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  1. Cindy Lou Who

    I DID IT!!!

    Aww shucks, thank you SO much. You just made my week.
  2. Cindy Lou Who

    THE Dress - VICTORY!!!

    Today is a huge day for me. A personal victory! Twenty something years ago, I did phen-fen medication and got down to a ridiculously small size. It was great while it lasted! Anyway, I kept one dress (I called it my Victory Dress) that I wore twice before having to stop the medicine and gained all the weight back. I.... can ....wear.... it!! It is probably too young for me now, and I may never wear it in public, but I don't care! It fits! YAHOO!!!!!! I'm over the moon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Cindy Lou Who

    Is it just me that doesn't look skinny?

    I sure hope time heals this too. It's a bugger!! Sometimes I feel cute, and sometimes I feel fat and crappy, and sometimes I don't know if I'm fat or skinny! Our brains need to hurry the hell up and catch up with our bodies!!!!
  4. Cindy Lou Who

    Is it just me that doesn't look skinny?

    Thanks. Chips tossed. I'm still on the edge of the cliff looking over. Wondering why I'm out here. I think it's the holidays looming. Last year at this time I was eating ridiculous amounts of food, was considering surgery, and was totally miserable. Now people are coming over for Thanksgiving in 2 days, my house is a mess, I never think I cook well enough, and my husband is out of the country working. I need to see that everything is great, my family (including my DH) will all be here soon and I love them, I'm finally healthy and happy again, and everyone loves my cooking (and who cares if they didn't! :)) AND who cares if the house is messy! Someone slap me!
  5. Cindy Lou Who

    Is it just me that doesn't look skinny?

    I know this is an old thread, but I'm feeling super weird today, so I searched for "fat thighs." I'm currently wearing a child's size L top and size 6 skinny jeans that are loose. But I'm feeling fat! This is weird and scary! It doesn't help that I was so stressed that I just ate 15 tortilla chips - for the first time in 2018, and for no reason! I don't know where this anxiety is coming from and I hate it! So afraid all my old habits will come back and I'll balloon up overnight. This is nuts.........
  6. Cindy Lou Who

    I DID IT!!!

    May I say you look smashing!!!! Stripes become you! They show off your cute size! Thanks so much for sharing!
  7. Cindy Lou Who


    Hugs to you @Cardamom77. And please let go of the "taker" guilt, my goodness! I find you quite supportive on the site. Also, this site is its most helpful when people are honest and open. You are both of those, my dear, and a great inspiration to us all! I'm so sorry about your rough holidays. Let us help you get through them. That's what a support group is all about.
  8. Cindy Lou Who

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    haha! Sorry, I still hate pics of myself! I'm working on it!
  9. Cindy Lou Who

    Revelation during support group tonight

    I love your perspective! I also love the idea of moving the focus from food to family! I have hosted our family Christmas meal for the last 18 years, and every "morning after" I regret that I was so busy with the meal prep and timing that I didn't get to really TALK to any of my extended family members. My biggest goal will be to change that this year! I am hosting TG this year on Friday for the first time. Both my husband and one of my nephews are working on Thursday, so I moved the meal date. Looking forward to that! Seems less stressful somehow! The no-leftover plan would be the best solution. But my family counts on leftovers. At Christmas they usually request I make extra pans of stuffing and green bean casserole, just for leftovers! And we always buy more turkey than we need so my husband can make his turkey rice soup. Not sure how to handle that. Maybe I should enter the recipes into My Fitness Pal now so I can measure and track what I eat, on TG day and beyond? That may make me feel more in control? Logically, I know my TOOL provides me with the inability to gorge on these foods, but illogically I am fearful of repeating old bad habits.
  10. Cindy Lou Who

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'm in clothes shopping mode now (for the first time in my entire life!), so I will definitely check out Old Navy. I had totally forgot that I can shop there now! Yay! I've always been embarrassed to go in there because they don't carry size 22.
  11. Cindy Lou Who

    Boho Rosy's Surgiversary!

    Happy Surgiversary today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an incredible year you have had! Congratulations! I hope you do something special for yourself today. And I'd love to see some pics too! You're an inspiration!
  12. Cindy Lou Who

    Positive - isms

    So I was thinking about making a collection of positive sayings or thoughts to combat some of the issues we face. I've read so many on this site that are helpful, and maybe putting them in one place could be fun! So I put this out to the group. For starters: Loose skin - YES, I HAVE A FEW WRINKLES, I'VE EARNED THESE STRIPES! or I WEAR WHATEVER LOOSE SKIN I HAVE AS A BADGE OF HONOR! Thin hair - I'D RATHER HAVE THIN HAIR AND A THIN BODY THAN FAT HAIR AND A FAT BODY. or HAIR LOSS IS USUALLY TEMPORARY AND CAN'T BE HELPED. A NEW HEALTHY BODY CAN BE PERMANENT AND CONTROLLABLE! Comments on being "too thin" - OF COURSE YOU THINK I LOOK TOO THIN, YOU'VE ONLY KNOWN ME AS OBESE! MY DOCTOR IS MONITORING MY HEALTHY WEIGHT RANGE.
  13. Cindy Lou Who

    Hi guys

    So sorry for your loss of Sadie, and glad you're back. I've been through your pain with both my first baby (a Golden Retriever named Honeybee) and her daughter Nani Kela. I love the last day. We did that too, and it felt so good to give them joy and love when they were ailing. It's so hard, but I feel strongly that we are our pets caretakers. The only thing worse than putting them out of extreme misery is not. My childhood cocker spaniel died crying in pain, and I'll never forget my dad saying that he had planned to take her in, but was a coward and she had to suffer for it. I vowed then, at 15 years old, that I'd never do that to an animal if I had clear guidance from a vet.
  14. Cindy Lou Who

    Revelation during support group tonight

    Thanks for this encouraging post! This will be my first holiday season post surgery, so I have to admit I've been scared this week. I'm afraid some pre-surgery food monster will come out of hiding and make me binge on sugar or something strange. Foodwise, I'm looking forward to the holidays being over and having lived through it. Guess I need an attitude adjustment, and your post will help with that!
  15. Cindy Lou Who

    Revelation during support group tonight

    I love this suggestion and the avoidance of "political crap that gives me GERD"!! Haha! I'll think of you these holidays when I suggest a walk around the neighborhood!