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  1. Learningtolovemyself

    Period changes

    My period's have also changed. They are every 23-25 days and are very heavy and very short (3 days). Sadly, my PMS hasn't changed and I still feel a little crazy that time of the month. Our bodies had to deal with a major change. I am 9 months out and feel like everything is just now starting to shift to a new type of normal.
  2. Learningtolovemyself

    Stopped acid reducer

    Wow! I love that you delved into some research for this question. I agree about the appetite. I really did feel so much hungrier on them. Also, thank you for your words of encouragement! They are so appreciated!
  3. Learningtolovemyself

    Stopped acid reducer

    I never knew that this acid stuff would be such a huge deal, but then again, this whole journey has been unexpected. What I do know for a fact though is that every quirk and weird thing that has happened has been worth it for how much better I feel. For your acid issues, I have heard that papaya enzymes chewed after meals helps a lot, I have yet to try them. Let me know if you find a solution. The main thing that has worked for me is to avoid aspartame and drink low acid coffee.
  4. Learningtolovemyself

    Stopped acid reducer

    Thanks for the response! I definitely experienced withdrawal as well. I switched from prilosec to tagamet for a month in order to be acid reducer free. My doctor just kind of shrugged and said that every body is so different and that maybe I never needed the acid reducer so now getting off of it, my body can find it's new normal. I don't know, I don't love my surgeon . My GP said that since the prilosec caused me anxiety, now that I am off of it, I don't feel that I need to emotionally eat for the anxiety anymore. I think there is not real explanation that the medical world can find honestly. I just thought it was so strange.
  5. Learningtolovemyself

    Stopped acid reducer

    Thank you! I also wondered if it was because I had higher acid now as well. I do know that getting off of them has made my stomach feel like it did at 4 months post op, I can't eat as much at one sitting as I was starting to be able to do at 8 months post op. I switched to low acid coffee and have had 0 problems with heartburn since. Thank goodness too because we have to give up so much after this surgery I may have cried if someone took my coffee!!
  6. Learningtolovemyself

    Stopped acid reducer

    Hi, I don't want to scare anyone, as I am always that 2% when responding to medication or supplements. I personally had high anxiety on antacids which caused a lot of issues. My GP said this can happen with acid reducers as they are messing with your stomach, which is like a second nervous system in the body and where most of our serotonin is stored. I also had a hard time withdrawing from them, but feel so much better off of them now.
  7. Learningtolovemyself

    Stopped acid reducer

    Hi guys, I have been meaning to get on here and be more participatory but I have been starting my own business, personal marriage issues etc...but I had a quick question! I stopped my antacid because of various side effects. I tried several different ones. Now I find that It is harder to eat, I get full faster and my interest in food has waned. Anyone else experienced this? Thank you very much for any info!
  8. Learningtolovemyself

    Onederland and 120 pounds gone!!

    Thanks so much everyone. I feel like getting past that 200 pound barrier was agonizingly slow, but when I look at the big picture as @BurgundyBoy said, this is a forever journey so a few weeks are really just a blip. Pretty sure that will be a thing I have to continuously remind myself of though!!
  9. Learningtolovemyself

    Onederland and 120 pounds gone!!

    Thank you! Maintenance cafe sounds good to me
  10. Learningtolovemyself

    Onederland and 120 pounds gone!!

    Thank you! That is a good question. On my good losing streaks I say I will try to get to 150, but when I am in a stall, I say I will be happy to get to 170. I think I picked 160 as an in between! We shall see as time goes on, but I definitely want to get to at least 160.
  11. As of this morning I weigh 198! It's mind boggling to think I have lost 120 pounds. I remember before surgery I dreamt of being back to this weight. Now I am 38 pounds until final goal! Wow. This might take a while to sink in, especially since this month was my slowest weight loss to date. However, I am so excited and this is the motivation I needed to keep at it!
  12. Learningtolovemyself

    100 lbs down !!

    Thank you! I haven't officially posted the onederland because I live in fear that when I get on the scale this Saturday (my weekly weigh in day) it will say 200 even though I have followed the plan still. Seriously, terrified to get on that scale! Ha! This journey is crazy! You will get there and I will cheer for you when you do!
  13. Learningtolovemyself

    100 lbs down !!

    WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! That is amazing and incredible! This is all because of your perseverance! I am so excited for you! What an amazing milestone to achieve! I also totally relate to the weight loss slowing down and since we are so close to the same surgery date it makes sense. I don't want the weight to slow for you but it makes me feel better that mine has to because that means it's normal. I am just like you, I am not quitting even if it's gotten slower. My body may think it knows when it wants to stop, but my mind has a different opinion and I will keep swimming. Truly, congratulations! 100 pounds is awesome and a great motivation to keep moving forward. Helps me keep on track knowing others face the same things I do as well too.
  14. Learningtolovemyself

    My body thinks it's at it's "happy weight" Ugh.

    Thanks. It's good to know you got past it. I have a feeling my body will do the same thing. You are right! Bodies are so completely weird and unpredictable!
  15. Learningtolovemyself

    Should I be worried I don't sweat anymore?

    I have had the same thoughts! I use to sweat ALL the time and now when I don't, I think I should worry! It was my normal for 13 years of being heavy so I don't know what to do now when I don't sweat! I will say that I think it's part of the adjustment of weight loss. SO many things happen that are unexpected and/or weird but also wonderful! I am so grateful I don't sweat after grocery shopping and have to talk to the cashiers with sweat pouring from my face. I was the "fat sweaty girl" and I hated it! So, if I don't sweat anymore I think I am just going to be really excited about it! Maybe we just sweat like "normal" sized people now? I don't know, but I am so glad for it!