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  1. Thoughts on 2 years out!

    Wow, thanks for this thread. It is so educational to hear from all of you who have lost the initial weight. I know this is the "easy" part, and the maintenance will be the real key. Thanks again. I've read and re-read this string. You guys all rock!
  2. 9 months Post Op

    WOW!!! How inspiring! I'm only 2 weeks out, so your pictures are absolutely motivating!!! Congratulations on a healthy new you!!!
  3. What are you eating today?

    Thanks for your response, Jen581791! That was helpful. My Fitness Pal is a great Idea. I've been writing everything down, to help me keep track of all the postop medications, but now that they are dwindling down, I like the idea of MFP. I'll start that today. I get 76g of protein just from the shakes with milk, so maybe that's why the nutritionist hadn't set a protein number for me yet. I have saved the ricotta bake recipe, and will try it this weekend. Looks SO good!! Thanks! Great website.
  4. What are you eating today?

    I've just started the pureed stage as I'm on day 15. How much protein am I aiming for? Also, any websites with good post WLS recipes? Thanks. Breakfast: smashed up hard boiled egg and avacado - 1 Tbsp. Pureed blueberries - 2 Tbsp Snack: - Protein shake with Mootopia milk Lunch - pureed chicken with a bit a curry (2 Tbsp). Butternut squash (1 Tbsp) Snack: Protein shake with Mootopia milk Dinner - repeat of lunch Does this sound okay?
  5. Busy times

    SO SWEET!!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!
  6. Mania creeping in again

    Prayers sent. Deep breaths. We will all await your return with open arms...........
  7. Hello, my friends.....

    I'm interested that you are going to a support group for WLS patients. Is anyone else doing that and is it helpful? I am still currently going to Weight Watcher meetings, as I find the meeting topics helpful (and I like weighing in where it "counts" only once per week) , but was wondering if I should switch. Let us know how you like it. And are there any others that go? And congratulations on the clothing crossroads! That's a NSV if I ever heard one! Trying on clothes that used to be too small should help in your stall doldrums too. As a newer newbie than you, I look at your stats, and think you are doing FANTASTIC! You've don't so much in the last 4 months! I'm on day 13, and it seems like a long way to go....... But I'm not complaining. I have real hope for the first time in decades. SO GLAD I did it. Cheers, and enjoy the winter weather! (In Houston the flowers are already popping out. In a month it will be beastly hot. :))
  8. Oh, okay, thanks. I'll keep checking it. I really like your quote, by the way. All the other times I lost weight, I kept thinking I was "done", "cured", "finished". I can live with being in recovery if I get to STAY at a healthy weight!
  9. Sad news

    So sorry about your loss. Take good care of yourself. Hug yourself from us.
  10. Nope, didn't work. It changed on the Ticker website but not here.
  11. I'm feeling dumb, but now I don't know how to get my login information to change my weight on the weight ticker. Thanks.
  12. It’s been sooooo long

    Wow! Nice! And nice to hear from you! It helps newbies like me (just had surgery on Feb 28) to see long term success and happiness! Way to go!!
  13. Thinking of you and your surgery today, Cindy Lou!

    Thanks so much for all the well thought out replies. Very insightful. I'm happy to hear that the number is not the key, as I really think that part of it will be predicated on what my body's new set point will be. I think, at least for the ticker, I'll put BMI of 25. And Jen581791, I'm a real charts and numbers person, so I'm for sure going to make a chart like you have! Love that! One of my main wishes is to get rid of my CPAP machine! That would be a HUGE NSV for me. Here's looking to the future!