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  1. VSG five days out

    Nine days out. Those first few days were torture. So much pain I couldn’t imagine that it would end. But I was off meds after three days. Back in my office after five days. And it hasn’t been so bad. Some dumping symptoms - I ate a scoop of yogurt (low sugar) and it had me feeling light headed and dizzy for hours, for example. But I have been conscious about staying hydrated, trying to get down protein shakes - premier caramel and strawberry are good. Chike high protein coffee is a life changer! Trying to take it slow but it is hard - I mean that’s what got me fat in the first place! Not just eating slowly but taking these first few weeks slowly. I feel good so I want to move on to puréed foods but my stomach isn’t ready. But it tells me quickly to watch out and I listen the pounds are already coming off so fast. My face is thinner, stomach less bloated, my next official weigh in is on the 28th but my scale says I’m down 30 pounds - but that seems impossible
  2. I bought a case and hate them. Please take them off my hands. DC. Pick up only.
  3. VSG five days out

    Five days into a new normal. I feel okay, surprisingly. I am hungry however - which is not what I expected but not excessively hungry. Just had a cup of broth for lunch and will have a yogurt later. Still taking it easy but haven't been on pain meds since day 3. Mostly just tired, low energy, but so far not excessively so. I do have a crazy work life so that is a bit worrisome because I am out of office until Wednesday but still working from home and its not letting up. There is no such thing as letting people heal these days... Almost done with 32 ounce G2 which is a major improvement on getting in my liquids. The protein drinks though. So gross and artificial tasting. Any recommendations?? The strawberry Protein Plus is okay. But these Svelte brand drinks are nauseating as are the muscle milks. Is it better to do a powder with skim milk or water? Anyway, glad to have a place to turn to for information and advice.