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  1. I need a stern talking to!

    I started out at 318 pounds and I have now lost 110 pounds so far (28 pre-op) . I felt the same way you did. No one noticed until I was down 50 pounds. I was discouraged also but kept on plan. I will also tell you that I am 7 months out now and I have lost weight faster from month 4 to now minus some pesky stalls than I did the first 4 months. NO idea why, but it is true what everyone is saying, your body has it's own agenda and will lose when it feels like it. It can be really frustrating but I have lost an average of 8-13 pounds every 4 weeks so you are right on track! Now I catch glimpses of myself in a window and wonder who the heck that person is! It will happen before you know it. Keep it up! It WILL happen!
  2. 7 months post op today

    Thank you! Yes, our stats are so close! I am feeling so much better, and I am sure you are too. I can't wait until we both reach onederland!
  3. 7 months post op today

    Great job!!
  4. Stall

    Hello all, So...of course after my stall was over, I have dropped 5 pounds just this week! I was thinking about how easy it would be to give up at the 6/7 month mark when we are hungrier, we are losing more slowly, and the stalls are bigger and badder. I can see how that would happen after this last stall. It makes me so grateful I stuck it out because it will give me the emotional fortitude to continue on in this journey. There is nothing better than being frustrated but staying on plan and then to be rewarded with a big loss. All my hard work WAS paying off, it just took my body a while to accept it and GRUDGINGLY let go of those pounds. So, I post this for everyone searching the word stall because they are so frustrated. It IS worth it to stick it out. I just have to keep repeating the word persistence over and over again! Oy!! This journey is crazy, but dang it! I am loving actually witnessing the fruits of my labor. It reminds me of Dory - "just keep swimming!"
  5. Non-scale victories

    Hello all! I have been experiencing stalls more since I am 6 months post op and I have really had to change my way of thinking in some ways. Instead of only focusing on the numbers on the scale I have decided to really think about all my non-scale victories. This weekend I took my daughter to Dallas for the National Cheer competition and walked constantly everywhere with a slightly sprained ankle and I STILL never got out of breath! I didn’t sweat, I didn’t feel embarrassed about walking up and down stairs. I didn’t feel like I was stared at for my size. It was awesome! ALSO! And this is a big one for me, I posted the first full body pic of me on social media in 13 years! Holy goodness gracious! That was terrifying! Especially because I am 50 pounds from goal, but my daughter wanted to post a pic of me and her from that weekend and I just told myself to suck it up and do it. These are some of the big reasons I got weight loss surgery. Taking pics with my kiddos, having a better quality of life, not fearing people’s reactions to my size, not sweating all the time (I hated feeling like the fat sweaty girl). When I stopped obsessing about the scale I was able to take a step back and appreciate the beauty of how far I have come, 105 pounds lighter! Of course, I know that I will continue to use the scale as guidance, but I don’t want to lose sight of the big picture anymore. Just thought I would share this part of the journey with you all. Sometimes it’s so hard to be proud of ourselves. We are all brave and amazing people who have decided to better ourselves and I think that is pretty awesome.
  6. Stall

    Hi all, just thought I would update that I just lost 2 pounds this morning. SO hilarious that some of you said that sometimes posting about it can break a stall. Ha! I am sharing my update for those who are also stalled so they can have some hope! This stall taught me finally just to chill a little during a stall (as much as I can anyway) because it will pass. Of course it’s easy for me to say that right now after I broke my stall! I am sure I will have to remind myself of my own advice when the next one comes around! I am appreciative of the support I got. Thanks guys.
  7. Stall

    Yes, you are so right and thank goodness! I feel profound relief I have a new chance at life.
  8. Stall

    I just have to say that I love this forum and all of the positive support. I have lurked on various weight loss sites for over a year and I feel this one is the most supportive and caring. Thank you all so much for sharing your stories with me and encouraging me to continue on. I hope to be able to help others through this crazy, intense journey as well. I definitely need to increase my water intake. It’s been so hard to drink after surgery and I use to love water. I should also say I sprained my ankle falling down my stairs 6 days ago (because I am awesomely graceful) so, I haven’t been able to be active. Of course, instead of taking that into account, I just freak out about not losing instead I have never been so intensely grateful, yet completely bewildered by something like this before. I am SO glad I got the surgery, NO regrets, but man, this is a crazy and emotional ride!
  9. Stall

    Hi all, I had my sleeve 8/31/17. I lost 28 lbs pre-op and have lost 75 pounds since surgery for a total of 103 pounds lost. I am about to hit my 6 month mark and I haven’t lost weight in 2 weeks. I am still completely on my plan. I KNOW weight loss stalls happen and after losing 103 pounds my body is probably taking a breather but of course, I am still feeling discouraged. I still have 50-55 pounds to lose. Argh!! Could others please share their stall experiences? I just want to be reminded this is normal and will pass! Thank you all!