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  1. Ok guys.. what is your favorite protein powder? I usually drink body fortress (recommended by the nutritionist) , but I think Im either getting too much protein or once, or it might be too sweet. It starts making me nauseous and dizzy after drinking it. I cannot drink premier protein, I think I associate it with getting sick after the surgery and i cannot even stomach anymore.
  2. Hey all! I will be 5 weeks post op tomorrow, which means Im back to regular foods!! YAY!!! I started eating some citrus fruits during my soft stage (lemons..for nausea, grapefruit and oranges). Has anyone ever had any issues after eating them? Specifically towards BMs (sorry) Im about to tell my boss I need to go work from home because I have to keep running to the bathroom.
  3. ok.. I have heard that after awhile your body will go into "starvation mode".. is that what is going on? I have stayed the same weight for the past 4 days. I know, I know.. don't weigh yourself everyday, but Im curious. I have increased my activity and still eating pureed foods.
  4. I am only 3 weeks post op. I think I was mentally prepared just for the surgery part. Being my first surgery, I was nervous. I kept thinking to myself 'oh ill be fine with just liquids after because I wont want that much" I completely fooled myself. Im trying to get in a spot mentally where I dont want to cry when I see a pizza or tacos.
  5. I am struggling to get in enough protein and water. I can hardly stomach Premier Protein shakes anymore.
  6. Hey everyone.. I am 29 years old and I have 3 weeks post op. I have lost 17lbs after vsg. Any advice?