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    I love making things from hair accessories, glitter gifts, dummy clips and bath bombs etc
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    Mr K Akhtar
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    BMI Alexandra
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    Gastric Bypass
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    Mr K Akhtar
  1. COLD !!!!!

    Oh well years of calling my hubby a wimp for always wearing coat, hat, gloves & scarf have come back to bit me on the arse then on the plus side i have always wanted a nice dress coat lol
  2. COLD !!!!!

    Oh my days im sooooo cold, before surgery i was always warm and even suffered hyperhydrosis on my face but since surgery im the complete opposite, has anyone else had the same thing happen to them. I always wanted to be cold and now i am i cant stand it
  3. Devastated

    Omg what an absolute arse of a way to break your heart but you know what having bariatric surgery is in no way shape or form a weakness, it takes strength & bravery to make the decision to put ourselves through this process. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason so although it may be hard now just know your future is your own & it will be as wonderful as you want it to be.
  4. Newbie from the UK

    He really is, he was so normal and down to earth it was surreal
  5. Newbie from the UK

    Thanks & You assume right lol been a red all my life
  6. Newbie from the UK

    Yes it sure is prince Harry with my son Joshua, the pic below is me shaking his hand
  7. Newbie from the UK

    Thank you for the lovely welcomes
  8. Newbie from the UK

    Hi peeps, just wanted to introduce myself, im Vicky from Wigan UK, i’m 1 week post-op today and cant believe the difference already. This photo is from day of surgery to 1 week post-op x