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  1. Tinker-bell

    8 month post op question

    Thank you both, msmarymac yes its a childrens form of paracetamol, all my other meds are in tablet form and im fine with them so will give it a try x
  2. Tinker-bell

    8 month post op question

    Just a quick one, since my op i was told i could only have sugar free 6+ calpol but recently ive been wondering if i can take normal paracetamol tablets, i know i cant have ibuprofen its just calpol costs a fortune and my gp wont prescribe it, is there anyone else found they can now take tablet form paracetamol thanks x
  3. Tinker-bell

    Stuck in a rut 6 months post op

    Thank you both, i have increased protein and reduced carbs and its started to slowly come off again, just 1lb short of losing 6 stone now so i cant really complain after only 7 months.
  4. I dont know if its just me or something we all go through but i normally have 1000-1200 calories a day but then i put on like a 1/2 a lb a day, but a few days later i upped my calorie intake to 1500 because i was at a party and there was only foods normally off limits and i lost 1lb, did it again the day after lost another 1/2 lb, i dont get it because i struggle to eat a meal as they fill me up very quick so i graze all day just so i can get enough calories, i eat little pockets of assorted nuts from aldi, sugar free maria biscuits, fruit tubs, a bag of twiglets & occasionally a bag of lentil curls, i know this is stuff i shouldnt really have even though they are healthier than most things but im just sick of being stuck at 5 & 1/2 stone loss
  5. Tinker-bell

    Upper back pain since op

    Thanks for the replies & advice, much appreciated. my back is much better now. I have started to put a pillow behind me and it seems to be helping.
  6. Tinker-bell

    Upper back pain since op

    Since my op im having a lot of pain on each side of my back under my shoulder blades and im finding that i cant sit upright for long before it starts, its not trapped wind but its a similar feeling, has anyone else had this
  7. I dont think its to stop reflux as such as thats something i never had but more just about keeping the acid production under control in the stomach thats cut away from my new pouch
  8. Yes i had roux en y, i think they put you on them automatically here in the uk
  9. This is causing me more of a headache than any other part of the journey, my gp has prescribed me gastro resistant lansoprazole are they ok to take, ive been searching the net but cant get a definative answer and my gp receptionist are useless
  10. Tinker-bell

    COLD !!!!!

    Oh well years of calling my hubby a wimp for always wearing coat, hat, gloves & scarf have come back to bit me on the arse then on the plus side i have always wanted a nice dress coat lol
  11. Tinker-bell

    COLD !!!!!

    Oh my days im sooooo cold, before surgery i was always warm and even suffered hyperhydrosis on my face but since surgery im the complete opposite, has anyone else had the same thing happen to them. I always wanted to be cold and now i am i cant stand it
  12. Tinker-bell


    Omg what an absolute arse of a way to break your heart but you know what having bariatric surgery is in no way shape or form a weakness, it takes strength & bravery to make the decision to put ourselves through this process. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason so although it may be hard now just know your future is your own & it will be as wonderful as you want it to be.
  13. Tinker-bell

    Newbie from the UK

    He really is, he was so normal and down to earth it was surreal
  14. Tinker-bell

    Newbie from the UK

    Thanks & You assume right lol been a red all my life
  15. Tinker-bell

    Newbie from the UK

    Yes it sure is prince Harry with my son Joshua, the pic below is me shaking his hand