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  1. Learningtolovemyself

    Drinking water

    Oh my...mint sounds like a great idea. I will have to try that as well. Thanks for the idea!
  2. Learningtolovemyself

    Drinking water

    Thanks, I agree. Ironically I did not like lemon in my water before surgery. Funny how our taste buds change afterwards!
  3. Learningtolovemyself

    Drinking water

    Thanks for all the responses! What a weird thing to happen! I started pouring a little bit of lime juice in mineral water and that seems to help me actually drink more for some reason.
  4. Learningtolovemyself

    Drinking water

    Wow @cinwa I am impressed with your 11 years! Thank you for your comment, it makes me feel more "normal"! I need to get back to drinking my tea!
  5. Learningtolovemyself

    Drinking water

    Hi all! I am 15 months post op (which is just crazy) and I am finding it harder to drink water now than the first year. It just hurts sometimes and I rarely feel thirsty even though I can tell when I am dehydrated. Anyone else have this issue this far out? Thanks! P.S. I love reading all of the success stories on here! Just so inspiring!
  6. Learningtolovemyself

    14 months post op and a lil gain !

    Yes Tracyp I am! Thank you! I am also like you where I want a five pound buffer so 155 is my final goal! I am proud if you that you caught yourself and got back on track! I know I will have to really focus on that during maintenance as well! Great job!
  7. Learningtolovemyself

    14 months post op and a lil gain !

    @tracyringo I know what you mean about diligence! I have slowed way down on the weight loss and must track everything more closely! I keep reminding myself that as long as I am trying to lose I won't gain. Sigh. Great job on getting back on track! Gives me motivation too!
  8. Learningtolovemyself

    One year surgiversary pics and celebration

    Thank you so much! I still think people are looking at me in shorts and are wondering why that chubby girl is wearing them. I totally understand the weirdness of shopping for the correct size. I also am SO encouraged that you and @BurgundyBoy are still able to lose after a few months stall! I have been jumping up and down the same 2 pounds for a while now and I am so motivaed to keep going knowing others understand and are still finding success.
  9. Learningtolovemyself

    One year surgiversary pics and celebration

    Thanks so much! I never had an honest pic of myself either.
  10. Learningtolovemyself

    One year surgiversary pics and celebration

    Thank you! I relate completely to just barely being able to pick out the right size for myself. I was going through a phase where everything I brought into the dressing room was huge!
  11. Learningtolovemyself

    One year surgiversary pics and celebration

    Thank you and YES!! It's been worth it every step of the way even through all the challenges. I wouldn't take it back for anything!
  12. Learningtolovemyself

    One year surgiversary pics and celebration

    Thank you Tracy, you are rocking it as well! Great job, you look awesome!
  13. Hi all, I am not one who wants to show my face but I wanted to post my success for numerous reasons. 1) To help others stay motivated. 2) To keep myself stay motivated 3) to CELEBRATE!! I have lost a total of 147 pounds so far! 28 pre-op, 122 post op! My one year Anniversary was at the end of August but I didn't celebrate it. I have struggled lately with the slowed down weight loss, the desire to eat more and the ability to eat more. However, I realized that I really need to take a step back and focus on my victory. I am so close to goal and I want to keep moving forward on a more positive note and that means remembering to celebrate achievements too. I am sometimes stunned when I see myself. I can't BELIEVE that either one of those pics is me! I am going to keep swimming and I am never going to stop reaching for my health and my goals!
  14. Learningtolovemyself

    Period changes

    My period's have also changed. They are every 23-25 days and are very heavy and very short (3 days). Sadly, my PMS hasn't changed and I still feel a little crazy that time of the month. Our bodies had to deal with a major change. I am 9 months out and feel like everything is just now starting to shift to a new type of normal.
  15. Learningtolovemyself

    Stopped acid reducer

    Wow! I love that you delved into some research for this question. I agree about the appetite. I really did feel so much hungrier on them. Also, thank you for your words of encouragement! They are so appreciated!