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  1. That's so awesome!! Five pounds loss when you're already a healthy weight is huge!! Way to go. That's so great to hear that the restriction is back. Makes a good back up plan to have in our tool box!
  2. I like that - "sweet or sticky" = carbs. Thanks!
  3. Good ideas on bringing some stuff with me. Thanks. Especially for breakfast.
  4. Yes!!! Great point!! Isn't it wonderful to be looking forward to snorkeling, hiking, paddle boarding, being with my son and friend and having the food that I'll be eating not really a big deal! YAY! Post WLS life is grand!! I've been craving seafood all the time anyway, so I figure I'll load up on the different "F & F" (fish and fruits) that I wouldn't get here. That will make it fun, and keep my body feeling good.
  5. Thank you for this. If you think I can do it, that helps me have a more positive attitude. I know alot of long-timers have travelled and are successful. And it helps to know that I'll have to be more vigilant so I'm realistic. One thing I'm grateful for is I don't feel like, "Oh yay, I'm going on vacation, I'm going to eat all the things I don't usually get to eat!" I feel like I already eat what I want most the time. I mean, I don't see myself binging on pastries or something like that because I would do that here if I wanted. But I don't like eating alot of carbs anymore. They make me feel weird. I'm more worried about the weight than the food, if that makes sense. I bet writing down my food on at least some of the days will help. I'm also worried about exercise. I know we will be active snorkeling, hiking a bit, and touring around. But I'm not sure it will be safe to go off and run by myself, and I'm sure we won't be around any gyms. But I guess all the more reason to write down what I eat. I am super excited about seeing Samoa. Lots of interesting culture and sights!
  6. I have a new hurdle coming my way next week. I'm travelling to Samoa for a month which will be a marvelous adventure. I'm travelling with my 17 year old son and also meeting a friend there for part of the time. We will be staying on three different islands and I'm expecting ALOT about my daily life will be different. Life will be alot more primitive, which I'm looking forward to. BUT..... no scale. And no Weight Watcher meetings. I am really scared about this. On one hand I think this is a good hurdle to learn how to cross, and I've been at a stable weight for almost 4 months, so this is probably good timing. But most of me is afraid. How will I know how to monitor myself each day? And will I use this as an excuse to gain? Someone at Weight Watchers suggested taking a belt with me and see if I can wear it at the same hole. But that doesn't seem like enough. When I put on weight, I put it on my backside and thighs first, so by the time a belt size would change, I would be WAY further down the gain road than I'd feel comfortable with. I don't know how much internet I'll have, so I don't know if I can rely on tracking on MFP. And, to be honest, I'm not sure I want to write down everything I eat. I guess I'm hoping I can self monitor without that. I've been monitoring myself through the scale and mirror for the last few months and have liked obsessing a bit less over each bite. Any suggestions?
  7. Congratulations on your courage to take these big steps and taking care of yourself. It sounds like they are paying off! Way to go!
  8. SO GLAD to hear from you! It's so good to hear how your journey is going. When I don't see much from you, I worry. I have many reactions to your great blog post: 1) First of all, congratulations on your 12 week training. Adding muscle and reducing fat?!?! That's where it's at! Way to go! 2) Also, kudos to you doing the 5DPT. I would like to hear how it goes and when you're finished, how it affected your mind and body. Did your cravings, if you had any, disappear? Does your portion size change back to a smaller size? I haven't used it yet, but would like to know if it's a good tool to have in my back pocket. The last couple weeks, I have foundd myself slacking off too. So far it is not affecting my weight, but I don't like having cravings for carbs. I bet the 5DPT will serve to really get your head back in the game. You CAN do this! 3) Noticing the 5-pound muffin top I think is a huge indicator for your future. I have people in my life who have stayed in the same weight range their whole adult life. Those people notice how their body changes in just 5 pounds! That concept used to be totally foreign to me. I was like you were, I could easily gain 5 pounds over a party weekend! I would only notice about every 20-30 pounds when I was busting out of my clothes. And half the time I would force myself not to think about it and just buy a bigger size. I think if we can learn to notice the small changes, (and DO something about it like you are RIGHT NOW), this is the key to a future with stable weight! I know you said you're disappointed with yourself at the moment, but I hope you see that you are also making choices that you would never have made pre-surgery. You ARE being proactive, @CheeringCJ. I see you making this journey work. You have all my encouragement and support. You are a strong person and you are advancing yourself over this hurdle. Please keep us updated!
  9. Sounds like you're off to a terrific postop start!! Congratulations on all your hard work so far. And welcome to the losers' bench!! It's great here, and it sounds like you have a winning attitude. Sometimes I think all the pre-op work we are put through helps us be successful postop. It's like the docs might know what they are doing! Keep up the great work, physical and mental, and we are all here for you!
  11. SO glad you're back @NerdyToothpick. I've missed you. But please, no shame game here! We are all just hear to support each other. And to enjoy a few laughs! Depression can bring isolation, and I'm sorry you've been suffering. Be kind to yourself and know we are all here for you. CONGRATULATIONS on the 2 year mark!! That's awesome!! I find the more I post, the more accountable I feel, so come back often. Yay, so glad you're back!
  12. Thanks for adding the picture to your post!! You look wonderful! You look happy! You look healthy!
  13. You can do this! You CAN get to where you want to be. Keep up the good habits, add another good habit each week and your weight will move. It may move slower than it did before, but your body will adjust to the new habits and the scale will go down. We're here to support you!
  14. Congratulations on your huge success! And thanks so much for sharing it. It helps those of us behind you to see success is real and achievable. Way to go on all your good work!!!! Since you are in a range that you like, you can take or leave the next 10 pounds down whenever you feel like it. You might try it and see if it hard to maintain. I think we all have to ultimately find where our bodies physically and emotionally want to stay. I'm currently a little under where my doctor and husband think is ideal, but it feels good to take the time to decide for myself. After a lifetime of feeling like I didn't get to pick my weight or size, it's fun to actually get to choose! Right now I like living a bit more spartan food-wise and more physically active, but in a smaller size. We'll see if that changes. You're for sure one of the TT heroes! Keep up the great work!