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  1. Tracy i think your in a similar situation as me, the food and weight side of things im great, but the psychological aspect is crippling, i have been through a lot of personal trauma since the age of 17, rape, domestic violence, depression, anxiety and having a son (now 19) with lots of mental health issues etc and i have always had to get myself through it. Tried cbt a few times and its never helped and ive lost count how many times ive begged for counselling and been on waiting lists. Spoke to my gp on christmas eve and she has put in an urgent referral to a psychologist and doubled my medica
  2. Ausie Bear thank you, it means a lot that there are people that support each other without judgement, i have an appointment on tuesday so hopefully i can get some help x
  3. This may end up being a long post so apologies in advance but, where to start. I had a gastric bypass 3 years ago in coming feb and ive lost 8 st 4lb but i feel its come at a price, i have been struggling with the rapid changes im going through mentally for a while now and i feel like im losing myself and i cant process anything. Im 40 years old but the more confident im getting the more im changing mentally, all the thoughts and feelings i used to have about my life, what i want, who i am are all completely different and i dont know how to ground myself. I suffer with depression and these ove
  4. So its 3 years in feb since my op and until 6 months ago i was stuck at 5 stone loss, something kickstarted again and I'm now at 7 stone 8lb lost BUT the more i lose the more ashamed i feel about my body, the excess skin is so bad in certain areas that its affecting my relationship with my husband. I hate him touching me or looking at me even though i know he genuinely doesn't care about it i used to dream of the day i could stop wearing long tops that cover all the worst bits but i still have to wear them to cover my bulging flabby skin
  5. Thank you both, msmarymac yes its a childrens form of paracetamol, all my other meds are in tablet form and im fine with them so will give it a try x
  6. Just a quick one, since my op i was told i could only have sugar free 6+ calpol but recently ive been wondering if i can take normal paracetamol tablets, i know i cant have ibuprofen its just calpol costs a fortune and my gp wont prescribe it, is there anyone else found they can now take tablet form paracetamol thanks x
  7. Thank you both, i have increased protein and reduced carbs and its started to slowly come off again, just 1lb short of losing 6 stone now so i cant really complain after only 7 months.
  8. I dont know if its just me or something we all go through but i normally have 1000-1200 calories a day but then i put on like a 1/2 a lb a day, but a few days later i upped my calorie intake to 1500 because i was at a party and there was only foods normally off limits and i lost 1lb, did it again the day after lost another 1/2 lb, i dont get it because i struggle to eat a meal as they fill me up very quick so i graze all day just so i can get enough calories, i eat little pockets of assorted nuts from aldi, sugar free maria biscuits, fruit tubs, a bag of twiglets & occasionally a bag of le
  9. Thanks for the replies & advice, much appreciated. my back is much better now. I have started to put a pillow behind me and it seems to be helping.
  10. Since my op im having a lot of pain on each side of my back under my shoulder blades and im finding that i cant sit upright for long before it starts, its not trapped wind but its a similar feeling, has anyone else had this
  11. I dont think its to stop reflux as such as thats something i never had but more just about keeping the acid production under control in the stomach thats cut away from my new pouch
  12. Yes i had roux en y, i think they put you on them automatically here in the uk
  13. This is causing me more of a headache than any other part of the journey, my gp has prescribed me gastro resistant lansoprazole are they ok to take, ive been searching the net but cant get a definative answer and my gp receptionist are useless
  14. Oh well years of calling my hubby a wimp for always wearing coat, hat, gloves & scarf have come back to bit me on the arse then on the plus side i have always wanted a nice dress coat lol
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