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  1. scla

    8 days out and struggling!

    Thank you everyone for the replies and encouragement. It has gotten slightly better. I did see my family doctor yesterday for a follow up. She didn't have any concerns and says everyone heals differently. I have also been speaking with my weight loss team (which at this point I am pretty sure they think I am that "crazy" patient that calls all the time) I had those sharp pains between chest really bad this morning that lasted a couple hours....he suggested to try the protein water as the shakes can be irritating for some in the beginning. And we wants me to stay on the full liquid diet longer He reassured me that things will get better! I see him on Tuesday... I think i need to stay off the internet where I read horror stories. My fear is that my GERD will get worse....which I knew was a possibility! All in all each day is getting a little better and I think a lot of my problems are mental and having to come to terms that I can't go to food for my comfort! I just can't wait to feel somewhat normal. Again, thank you all....hopefully soon it won't be a regretful decision.
  2. I am 8 days out from my sleeve and it's been rough. To the point I regret my decision. The spasms have been nonstop...the levsin helps to make them not be unbearable. I have pressure in my mid abdomen around my belly button. I am struggling getting my fluids and protein in due to all this. Yesterday I did get all fluids in and only 30g of protein. Today I was able to get both in....but have paid for it with pain and nausea. Also every morning my nausea is still horrible. I get sharp pains right between my breasts. I am just over dealing with the mental aspect has been tougher than I thought. I think that would be easier if i didn't have any issues. I will say that the Percocet helps relieve most of this, but they do not want me taking it unless it's for the pain and not from bloating/pressure? I have tried gas ex too and it doesn't seem to help. How long does this crap usually go on? I researched for almost a year, but I guess it wasn't enough. I have to figure out to come to terms with this cause I can't take it back. I am afraid if things don't turn around soon I will become depressed. Any advice will be appreciated!