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  1. Cindy Lou Who

    One year surgiversary!

    I have to ask a couple questions. I noticed you hit your goal on June 4. So congrats on your first 3+ months of maintenance! How have they been? Emotionally? And do you still see changes in your body? I'd love to hear what your first impressions of the "maintenance cafe" are!
  2. Cindy Lou Who

    One year surgiversary!

    @EMHMaine, what a terrific transformation! Congrats on your surgiversary! You look FABULOUS!! I'm noticing right away that your legs aren't showing any signs of loose skin. Terrific! And your smile and hiking outfit says it all! Keep in touch so we newbies can be inspired!
  3. Cindy Lou Who

    Last nut appt over!

    So excited for you! Congratulations on all your hard work!! My experience was a little over 6 weeks so I hope yours is the same. YAY! We are waiting here for you on the loser's bench! Stay in touch!
  4. Spiciness level officially upped to sailor! Spicy mantra commenced!
  5. Looks like we are thinking alike again. Love it! Yes! I know you can do what I can do! And love the positive FABULOUS word. I'll take that with me today! That and @BurgundyBoy's saying that we are doing marvelously!
  6. Cindy Lou Who

    Hair Loss

    I'm in the hair loss phase for sure. Lots of hair loss in every shower for the last several weeks, and my ponytail feels thinner now than it used to be. Three thoughts that are helping me: 1) Everyone said I'd lose hair, and everyone said it would come back. Okay. Worth it. 2) The only thing I can do to help is protein and biotin. Okay, doing that. 3) This happened to me 10 years ago when my dad died. Super scary the first time, but everyone said it would grow back and it did. So I'm confident it will grow back again. And for me personally, even if it doesn't grow back, and even though my hair has always been one of my favorite things about my appearance, it's still worth it for me to actually have a healthy body to live in the rest of my life. @Bald eagle 1996, I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time with your hair. When I lost the hair the first time, the doctors checked on my thyroid as that can cause hair loss. Are you under a doctor's care? I so hope this gets better for you.
  7. Anyway, sorry I made so many posts here, but so many words of wisdom that I had to respond to at least some of them. Bottom line is this. I stumbled and fell. Was afraid to go on. Reached out for a hand, and you were all there. Thanks so much! I'm so grateful! And @Anita62, and @CheeringCJ, thanks for letting me know I wasn't the only one stumbling. That was SO helpful. Now let's band together and do this thing. Consider yourselves officially kicked in the "arse"! Come on, now, we can do this! We have all these TT angels behind us who are showing us the way to the maintenance cafe and beyond. Ready, set, ....... go!
  8. Wow, You two have given me a new goal to grab onto after I'm in maintenance. How awesome!!!!! First for people to get used to me being healthy, and then for them to forget that I ever wasn't! Really?! Now THAT is something to strive for! You rock!
  9. @Jen581791, I hear you loud and clear! I laughed out loud when I read this, and then these words have been in my mind ever since! It is now my mantra all day long. (I hope you don't mind, but I have taken poetic justice and use "arse" instead of "behind" ! )
  10. Yep, done! Thanks for the kick in the pants! I have picked up and dusted. And @BurgundyBoy, there were definitely some food crumbs to dust off! For the past 3 days I have done the following: 1) Weighed and measured EVERYTHING, and then tracked them in My Fitness Pal 2) Exercised every day. 3) Hit my protein and liquid goals. Took my vitamins. 4) Be mindful of when I'm full. 5) Put the rest of the wine bottle away that I had opened. 6) Talked to my husband about my goals so I can hear them out loud. Six simple steps. And really only the first four steps need to be done every day. That's it! I know this works! I just need to keep on keeping on! And even with the lapse I am now in the 140's! Thanks to all of you and your combined strength I KNOW I can lick this detour my emotions were trying to take me on. Nope, back to straight and narrow! I'll think about all that scary stuff later. Now is the time for action. I only get one honeymoon period and this is it. Thank you for the helping hands from my TT angels! This site has saved a major detour!
  11. @Nana Trish, thanks so much for your insight. I loved your whole response and have read it several times. The invisibility cloak especially hits home! I definitely used that cloak together with the shield of weight to guard against the world. Now I'm feeling very vulnerable as the weight comes off! Maybe that's why I have always yo-yoed so many times. Maybe I wasn't ready to face the world and wanted the cloak and shield back? But you have a solution for that. "*Bite me*" to the sabotage feelings! "Not this time!" You Go, Girl!! I'm ready to slay this dragon with or without my cloak or my shield! Them are fightin' words to live by!
  12. Cindy Lou Who

    Finally had my MRI and testing done

    @Nana Trish, I'm so sorry it has taken so long to comment on this thread! Somehow I missed it and just saw it! Oh, my, I am so sorry for all the stress you are going through! I feel so dumb and obtuse for whining about little things on different threads while you are dealing with real issues! Please know, now that I found this, that all my thoughts and prayers are with you. I have to say that when I read through all your posts here, I am struck by your proactive push to get good care and good answers! YOU SO ROCK! I hope you can take some pride in how you are taking care of yourself! I think we have excellent medical care in this country, but it isn't often easy to get. We need a very strong advocate to push the doctors to get the right information. And you are being your own advocate, Lady! Way to go! In addition to prayers for healing, I'm praying that this time will pass quickly for you and the doctors will have all the answers soon on your best treatment. So many hugs and prayers coming your way! You are one of my favorite people on this forum! And I'm sure I speak for everyone!
  13. Cindy Lou Who

    Need some ideas

    Thanks! I will try this! I love hummus too! So satisfying!
  14. I'm getting close to 2 major milestones - Century Club and healthy BMI. Great, right? So excited, so want to get there, so can't believe it may be within my grasp fairly soon. But............ I'm experiencing a hidden behavior. For instance...........Last night I sabotaged myself and overate pork roast until I felt ill. And drank wine. I think I've been striving to lose weight for so many years part of me is wondering what will I do with myself when I get there? Sounds so dumb. I'm afraid to be satisfied with my body weight. I don't know if I ever have been satisfied except for brief periods in the yo-yo cycles. This is going to take a major mind shift. I can't wait to join all you TT heroes and angels in the maintenance cafe. I can't wait to be a year from now and celebrate a year at a healthy weight. But..... I have to get there first. Will I allow myself to walk through those cafe doors? Will I allow myself to even approach? I've been on the outside for so many decades that I'm afraid to get to the point where I accept myself. This sabotaging is real even though it feels so hurtful. What am I afraid of? What can I do to combat my own sideways efforts to fail? I've tried buying a few clothing items that are too small from a resale shop. Along this journey I've been striving toward wearing my old, smaller clothes that I had boxed up. Now that I can wear them, I thought having more clothing goals would do the trick. But I guess I'm not that easily fooled....... Sorry, I think this post sounds like whining. Don't get me wrong. I feel SO grateful every moment of every day for this tool and the results it has given me. I feel SO much healthier. I am just discouraged frustrated by for this hurdle that I am putting in my own path! URRRGHHHH!
  15. Cindy Lou Who

    Forgot to post my inches lost

    Thanks. I have two different numbers because I really had no idea when I started what my goal should be. I didn't really want to even have a goal, I just wanted my body to be my guide. Now that I'm getting close to the 100 pound weight loss, I really want it! And a normal BMI would be around the same weight so that would be incredible as well! Woot, woot!!