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  1. Hello all! My surgery went very well. As a matter of fact, I was amazed at how easy the whole thing was! I had some pain, but it was easily controlled and by the second day I didn’t even need any pain meds. Aside from the first day in the hospital I haven’t had to take so much as a Tylenol. @BurgandyBoy , I followed your advice and took a probiotic before surgery and had no gas pain whatsoever. I was up walking the first night. My brother did not go to the hospital with me, but he did come to take me home. I spent the first night at his house and drove myself home the next day. One week later and I’m back at work. I would’ve come back sooner, but had to wait for the drain to be taken out. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate your support. I was out there all alone on this and without your support I might have caved in to the pressure not to have surgery. I’m so glad I went through with it. I didn’t even have a period of buyer’s remorse!
  2. Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences! My surgery was actually postponed due to dangerously high potassium levels. I am scheduled for it tomorrow morning. Now my brother is on the warpath, very angry with me because I am still going to have the surgery. He is saying that all I need is willpower to control what goes in my mouth and that I'm taking a chance on my life to avoid doing what I know I should be doing in the first place. I have a hearing problem and bad vision - totally unrelated to diabetes, which I also have. So I have him yelling at me about how I can't see and can't hear and my diabetes is bad (it is NOT out of control). And he says it's all just because I am not strong willed enough. It's really hard to keep my resolve in the face of this, but I am doing my best. He and his girlfriend have me rattled, I cannot lie. They are telling me the surgery has been postponed due to God's will and He's trying to protect me. I've tried to explain that I have 150 pounds to lose and can't do that by myself, but they don't listen. I'm afraid this is going to cause a permanent fracture in my family. I moved to Memphis to be near my brother and his son and neither of them wants me to have the surgery. I'm all alone on this down here. Worst thing is, I have to depend on my brother for a ride home from the hospital because I don't know anyone else in Memphis. Ugh. I'm still going ahead with the WLS. It's like that old saying from AA...if nothing changes, then nothing changes. Again, any comments would be most welcome!
  3. I am scheduled for surgery on Monday, August 13th. I have read a lot of great info on this site and am so grateful for everyone’s insights. I’m just wondering about the first day in the hospital. I have to be there at 6:30 am for surgery, which I’m guessing will actually happen around 8:30 or 10. I was wondering what the rest of the day will be like. I know everyone is different, but I’d appreciate hearing about your experiences. I’ve read that you are not allowed to drink the first day after surgery. This is going to kill me as I drink a TON of water! What did you feel like when you first woke up? How long after you woke up until you were walking? How long did you spend in the hospital? They are telling me one night, possibly two. My body doesn’t react to opioids, so I’m kind of worried about how they will manage my pain. About how long will it be before I’m able to drive? I’m only taking a week off work, so I’m hoping it’s soon after surgery. I appreciate all your help!!
  4. Thanks so much guys!! I read the Tufts guide cover to cover. It's great!
  5. Was wondering approximately how long the different food stages last after surgery...how long will I be on liquids, how long on puree, etc? I'm sure they will tell me in the hospital but would like to do a little planning ahead. Thanks for all the great advice I've found on here!
  6. I got my surgery date!!!! It's August 13th! A little more than two weeks away. I'm so excited! I was wondering if I will go home with a drain. I asked the surgeon and he said yes, which is yucky, but I'll live through it. Thanks for all your help and encouragement @athenarose
  7. Got my surgery date today and I am so excited!! Can't wait to join the loser's bench!!
  8. Yes, I've already done everything that was required. This is the second time I will be meeting with the surgeon, but they are calling it my first 'pre op' appointment. I guess they are close to scheduling my surgery which is AWESOME!!
  9. @Gypsy AngelWOW!! Truly amazing pics! You've made my day with these. My first pre op appointment is in the morning and I'm nervous and dreading the liquid diet (wondering how on earth I'm going to keep THAT up for two whole weeks.) Then seeing your progress puts it all in perspective. That's why I'm doing this...to shrink like you did must be amazing. And to keep it off after all this time. Thank you so much for the advice about the pictures. I will definitely do those each month and date them well. And take my measurements. I have wanted to wear 'normal' clothes for so long. Can't wait to get there!! Thanks again for the inspiration!
  10. @Cindy Lou WhoI know exactly what you mean. I piled on the pounds after a series of emotional setbacks. It's like you'll be without protection having all that excess weight gone. Remind yourself that you are great and you have done an amazing thing for yourself with this surgery. I know I will feel weird and vulnerable for a long time. My first pre op appointment is in the morning and I'm nervous, but I tell myself, what's the alternative? I will make it through this. You've already done the hard part. Sounds like you have a great husband to support you as you learn to tame the panic. If you ever want to chat about it, give me a shout. And congrats on the muscle loss, or lack thereof. That's incredible news!!
  11. OK, so my first pre op appointment is tomorrow morning. I am nervous. One question I've been asking in my head is about vitamins. Do you guys recommend buying over the counter vitamins and supplements or do you recommend purchasing them from your surgeon's office?
  12. Just got my first pre op appointment. I've been waiting a year for this. Six months seeing my primary care every month and then delays between other tests I had to have. I'm so excited!! Thank you all for all the advice and encouragement on this site. What can I expect at my first pre op appointment?
  13. So my advocate just called me again and said that because my kidneys have been compromised by my diabetes, I have to have a clearance letter from my nephrologist. Not seeing him again till April 3rd. So approval will wait until after that date. :-(
  14. My advocate just called me and told me she is submitting my paperwork to my insurance today! She said it will be about a 15 day turn around and then she will be calling me to schedule my preop appointment! The process has been so slow up to this point and this seems like it’s coming on pretty fast in comparison. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time! Please, tell me this will be the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. I’m just getting a little scared. Still determined to go ahead, but a little scared.
  15. Doesn't really matter if you're in Memphis, just thought I'd throw that out there. I've completed my 6 months of supervised diet. I have the stress test and psych eval coming up this month. I'm so excited and impatient! I've been off sugar for six days and already feel much better. I'm a sugar addict! I'm trying to take the advice I've read over and over and get good food habits started NOW so that I won't have as hard a time after surgery. I've read so much on this forum and it's been so helpful. I'm very grateful for all of you who take the time to answer our questions and share your own experiences. I have type 2 diabetes, high bp, cholesterol and my kidneys are down to 20% functionality. If I don't do something I will be on dialysis soon. I told my nephrologist that I was having weight loss surgery and he said that would be very good for me. I can't wait to kick the meds and be healthier!! I'd like to find someone that I can go to for support/questions. Appreciate you taking time to read this!