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  1. Oh bless you Aussie. Can't believe you took time out of your life to check this out for me! I hope your kindness is repaid tenfold!!
  2. Is there anyone who is being treated at st Richards in Chichester England I wonder please?
  3. Thank you for responding. I shall sleep better tonight knowing when I have moments of fear or self loathing, I can turn to ttf and never be alone. Good night
  4. So I appreciate every case is different as we are all so unique and different LHA have different policies, procedures and budgets but...I was given the go ahead by my surgeon at st Richards in Chichester for the by pass only last month, and have since sent off a bundle of questionnaires and other legal forms. But I was wondering if anyone could give me a rough idea how long I may have to wait for the actual op? I'm praying it'll only be a couple of months more or so. Be honest please, am I setting myself up for a fall in my optimism! I'm just so scared, because with every week that passes the weight is just piling on.
  5. Thank you Kt, may I call you kt? Is there a way to get notifide when I have a reply please?
  6. Hello folks. I'm new to the group so just checking in. I'm going to have a little cruise around and get to grips with who, why, when, how and where to go on the site, as ICT is not my fortay. But I so want/need to make contact with some likeminded friends right now, so any response to this reach out would be very much appreciated, just so I know I got this first step right ☺thanks in anticipation.