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  1. It's amazing what can happen when we transform. I'm glad that you are doing so well! Keep up the good work! It's not an easy journey, and you've had added changes which can add to the stress and you've kept going strong. Proud of you! Glad to see you're in a much better place!
  2. Brattykid

    I did it

    You got this!! It's an amazing journey. Keep rocking that pre-surgery weight loss, it pays off in the end. The journey is difficult for sure and you'll have regrets like many of us did that first few rough weeks. LOL But it's all great later. From what I understand it's like birthing a sucks and is horrible and then you see it and forget all the pain and suffering you had during pregnancy and birth and suddenly you want another one. I have zero regret now! Keep us posted!
  3. Brattykid


  4. Congrats on your beautiful little girl!!
  5. You know how "Ladies" clothing is always small and crazy? Like work uniforms and such...the 2XL is always like a normal person's size L or would fit the teeniest of people? Well we are ordering some new polo shirts for work today and I would always ALWAYS order the men's xl or 2xl to fit because women's sizes never fit me. Not true anymore! I ordered a LADIES large and *gasp* MEDIUM (it's tight, but I'm only 5 months out and I WILL lose more lol) I cannot believe it! Although it's funny, I still fit nicely into the women's 2XL jackets and t-shirts that I've bought in the past that never really fit or fit really tightly. Women's clothing is so messed up.
  6. My heart breaks for you and your loss. I agree with others that sometimes the loss of that furbaby can almost be worse than losing a human love. They loved you unconditionally and especially since they were there for you through the loss of your husband. I tend to bake or cook large amounts of food and give it away when I want to emotionally eat. I bring it all into work or put it in baggies for homeless that I see on my way into work. I don't know how long that would last for you though since it would quickly get expensive if you were doing it daily. It's a nice temporary distraction. Everyone on here has some wonderful ideas though. One suggestion I did not see on here yet is maybe volunteering at a shelter. They always need people to come in and help clean, feed, bathe, and play with animals of all kinds at most shelters. Donate old blankets, old large clothing, towels, and various other items to them also if you can. It will help you heal and help those babies feel love while they are there in the shelter. Know that you are not alone. Continue to reach out to us, to others, to friends, and family. Pick up a good book. Write a book. Write in a journal. Work for and walk other neighborhood pets or offer to pet sit for others and make some money while you're at it. Those precious babies will live forever in our hearts and we'll never forget them.
  7. Brattykid

    Med Check

    Hey! So my program doesn't do any blood testing until maybe the 6 month mark, and I just really need to know where I'm at so I have my PCP doing a med check for me tomorrow morning. I want to make sure my high dose of blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds don't need to be changed (I hope they do!!!) and I want her to check my vitamin levels. I know the big ones to check are B-12 or all B vitamins, iron, vitamin D, and is it possible to check calcium? I just switched to the patch vitamins a few weeks ago because I wasn't remember to take all of my multiple doses of meds all day long. I was always good in the morning and the evening, but missed my iron, calcium, vitamin D3, etc that I would take throughout the day for better absorption. Anyone recommend all that I should have her check or just the basics for now since they will do another check in a couple months at my 6 month mark?
  8. Brattykid

    still here!

    hope you're feeling better already @Kio
  9. Kind of! They ask your approximate size when you sign up. I think they basically have a "one size" and a "plus size" that they send out.
  10. Thrift stores are a wls patient best friend <3. I've gotten some great deals!
  11. Yep! It's a stretchy black suit with these white polka dots that you put on and it takes 12 snapshots of you at different "clock positions" to read your measurements. It's creepily accurate and very cool. I'm not even sure I will order anything from them eventually because that's pretty spending - I'm usually a $20 or less jeans girl. LOL!
  12. Brattykid

    still here!

    I forgot to mention that red meat is one of the only meats I can tolerate and they tell you that is one of the foods to avoid after gallbladder surgery. So I eat a lot of it (steak, ground beef, etc) and it doesn't seem to be any type of a problem for me. I'm almost 4 mos out now. Of course everyone is different, but you may find that some things haven't changed and some have. You'll be thankful that it is out though!
  13. Brattykid

    still here!

    I had my gallbladder out at the same time they did my RNY. I haven't seemed to have any issues with anything cheese (my pcp warned me I might) or anything. I avoid super fatty foods as a normal practice, but when I sneak a tator tot or french fry (literally 1) my tummy and then digestive system isn't happy with me, so I avoid those now as well or else just suffer for a minute. LOL If I had too much I suppose it would be quite evident as it seems to be for my mom who had emergency gallbladder surgery a couple years after her RNY. Her @*# explodes (but to be fair - she didn't have any support or "program" to follow after her surgery so she eats what she wants and pays the consequences) and she isn't too happy with that.
  14. Brattykid

    Body changes

    Been fighting with the same 5 lbs for the last 5-6 weeks up and down up and down. I'm not worried and I know it will change. But here's photo proof of the body changing even when the scale is not. I don't promote ZOZO or anything else, I just hopped on the bandwagon of ordering their free suit (pay $4 shipping) so it can take my measurements. If you don't know anything about them they are this Japanese company that did this promotion of their suit & accompanying app that will take your body measurements so that you can order custom fit clothing from them. Of course they probably didn't account for the huge bariatric community and other folks who need to take body measurements getting their suits and then oftentimes not ordering any clothing. I will probably order something from them eventually, but can't seem to cough up the $60 for a pair of jeans I might not fit into next month. So I'll probably reward myself with a pair when my goal is met. Creepy how accurate the measurements are...
  15. Brattykid

    still here!

    Get better soon!! Glad to know you're still around