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  1. Brattykid

    Two for RNY

    Just had a thought...what thanksgiving dinner will look like @Cheesehead's house this year: Glad everyone is doing well! Hope the hubby's pain goes away soon - we all know men don't tolerate pain as well as women...hahaha Thank you for the update!
  2. Brattykid

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I went from having 4-5 drinks every day to having 2 glasses of wine in the last 3.5 weeks. I was getting to the point that on weekends, I'd have to drink even more to "feel a buzz" but I'd never get drunk. Either my tolerance got pretty high or my fat was absorbing a lot of it. But it was making me feel bloated but and not feeling good every day. I gained 35 lbs over the last 2 years as I continued to drink more each evening. But then, as I it did for me with cigarettes over 5 years ago, something clicked in my brain. Something I KNEW and I mean I really knew it - but drinking was stopping me from losing weight and feeling less bloated. And so I cut down. WAY DOWN. So now, it's not about feeling good or loosening up or being social with my friends and every event revolving around drinking and hanging out, it's about being social without the alcohol. Just a nice glass of water with lemon instead. (I make them still put it in a drink glass so I feel like I'm still participating!) The glass of wine I had twice over the last almost month? Were more enjoyable to me. I could taste it better, I could sip it and enjoy! I'd missed the simple joy of enjoying a drink instead of just mindlessly drinking because I was actually thirsty. It's helped me be able to drink over 80oz of water a day ever since. Because my body isn't immediately absorbing that water to rehydrate and heal, it's just naturally keeping me balanced. And I know this is a NSV, but as you can guess it has affected the scale too...I've lost 8 lbs since.
  3. Brattykid

    Pre op is next week and I'm sick.

    Checking in with you @Jenn42606...hope all is well this week!! Let us know how your pre-op appt goes tomorrow.
  4. Brattykid

    Cheese pizza nearly killed me today.

    I spit out my last drink of water reading these comments. I know gas is not a funny (fun) thing to happen to you, but thank you for making it humorous! Besides, farts are funny - if you can get them out. I'm so glad we can be free to share these things here! #stayreal
  5. Brattykid

    Recommendations for water reminders?

    Mine sits there and becomes part of the landscape. LOL!!
  6. Brattykid

    Pre op is next week and I'm sick.

    Assuming you're on medication for the infections? They should be cleared up by next Wednesday I would think. Keep drinking lots of water and stay positive (I know it's hard) but you'll come out of it!
  7. I genuinely cannot wait for that day.
  8. Brattykid

    I did it!!!!!!

    That's awesome!!!
  9. Does anyone use a magical app or anything to remind you to drink water throughout the day? I know I can set alarms on my phone but I was hoping that someone had discovered an app that connects to Fitbit or just an app that sends a notification on my phone or something. I wish I was a programmer! LOL
  10. Brattykid

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    My nsv this week? I turned down biscuits and gravy on Sunday.....cake on tuesday.....and doughnuts today! Baby steps!
  11. Brattykid

    I had my initial appointment!

    Yeah I think so? The Doctor's professional building at 280 Smith Ave Suite 700...
  12. Brattykid

    I had my initial appointment!

    Yep! United Hospital
  13. Brattykid

    I had my initial appointment!

    Sh*t just got real! LOL (hope no one is offended by that.) Anyway, I had my initial appointment at the hospital today and met my surgeon, nurse, and dietician. I am so excited! I felt super prepared so far with all that you all have taught me as well as the books I've read that were recommended. I spent an hour with my surgeon today he was so helpful. My nurse is fantastic and has been through it also so that was great to get her story. My dietician was also amazing! I have already been reading through my binder (bible) and cannot wait to get started! I'm lucky to have such a great team. My next appointment is to have an ultrasound done on Monday. Then May dietician visit. Gonna get all my vitamins tomorrow and get started on those. What I loved most was talking to him about my undiagnosed GERD. The fact that I eat tums or Rolaids practically every day and even carry Zantac in my purse for bad days. He said they can do an endoscopy to see if there is a hernia or something fixable causing my issue which would be fantastic! I just always attributed it to my weight and never even considered a possibility that it was maybe also a physical issue. He had so much more knowledge that he shared with me, I just really appreciated his time and patience.
  14. Brattykid

    Interesting advice

    All fabulous advice! I haven't had any depression issues for over 20 years (middle school stuff) so I wasn't super concerned but she kinda freaked me out about it for a few minutes. I'm sure if I feel any concern about it again I will talk about it in my psych sessions. ☺️
  15. Brattykid

    Interesting advice

    I was at my part time job last night (liquor store) when this gal came in and made a comment about being fat (she is super skinny) and I of course said she was in no way fat. She said she used to be and had bypass surgery a few years ago. I thought it was wonderful and told her that she looked great (she really does) and then said that I was planning to have it later this year. She then blurted out, "don't do it!" Her reasoning was that it messes with your head and causes psychosis. Really "f's you up" because of the lack of nutrients to your brain. I told her I'd been doing a lot of research and talked to many people who are for it or who have been successful and felt strongly that it would be the best option to assist me getting healthy. She is unfortunately a real regular, if you know what I mean, so I take her thoughts with a grain of salt and the understanding that lack of nutrients not just caused by surgery but also alcohol may be a true factor in her reasoning. My question is, what have your experiences been? Do you feel that it triggers some type of psychosis? Is it just normal recover from surgery depression, wrapping your head around weight loss and new you, or is did it trigger something more than that in your brain? She did not scare me off, but did make me wonder if anyone else here felt negatively towards the surgery.