the holidays even though I upped my calories. It's not a terrible thing, but kind of weird. Half of me is afraid I'll keep losing, and the other half of me is afraid I'll rebound and gain it all back! So my food intake changes every day with my mood! Now that it has been a couple months since your last post, how are things going? Have you found a calorie amount that is good for you? Or are you still trying to find it? Is the weight stabilizing? We're about the same size, and I'm pretty active, so we might be pretty close in optimum calories/day.
  7. Cindy Lou Who

    Knee surgery

    Good luck, Dearie! So glad you are on the schedule and will have a solution soon! We are all cheering for you!!
  8. Cindy Lou Who

    Questions galore

    Welcome to the loser's bench! So glad you joined us! There are lots of very supportive people here. As to your bruising, I'm afraid i can't answer because I had vertical sleeve so a different procedure. But I would call your doctor today and send this picture. They should be ready and able to tell you what is normal or not. As to my first foods, I remember liking the thicker soups. (But soups without solids). First was bone broth, and then butternut squash soup. (I often mixed the two together so I had a thick soup with protein.) I bought them ready made at the store. I also liked yogurt and protein shakes at this point. And sip, sip, sip the water all day long! I didn't really lose alot until the second week. Try not to worry about it. IT WILL COME OFF if you stick to the plan. Just concentrate of healing, drinking, and following your doctor's recommendations to the letter. You are on your way to your new life!!
  9. Cindy Lou Who

    Month 2 - Holiday month

    No worries, I understood what you were saying. But I liked this post. I think most of the time I was "assuming the worst" about saboteurs in that their intentions may not be good. That's not really fair, as they are often acts of love, though maybe misguided. Thanks for that!
  10. Cindy Lou Who

    Month 2 - Holiday month

    I loved that you asked that question. I hadn't thought about it, but it's very easy to compare to year's past. We meet up at this ranch with the five families every year for a long weekend. I am (I mean was! :)) the only adult that is overweight in the group. The past couple years: Last year - I couldn't go at the last minute. And I was SO relieved after it was all over because everyone went on a huge hike up a mountain and I knew I couldn't have even attempted it and I would have been so embarrassed. I felt so sad that I felt "lucky" to have missed out on a family trip. Year before that - I hated packing for it because I hated all my clothes. I hung around the ranch house instead of hiking around with everyone because I felt sluggish, tired, and just wanted to rest and relax. I kept telling everyone about how stressed my life was - as an excuse for my obesity really. This year - Was excited about packing, even though most were just grubby ranch clothes. I enjoyed all the hiking and was practically the first one out the door! It was so easy eating small portions of the huge breakfast and dinners. I ate until I was content and just left the rest on my plate. No one cared. At night I dressed up in clothes that my DH gave me for Christmas! I think he was proud to see me in them! I'm already looking forward to next year!
  11. Cindy Lou Who

    Month 2 - Holiday month

    I bet that was really bizarre! I always assumed most healthy-weight people walk around completely satisfied with their weight. So weird to think that they all were wishing they could lose a few pounds. That gives me so much incentive to logically decide the best size/weight for my body, and then be happy and satisfied in it! I think you are REALLY on to something! Is it possible through this journey we could actually become mature, self-loving people? What a wonderful concept! Sound like you are well on your way if not already there. I think that's a HUGE NSV!!!!!
  12. Cindy Lou Who

    Month 2 - Holiday month

    "So onward we march, to stand still"...... Yep, the new game! I'm still so new that this feels very strange and scary. I'm trying to get used to exchanging the thrill of losing with the calm of being satisfied in my clothes. It's hard after a lifetime of negative body image talk! Sorry you're having hip trouble! Hope it goes away soon! And yes, I love the "Treat Yo'self!" from Parks and Recreation TV show. That's what the new running shoes feels like.
  13. Cindy Lou Who

    Month 2 - Holiday month

    @Aussie Bear, I thought alot about your thoughtful words this week. I appreciate so much your honesty about your opinion of my son's sabotaging. I guess I think sabotaging is somewhat underhanded, and my son was doing this above board, as he truly is worried about my continuing to lose weight. He was trying to stop the weight loss because he thought I was below where I needed to be. He has always been thin, so I know it's not a personal reaction, but comes from a good place. However, that doesn't mean that he is correct. He lives in a different state, so his pushing was short-lived. I think it's also harder for him because he doesn't see me that often so my weight loss appears more dramatic. He'll get used to it. And he'll settle down when he sees me staying healthy and happy. My friends at the ranch were incredible. Our friendship is originally with the men, who my husband and I have known and loved for over 30 years. They were SO SWEET. They kept repeating how great I looked, and how proud of me they were. They are like my brothers so when they told my husband and I how awesome I looked and how "hot" I looked now, I can honestly say that it didn't feel weird, it felt SO GREAT!!! And even the kids (around 10 of them ages range 20-27 whom I've known since birth) said many kind comments to me on how great I looked. The wives/moms had nice comments too, and no sabotaging happened. It was like they all were so amazed at my change that they didn't think they had any advice to give. Overall, I just felt so supported and loved. Now I'm SUPER motivated to maintain! Obligated even!
  14. Cindy Lou Who

    Month 2 - Holiday month

    Such sweet words, thank you! I don't feel at all "grown up", but quite the opposite. I feel like such a newbie or like a little kid learning all new skills. But I feel SO GRATEFUL for the new challenges with this new tool! Yes, the wiggle room helped me managed my nerves when I couldn't weigh on a scale for over a week! We walked a TON around the ranch so that helped too. When I got home I hadn't gained any! Yeahhhhhh!!!!!
  15. I have several so if I'm hungry but feeling lazy, I can have options. Here are a few: 1) Can of sardines with chili pepper. (Sounds gross, I know, but I've been craving this lately, so I figure I must need the fish oil or something?) Lots of protein!! 2) A whole grain cracker (like Mary's Gone Crackers brand for example) and Laughing Cow light cheese (only 30 calories per wedge) 3) I always have deli sliced turkey to roll up. Low cal and high protein. 4) hard boiled egg and two prunes 5) 5 or 6 frozen grapes if I have a sweet tooth 6) 7 walnut halves - I make baggies of these so I have them in my purse if I'm out and about and get hungry 7) 80 calorie Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries or any other fruit 8) Muscle Milk protein drink - I can always find Muscle Milk at a convenience store. Good for keeping protein up if I'm driving long distance out of town to a jobsite. Hope this helps! Other than the Muscle Milk, the main strategy is to get them into the house (and your purse) and available so when you get "hangry" you have something with high protein to turn to. Good luck and let us know what works for you!