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  1. Brattykid

    Finding my limits

    Good to figure out now! Not something you really wanted to do, but I guess it would've been worse. I've also been worried about social events between now and Christmas. I've pinned about a dozen sugar-free low carb (mostly keto friendly) cookie and sweets ideas to choose from to take to various parties. I still can't have any as I am still on liquids but then I get a chance to make something and know they are healthier than the other stuff people have. And if they dont like them I take them home and freeze them for when I get a hankering for something sweet in a few months. Lol
  2. Brattykid

    Bratty kid.......

    Omg! Sorry I forgot to check in with you all! I usually come on here with my work laptop so I forget to check in otherwise. Surgery went really well. After I was pretty out of it for the rest of the day/evening. My face was bright @*# red and super hot with no fever (happened one other time) and I had a muscle cramp just below the middle if my ribcage that would not stop. Got home Friday afternoon and spent the next 12 hours fighting nausea and vomiting. Could not get the water in. Almost went to the ER. Late Saturday it's like a switch was turned on and I started to feel like I could drink. Sunday was great. Monday even better. I even started back at the gym. Fairly smooth sailing since (well except one mess up of drinking 8 ounces in 30 min of a delicious protein shake with PB2 that resulted in a 24 bloat and gas pain.) Met with my surgeon today. Got cleared for full liquids (yay different flavors!!) And even some watered down cream of wheat. I can't wait. I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who have helped me so far!!
  3. Brattykid

    Brattykid's GBP Surgery Day!

    OMG that's in THREE DAYS!!!
  4. Brattykid

    2 Week Liquid Pre-Op diet starts today!

    I was able to change a lot of my settings. Trying to stay in the habit of tracking for long after the liquids phases.
  5. Brattykid

    2 Week Liquid Pre-Op diet starts today!

    Very true!! Thank you!!
  6. Brattykid

    2 Week Liquid Pre-Op diet starts today!

    Days 3 & 5 were the WORST. But I think I've got it now. I'm already down 7lbs as of this morning so that's awesome.
  7. Brattykid

    2 Week Liquid Pre-Op diet starts today!

    Doing great so far! Not even HANGRY!!! I ate a big lunch drank one. LOL I was surprisingly full from a protein shake, a cup of broth, 1/2 cup of sugar free pudding, 1/2 cup of cream of mushroom soup (minus the mushrooms). Had a sugar free popsicle as a nice freebie this afternoon. I do have concerns of getting enough calories though...surgeon's suggested menu is what I'm doing and my book says 1000 calories or less a day. I'm averaging 600-700. Trying to get more often puts me up higher in carbs & sodium, but maybe I need to stop focusing on that and just follow the diet and screw my "goals" in myfitnesspal. lol Thanks all so much for all the support! I love knowing that I can get that here.
  8. I'm in it to win it now and can't wait to join the loser's bench 2 weeks from today!!! I just have to survive these 2 weeks of liquids, 1 week post-op clear liquids, 2 weeks full liquid, and then 2 weeks puree. Solid foods will start around January 3rd. I can do this!!
  9. Brattykid

    Going bald! Help!

    Breathe, girl. There are so many things that are beautiful about you, hair may have been your favorite, but soon your thinner/healthier self will be worth it. Hair will grow back and it may be even more beautiful when it does. Among the other things mentioned (protein, biotin) try using shampoos/conditioners that help stimulate hair regrowth like Nioxin, Murad, Ultrax Labs Hair Surge, Lipogaine...and others. Keep reminding yourself it's temporary. Cover up with a beautiful scarf or hat if you need to. It will come back. It's gotta be scary, but it's going to be ok.
  10. Brattykid

    1 yr Surgiversary

    That is amazing!!! Keep up the good work! You must feel like an entirely new person.
  11. Brattykid

    Random questions for "after'

    Thanks @msmarymac I checked my list of medicines to watch out for and it wasn't on my list. Not that I drink a lot of it, but have used it on occasion for upset stomach or diarrhea. I will steer clear now!
  12. Brattykid

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Happy Birthday, @Cardamom77!! P.S. You look fantastic!!!
  13. Brattykid


    Anyone here use golden paste or golden milk made with Turmeric & curcumin? I've heard there are supplements out there too. Can we even have that? I've read a lot on it being a fantastic natural anti-inflammatory and I thought perhaps this would be a good option since we can't have nsaids. I started giving golden paste to my dog for her arthritis before I switched over to CBD oil to go along with her medication in hopes that we can eventually switch her to no meds or lower dose.
  14. Brattykid

    Random questions for "after'

    Pepto bismol is an NSAID?? When i think of nsaids, I only think of Aleve & Advil...I gotta check my book to see if there is a list somewhere. I should know this by now. So much to watch out for!
  15. Brattykid

    The waiting game!

    Good to know! LOL I've tried a few of the shakes ahead of time and pre-made a whole lot of flavored broth for my 2 weeks which starts the day after your surgery! I'm so excited for you! Keep us posted!