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  1. Brattykid

    It's done!

    That's awesome! So excited for you! Keep walking, walking, walking, sip, sip, sip! (that's what I hear anyway - sounds like good advice to me!)
  2. Brattykid

    Threw me for a loop...

    Exactly! That's what I told him too. I am an expert at losing weight and then gaining it back and then some. I can tell you exactly what to eat and how. I could coach people. LOL I can't wait to use this new tool to be able to achieve a maintainable weight. Thanks for your support, guys!
  3. Brattykid

    Threw me for a loop...

    I had a dr. appt yesterday for a cough that is going on 7 weeks old. i'm obviously a little high strung about it because I need it gone before I have surgery or they probably won't do it. I'd gone to the minute clinic and they gave me stuff which didn't really help. Then I waited another 3 weeks for it to disappear (because it was not "treatable") and to try to get in to see my PCP. She wasn't available so I saw another doc that I've seen a few times. We sat down to discuss what was going on and he mentioned my weight loss since the last time I'd seen him. (Down almost 30lbs now from my highest!) He then asked what I was doing to make the changes and I told him that I'd been preparing for life after surgery. Healthier foods, basically quit drinking, exercise, smaller portions, lots of water, etc. And then his whole demeanor changed. He asked why I thought I needed surgery when the changes I've made already are working. He asked if I'd tried other methods like medicine to lose weight and I advised him yes, I've thought about this long and hard and it was never my "dream" but knowing who I am and how I've lost weight before and gained it back and then some, I wanted to use this tool to help me achieve a healthier me. He threw me for a loop with his questions and for a minute almost made me feel guilty and have self doubt about my decision. I could tell that he wasn't happy that it was a decision that I'd made. He's not even my primary! It sparked a cloud of doubt in my head that lasted several hours until I talked to my honey about it. He asked me why I let the doc into my head and I need to do whatever I feel is right and not listen to anyone else's opinion on it. He supports me whether I chose to go through with it or not. Clouds of doubt disappeared and this morning I woke up knowing I still have made the right decision for me.
  4. Brattykid

    Insurance Approved!

    Woo hoo!!! I called the insurance company today and they told me that my prior-authorization request has been approved for RNY! I was so excited I almost missed her reading the part about it being outpatient. OUTPATIENT?!?! What??? From all that I've read everywhere it's at least an overnight stay until your pain is under control, you can potty, and you can walk...can this happen in the same day? Did someone screw up somewhere?? I called a left a voicemail for my surgeon and nurse (not even sure they have received the ok yet - it was approved as of yesterday) to tell them that I heard it was approved and for them to call me asap. Still waiting on the call back from them, but from what I understood before is that I meet with them one more time to discuss the surgery date, I have a last pre-op class to take, I meet with my family practitioner doc for my pre-op physical and then two weeks before surgery I start my liquid diet. This process has taken a bit longer than I hoped it would have (the 2 week delay thanks to the nurse didn't help...) so I'm still praying that I get in before November 10th. Why? Because then I'm exactly 2 months from the date I leave for Thailand. And I want to be on some basic solid food when I travel. Plus I want the majority of pain to be gone so I can walk lots! If I can't get in until after that date, I am postponing the surgery until after I get home from Thailand at the end of January. Definitely not my favorite idea, but the silver lining on that one is that I'd get to eat whatever I wanted on my trip. LOL! Wish me luck! I hope I hear back from them sometime today or tomorrow.
  5. Brattykid

    It finally happened.....

    Ooooh I just had the "You look great! You've lost a lot already. Maybe you don't need to have the surgery!" comment from a good friend this weekend. I understand that I've lost almost 30lbs in 6 months and that's fantastic, but it wasn't easy. It still isn't easy, and I want to be able to use my tool to help ensure that I stay on the healthy path for LIFE. I told her exactly that. I'm not sure what I'd say if/when someone tells me that I shouldn't lose too much or I'll look too skinny. Of course I'm going to look "too skinny" to you...I've been morbidly obese the entire time you've known me! Embrace it, do what is best for your body and what is best for you. Some people need to seriously learn how to shut their mouths. I guess I may just smile and say, thank you? and walk away. LOL
  6. Brattykid

    Century Club Day!

    @Jen581791 You rock!!
  7. Brattykid

    Last nut appt over!

    Update: I called BCBS today and they HAVE received my prior-authorization request. It is currently "pending." I'm glad they got it now and will wait patiently-not-so-patiently for approval so I can get my appointment set up with the surgeon to get my surgery date! Woop woop!
  8. Brattykid

    Century Club Day!

    I would love it! I think it would help motivate me as well.
  9. Brattykid

    Century Club Day!

    Congrats on the loss!! That's so very exciting! @Jen581791 is that lovely excel table available anywhere on here by chance? I'd love to start using it after my surgery if possible. Or you may email it to me also if you wouldn't mind!
  10. Brattykid

    Last nut appt over!

    Today's moment of frustration: I called my insurance company today to see how the progress was going on my approval...and they told me there was no pending prior-authorization for surgery. What?!?!?! Left a message for my nurse. She calls me back and turns nurse forgot to submit my file to insurance after my nut appointment. "I'm so sorry, there's so many people to keep track of." As if that makes me feel sooooo much better. "I'm submitting it for you right now. Thank you so much for checking on it." Mmmk. So let's pray that BCBS does it within 2 weeks which is average for them but they can take up to a month. And that I can then quickly get into my 2nd surgeon/nurse appt to meet with them to set my surgery date. And maybe just maybe she'll think of me first when surgery dates closest to that appointment come up and she can schedule me asap! I was really counting on mid-late october/early november. This just delayed me by at least 2 weeks. It gets pushed out any further and I may have to just wait until after I travel to Thailand in January. I'm so disappointed and frustrated. Not that I'm special, but don't you feel like you put forth all of this work that when the nut hands them the paperwork it should be taken care of right then??
  11. Brattykid

    Goal day!

    That's so awesome!! Inspiring to me!! <3
  12. Brattykid

    Last nut appt over!

    Still very much dating the same man in my photo for the past (almost) 15 years. But that's too funny!
  13. Brattykid

    Last nut appt over!

    I have not yet gotten a date. Patiently waiting for my nurse to call me saying they received the approval. THey said it takes an average of 2 weeks for BCBS MN to get back to them.
  14. Brattykid

    Last nut appt over!

    My Nut did say "Next time I see you will be post-op" and that I would be meeting with her and my nurse at my 1 week and 5 week post op. I'm not sure about after, but if my insurance covers it (BCBS MN) then I will take advantage of that also. It can never hurt. <3
  15. Brattykid

    Last nut appt over!

    I can't believe it's been almost 6 months since I started on this journey. I had my last nutritionist appt on Monday. She gave everything to my nurse who will submit it to insurance. Once approved, then I meet with my surgeon again and set up my surgery date. I'M SO EXCITED! Based on everyone's experience, once it's been submitted, how long does it typically take until surgery date? I'm guess-timating 6 weeks?? I was hoping for middle October, but end of Oct early Nov will work too. I have to say thank you to all of you who are active in this community (and even past members for sharing and asking questions) I've found it most helpful along with attending the local bariatric support group meetings though my clinic. Miles above and beyond helpful compared to the facebook support groups I stumbled upon (and frankly need to quit looking at because they are not good for me lol.) I can't wait to join the losers bench. I'll be sure to update as soon as I hear!