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  1. Im 3 months post op, and im on the bc pill. This month my period only lasted 2 days and was very light. Its usually 6 days. Is it typical for your period to change after surgery?
  2. I can so relate and Im waiting with you... my surgeon says we have to wait 18 months. I have a countdown ticker on my phone to count down the days lol only 454 days left its very hard because we were trying for a year before my surgery and a few other health problems popped up. Now ive gotten my health issues under wraps and im down 50lbs and i have like major baby fever. Im so tempted to just stop my bc anyway. But i know it wouldnt be for the best. Its so hard i feel like ill never get a baby sometimes.
  3. This 18 months after surgery wait to ttc is really bumming me out. We tried about a year before my surgery with no luck. I knew waiting 18 months was the deal when I got my vsg done. But now im only 3 mos post op (50 lbs down) and I have baby fever. I cry all the time because I want to have a baby and it seems like everyone is pregnant but me. Hubby and I currently use condoms and I use the bc pill. I feel like just not doing any bc anymore because the urge to have a baby is so strong. Im age 33 and hubby is 43, so I feel like time is ticking away and Ill never have a baby :(
  4. I can so relate with you. At 12 wks out, my "head hunger" is creeping back in. I think all we can do is take it one day at a time. Ive been trying to make sure i track everything and weigh everything I eat. Some days are just hard.
  5. (Im 12 weeks out from vsg and 60lbs down so far) Can yall tell me what you eat on an average day? I guess I just want some ideas and to make sure im eating the right things. Thanks!!
  6. Im 11wks out from surgery now and ive noticed my sex drive has greatly increased, almost overnight. Has anyone else has had this happen? Hubby and I have gone from maybe once a week to 4-5 times in a week.
  7. Ive lost some weight now and hubby really wants me to be able to go to the baseball game with him but will I fit in those small seats weighing 340lbs? The bleacher seating hurts his back and he cant do the bleachers so i guess im stuck trying to squeeze in. Im thinking about just flaking on him to avoid the embarrassment of trying to do stadium seating while fat...
  8. Im 5 weeks post op. My appetite has been returning more and Ive really been noticing that Im hungry. Im starting to feel like more food and less protein shakes. Im shooting for that 60-80 g of protein every day as directed. My surgeon never mentioned counting calories. Should I be worried about how many calories Im eating? When I started soft foods I was eating about 700-800 calories. Now Im eating 900ish calories on some days. Is that too much? One day I even creeped close to 1000 calories. Ive been eating 3 meals a day of about 4oz of food. Also 2 small snacks. Am I eating too much?
  9. What do you all order at Black bear diner? I have to meet someone tommorrow.
  10. Im getting a membership soon so i can get the better price on premier protein drinks... what else do you all like to buy there? What are some staples on your shopping list?
  11. I had my surgery on 2/20. While i was in the hospital I went 3 days without my birth control pill. I resumed it when I got home and started spotting. Three days later and im still having bleeding. Im not supposed to be on my period. Could this possibly be from the blood thinners? Should I call my dr? Im starting to worry about it.
  12. The paper i was given says my fluid goal is to sip between 56 and 64 oz a day. Im 4 days post op and it is about 5pm and Ive sipped on 70oz of fluid today. I may have a little more. Is it ok to drink more fluid than they say or should i stop drinking? At first i was having a hard time drinking it now i want to drink a lot. Ive been thirsty today.
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