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  1. Brattykid

    Slider foods

    I love those little oyster crackers when I'm not feeling good. Thank you for the information! I've been having a lot of tummy trouble lately and so I started snacking on a few of those because they (mentally) seemed to soothe my tummy. Even water hurt to drink for a few days. But I could munch on those little crackers ok! I limited myself because they are unnecessary carbs, but boy did they just hit the I need a crunch and salt spot too. Crackers of all kinds were my favorite types of carbs, it's a really good reminder that they aren't good for me and especially since I am still early-ish in my journey, I need to make sure that I am not having them. I always make sure to have my protein first at meals, but snacks seem to be whatever I have handy. My "meals" are all still so small and snack like that I need to watch myself before having an actual snack. I'm trying to cut back on cheese consumption also.
  2. Brattykid

    The journey so far...

    I just picked some of those up! I'm currently having issues eating or drinking anything while on my period, hoping it passes like it did last month otherwise a call to my surgeon's office is in order.
  3. Brattykid

    Some footage of my surgery for anyone interested.

    I'm amazed at the number of people who were given a cd or digital access to their surgeries. I don't think that was even an option for me. It's kind of fascinating though.
  4. Brattykid

    The journey so far...

    That sounds so delicious. I can't wait to get to that point - just to enjoy a treat (a piece of bread or half bagel) once in a while.
  5. Brattykid

    The journey so far...

    Thank you!
  6. Brattykid

    The journey so far...

    Ungodly cold!! I wear so many layers now! Which is easy to do since all my clothes are too big. LOL!! THailand was amazing - I got to hang out with tigers and elephants and even got charged by an elephant!! I'm ok though! The most beautiful part was northern Thailand where the people are genuinely the nicest and you don't feel constantly bombarded by someone to sell you something. The food was all amazing (what I could eat anyway lol) and everything is so incredibly cheap! The weather was fantastic the whole time we were there as well. I definitely recommend a visit if you never have been.
  7. Brattykid

    The journey so far...

    Thank you! I just was told to avoid it as it could be an issue, but it seems to be the only one that is not an issue. LOL Eggs do not do well either. I miss them.
  8. Brattykid

    The journey so far...

    Thailand is amazing! Especially Chiang Mai. It all was much warmer than here in the US. We left MN at 46 degrees F and it was 97 degrees and humid in Bangkok, 85 and not humid in Chiang Mai and 88 and sometimes humid in Phuket. Only to arrive back to -31 (feels like -55) degrees back in MN when we got back. Wish I could have stayed an extra week! LOL Thanks for the heads up on the getting easier part...I so very look forward to it!
  9. Brattykid

    The journey so far...

    I'm officially 2 months out from surgery! I have lost 36lbs since surgery (76 overall)!! I can't tolerate chicken (not ground, not fake, not dark, not white.) But I can tolerate beef - I know it's not the best thing to eat, but I only eat what my tummy will handle to get protein in - it was my saving grace in Thailand. I tolerate spicy really well. Love it actually. Pork mush on a stick in thailand went over well but I haven't tried pork roast, ribs, or chops yet. Fish goes well. I cannot tolerate any type of breading or bread. Not even low-carb. Haven't had too many veggies yet because I'm focusing so hard on getting enough protein, but what I have tried goes down well. Soups are still my favorite go to (bean and ham is the best followed by chili) which is funny to me after 5 weeks of liquids only before/after surgery. LOL I have tried some fruit (mainly papaya salad in Thailand - omg I miss it so...) and even found a new appreciation for honeydew melon that I never liked before. I like pineapple & cucumbers & a little mango too. I get the hiccups and runny nose when I'm full. Some days my tummy doesn't want anything but I force myself to eat what I can anyway. Or at least drink a protein shake. Water is getting increasingly hard and some days it literally hurts my stomach. Other days it's not to bad. Some days I get frustrated by the lack of amount of food until I remind myself it's only tablespoons at this point...although I can demolish a 5 ounce container of yogurt with no issues any day of the week. Sometimes I just want a half sandwich, a breakfast sandwich, or a freakin 1/4 sub sandwich. I instead opt for just a couple ounces of lunch meat with a piece of cheese. I find tons of recipes but experience frustration at the fact they still make an incredible amount of food that I don't want to eat every day for 3-5 days. Even if you have a recipe, it's hard to do sometimes because you then have to find another recipe to use the other half of that vegetable or meat you're using. I freeze a lot, and then it gets lost in a wonderland in my freezer and I end up throwing it anyway because it no longer Our new tummies are funny creatures that surprise us every day. And lastly, I am officially 200.6 today - I feel like I'm one good poo away from onederland. Shooting to hit that this weekend. Wish me luck! I'm in a comfortable size 16 women's. Haven't tried 16 misses yet because this girl has some boobs (still) and hips! That's the news from me. I know that it will continue to get better. I'm still really early out.
  10. I went on a search this weekend for a pair or two of shorts (yeah good luck in MN in the dead of winter....) and some new bras. Well surprisingly, I did actually find some workout shorts at Walmart. I tried on the 16/18 and they were just too snug so I had to buy the 20s. That hurt my feelings big time because everything else I've been fitting in has been 16s. So after that disappointing experience, I tried on some XL tanks and they didn't fit either. XL/sz 18 sports bra? Forget it. I had to get their 22!! UGH!! I was just about in tears! Then I ventured over to the regular bras and thought "f*it!" I'm going to see if I fit into a regular bra yet and not have to buy a $50 one from Lane Bryant! I chose a 42DD and IT FIT!! I was wearing a 46DDD, and now there was plenty of space in the cup so I wasn't sure how much I'd actually lost. So NSV for me, I still kept quite a bit of my boobs, but I do fit into a bra that I can buy on the fly! I don't even care that I only lost 4" so far on my chest. I'll take the not complete loss of my boobs as a victory. I'm glad I ended the shopping experience with that and I know that it will get better and easier to shop as I continue to lose weight. I just needed a couple things for my trip this week as I don't wish to wear just linen pants in 97 degree heat with humidity. I am looking forward to all of the hiking, hydration, and protein snacking I will be doing in Thailand and even have a slightly tight swimsuit I am bringing along that will probably fit nicely toward the end of my trip!
  11. Brattykid

    Drinking before a meal

    My surgeon & hospital recommend the 30-30-30 rule. No drinking 30 minutes prior, during, or 30 minutes after. It makes it really difficult to get all the liquids in you need, but these days most of my liquids seem to go down better in the afternoon & evening.
  12. Brattykid

    What are you eating today?

    I feel like I can finally contribute to this thread. Breakfast: 1/4 scrambled egg with picante sauce leftover from yesterday Clear Protein drink tropical punch - 12 oz <--had this 30 min after my partial egg to make sure I benefit from both Lunch: Pureed bean and ham soup - 4oz Dinner: Ricotta bake - 4oz Snacks: Greek yogurt Sugar free popsicle Liquids: whatever I can get in my belly. Currently grape propel. Shooting for 64 ounces today. so far only had 24.
  13. Brattykid

    Traveling Post-Op

    Ooooh seeing this post gets me soooo excited! I leave for Thailand 2 weeks from today! I meet with my NUT next Wednesday and I have a whole host of questions for her in regards to what I can bring/eat while I'm there. And I need to remember to ask her about probiotics, nuts, jerky, etc.
  14. Brattykid

    Sleeve to bypass revision

    I don't know about the revision specifically, but my cramping and other issues got better within a few days. Hope you're feeling better by now!
  15. Brattykid


    WAHOO!! Great job! That's a lot of hard work you put in. What an amazing transformation. Keep up the good work!