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  1. Good morning! Stalls are so frustrating and going into my 17th month post op I have had many. However, I was the same weight for 2 months in Dec and January and almost threw in the towel but then I dropped 4 pounds and 2 inches off my hips and waist all of the sudden in one week and am 7 pounds from goal now! I just kept with my diet plan and stuck it out. So...you CAN still lose after a stall, and you CAN still lose 17 months post op if you still follow your plan. Just thought I would throw that piece of encouragement out there because I was starting to want to eat everything and was so sick of sticking to my plan with no results, I am here to say however...it is worth it! I would not take back this surgery for anything in the world! It gave me my life back. ❤️ We can do it!!
  2. Oh my...mint sounds like a great idea. I will have to try that as well. Thanks for the idea!
  3. Thanks, I agree. Ironically I did not like lemon in my water before surgery. Funny how our taste buds change afterwards!
  4. Thanks for all the responses! What a weird thing to happen! I started pouring a little bit of lime juice in mineral water and that seems to help me actually drink more for some reason.
  5. Wow @cinwa I am impressed with your 11 years! Thank you for your comment, it makes me feel more "normal"! I need to get back to drinking my tea!
  6. Hi all! I am 15 months post op (which is just crazy) and I am finding it harder to drink water now than the first year. It just hurts sometimes and I rarely feel thirsty even though I can tell when I am dehydrated. Anyone else have this issue this far out? Thanks! P.S. I love reading all of the success stories on here! Just so inspiring!
  7. Yes Tracyp I am! Thank you! I am also like you where I want a five pound buffer so 155 is my final goal! I am proud if you that you caught yourself and got back on track! I know I will have to really focus on that during maintenance as well! Great job!
  8. @tracyringo I know what you mean about diligence! I have slowed way down on the weight loss and must track everything more closely! I keep reminding myself that as long as I am trying to lose I won't gain. Sigh. Great job on getting back on track! Gives me motivation too!
  9. Thank you so much! I still think people are looking at me in shorts and are wondering why that chubby girl is wearing them. I totally understand the weirdness of shopping for the correct size. I also am SO encouraged that you and @BurgundyBoy are still able to lose after a few months stall! I have been jumping up and down the same 2 pounds for a while now and I am so motivaed to keep going knowing others understand and are still finding success.
  10. Thank you! I relate completely to just barely being able to pick out the right size for myself. I was going through a phase where everything I brought into the dressing room was huge!
  11. Thank you and YES!! It's been worth it every step of the way even through all the challenges. I wouldn't take it back for anything!
  12. Thank you Tracy, you are rocking it as well! Great job, you look awesome!
  13. Hi all, I am not one who wants to show my face but I wanted to post my success for numerous reasons. 1) To help others stay motivated. 2) To keep myself stay motivated 3) to CELEBRATE!! I have lost a total of 147 pounds so far! 28 pre-op, 122 post op! My one year Anniversary was at the end of August but I didn't celebrate it. I have struggled lately with the slowed down weight loss, the desire to eat more and the ability to eat more. However, I realized that I really need to take a step back and focus on my victory. I am so close to goal and I want to keep moving forward on a more positive note and that means remembering to celebrate achievements too. I am sometimes stunned when I see myself. I can't BELIEVE that either one of those pics is me! I am going to keep swimming and I am never going to stop reaching for my health and my goals!
  14. My period's have also changed. They are every 23-25 days and are very heavy and very short (3 days). Sadly, my PMS hasn't changed and I still feel a little crazy that time of the month. Our bodies had to deal with a major change. I am 9 months out and feel like everything is just now starting to shift to a new type of normal.