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  1. Brattykid

    Food fail and sore pouch

    Oh my goodness! Who would've thought! I hope you feel better quickly. Amazing the lessons we have to learn sometimes.
  2. Brattykid

    Strange question...

    Thank you, everyone!! After thinking it over the last 36 hours and reading your responses, I've decided not to stress about it. I'll talk with my doctor about it and probably go the route of being tested for both genes I've been warned about and develop a proactive plan about it and at least have it in my medical record so that if needed, I can be checked for things more often or whatever so hopefully things can be caught early if necessary. Thankfully I have no children of my own to pass these genes along to either! I can't control everything - I can only do the best I can do to make myself the healthiest version of myself that I can be and enjoy my life. I love this forum.
  3. Brattykid

    Strange question...

    A few years back my mom gave me a packet of medical information regarding our family and specifically a gene test that I should get done that told her that the reason she has had 3 strokes is because our family carries a gene that predisposes us to having them. She told me I should get tested to see if I carry the gene so I can find out if I will get them. I haven't done anything about it because frankly, I don't know if I want to know if I carry it. I think if I find out it will bring me down and give me anxiety that I currently don't have. I just like to live my life and am making healthy changes for myself to hopefully avoid such things that I can (although if I have the gene, I think that would depress me and I'd give up all thoughts of trying to be healthy because I'm gonna just get them anyway.) Crazy thinking right? I know. Anyway, we recently found out that my mom's sister who is only 5 years older than I am, has breast cancer. (only my paternal grandmother has had it before and at a later age.) So she got some genetic testing done and found out that she carries the CHEK2 gene which predisposes us to certain types of cancer (and it turns out since none of us knew that before - because her & my mom's mother died of non-hodkin's lymphoma at the age of 48 - most likely she also carried this gene.) She strongly suggested that my mom get tested and each of us kids get tested. Once again, I'm in a situation where DO I REALLY WANT TO KNOW? I swear if I found out I had it, I'd make them remove everything from my colon to my boobs to my uterus. I wouldn't want to chance it. I don't want to know that I'm definitely going to get some form of cancer. And probably at an early age (although my mom is 67 and she has never had cancer but she's too scared to even get her colon checked although she gets her mammograms regularly.) Am I crazy for not wanting to know? Should I just put it in my doctor's hands and let them guide me and make suggestions as to how often to get screened for cancer? I want to just get healthy with the lifestyle changes I'm making now and with surgery to help with my weight loss. I want to enjoy life, not just fret about it constantly. Has anyone here ever had something similar come up? Thankfully, my dad's genes are much better and the only thing that runs on that side is lung cancer - which he had and beat. Sorry for the long non-weight loss post, but I'm just freaking out here and I can't talk to my mom about it.
  4. Brattykid

    Missing you guys

    What an amazing journey of yours so far! 20lbs from your doctor's goal and it's only been 5 mos? You know you can do it. I'm sure it's a constant struggle for everyone - and you know you have the tools to make yourself successful. Asking for help from this group or reaching out to your nurse or dietitian or someone may help too. "only" 5 lbs lost in July - that's still a loss! Stay positive (even when it's difficult) and give yourself the trust you deserve to continue. Comfort eating and ice cream binges are in the past. Look to the's soo soo bright for you.
  5. Brattykid

    Where are the kayakers??

    I hadn't kayaked in over 20 years and then went on a kayaking adventure in the open ocean on a sit-on-top kayak! My next adventure was even more "dangerous" using a sea kayak through 3-5 foot waves on Lake Superior (that was a bit harrowing, but still no sign of tipping over) I'm not just a self-proclaimed klutz, I'm a legit non-graceful, unbalanced, trip-when-I-walk klutz! I figure if I can do it (and I was stuffed - literally - into the sea kayak) anyone can. It sounds like a very fun adventure! It of course can't hurt to get some practice in somewhere, but be sure to wear your life vest also. I love it so much now I've been begging for the last few years to get my own kayak but hubby says we don't have room to store it. Most river kayaking will usually tell you if you end up going through any rapids type areas before you start - they don't want to rescue anyone or have that liability either so hopefully it will just be a beautiful trip down the river. Have a blast!!
  6. Brattykid

    I'm doing the happy dance!

    Gorgeous house!! Love the decor! You're looking fabulous too, keep up the good work!
  7. Brattykid

    My weekend..

    I love the north shore!! We were just up in Grand Marais a few weeks ago. One of my favorite places to go in the whole world. It's always so beautiful up there. Glad you had fun and were adventurous!
  8. Brattykid


    Love the hair! And the transformation! What an inspiration.
  9. Brattykid

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Oh gosh, @Readytobeme, I would think that 55lbs in 3 1/2 months is pretty spectacular, but that's because I haven't done it yet. LOL I can imagine it's difficult not to want it all to be off at once, but think of it this way, the slower and steadier you lose the weight, the less excess skin you may have! Definitely stay the course and you'll accomplish what you have set out to do, remember it's gonna come off for a year or two. You'll get there.
  10. Brattykid

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Super cute outfits you've got goin on! Loved the dress and love this too! I like your fashion sense. Nice bargains!!
  11. Brattykid

    Two for RNY

    Just had a thought...what thanksgiving dinner will look like @Cheesehead's house this year: Glad everyone is doing well! Hope the hubby's pain goes away soon - we all know men don't tolerate pain as well as women...hahaha Thank you for the update!
  12. Brattykid

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I went from having 4-5 drinks every day to having 2 glasses of wine in the last 3.5 weeks. I was getting to the point that on weekends, I'd have to drink even more to "feel a buzz" but I'd never get drunk. Either my tolerance got pretty high or my fat was absorbing a lot of it. But it was making me feel bloated but and not feeling good every day. I gained 35 lbs over the last 2 years as I continued to drink more each evening. But then, as I it did for me with cigarettes over 5 years ago, something clicked in my brain. Something I KNEW and I mean I really knew it - but drinking was stopping me from losing weight and feeling less bloated. And so I cut down. WAY DOWN. So now, it's not about feeling good or loosening up or being social with my friends and every event revolving around drinking and hanging out, it's about being social without the alcohol. Just a nice glass of water with lemon instead. (I make them still put it in a drink glass so I feel like I'm still participating!) The glass of wine I had twice over the last almost month? Were more enjoyable to me. I could taste it better, I could sip it and enjoy! I'd missed the simple joy of enjoying a drink instead of just mindlessly drinking because I was actually thirsty. It's helped me be able to drink over 80oz of water a day ever since. Because my body isn't immediately absorbing that water to rehydrate and heal, it's just naturally keeping me balanced. And I know this is a NSV, but as you can guess it has affected the scale too...I've lost 8 lbs since.
  13. Brattykid

    Pre op is next week and I'm sick.

    Checking in with you @Jenn42606...hope all is well this week!! Let us know how your pre-op appt goes tomorrow.
  14. Brattykid

    Cheese pizza nearly killed me today.

    I spit out my last drink of water reading these comments. I know gas is not a funny (fun) thing to happen to you, but thank you for making it humorous! Besides, farts are funny - if you can get them out. I'm so glad we can be free to share these things here! #stayreal
  15. Brattykid

    Recommendations for water reminders?

    Mine sits there and becomes part of the landscape. LOL!!