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  1. I am lousy at updating weight stats on the widget. Now at 176 and shrinking out of the smallest clothes I had saved. I have some hanging skin but it is not so bad though I am glad it is winter and long sleeves are in! I am in a better mood and smiling more. I started using tooth whitening products and wish I had started that sooner. It fits in perfectly while waiting 30 minutes after eating to drink. The leg swelling seems to have gone away.
  2. Yeah! Got to Onderland yesterday! Added Jazzercise last week - I have been cautious about protecting my joints nut I feel more able now. Just noticing stalls seem to be accompanied with weird feeling in lateral lower legs and ankles then visible swelling then more swelling and constipation then nocturia, weight loss and regularity? Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. Wal-Mart has an Equate version or Premier RTD 30gm protein shakes. 160 calorie. About $2 less for 4 pack and they have a 12 pack. I saw vanilla and chocolate. They were out of 4 pack chocolate so I tried vanilla. Not bad at all. I still want to try chocolate.
  4. Lol. The heat is why I like riding more than walking! The road and sidewalk and cloud of radiating heat makes walking hard. On a bike I am off that hot ground. On the Llano Estacado we have monsoon and flash flooding when it rains so I don't ride those days. Austin has it's unique bike culture. I used to live in Wichita Falls. I will always be a casual rider compared to the many HHH fans!
  5. It takes about a year to have stable knowledge of where your body is after a change (weight loss, weight gain, adolescent growth spurt, limb amputation) I think the term is proprioreception. It makes it easy for kids to knock things down because their arms and hands grew and reach an item before the brain judged it should be there. My arm feels longer at Sonic (for water in that nice pellet ice and insulated cup) but it is because I have better reach without so much side fat. It is also hard to judge by sight what clothes fit when losing or gaining weight. Yoga helps a lot because you become more aware of yourself. Consciously feeling like you are inside your body helps with living in the moment and knowing that was then and this is now. I was just noting my NSV was ...I have a tan on my legs because I can fit in my shorts with pockets for my car keys again!
  6. I usually take 20 min for a Premier but can do in 15. Water is harder to drink than other things but at least it doesn't come in chocolate. I try to get 32 oz of Power Aid Zero or Propel in during a day. 2 oz of dill pickle juice taste wonderful and feels soft? after swallowed. BTW Premier at night taste very bad if regurgitated.
  7. 20 oz still takes some time to get in. Over how long? When you can drink that much water how much food do you eat? I'm still at a 3oz Dixie cup or so of solidish food or half a quest bar. An 11 oz premier takes about 15 min in am.
  8. It has been so busy at work I haven't been getting all my Power Aid Zero in or other fluid even though I stayed up late trying to drink fluids. Staying up late doesn't make the next day go any better and a previous diet sleep was helpful in shedding weight. And my legs cramp. And I'm grumpy and feel like my brain is slow. I am off tomorrow. I am thinking of having an all liquid day tomorrow so I dont have to fuss with the 30/30 rule. Premier shakes, warm drinks, cold drinks, and popsicles. It sort of feels like regressing to week 2. Anyone else?
  9. I bought a White Stag brand swim suit some time ago I will brag on. The 2x suit fit well after my weight expanded then fit again as I returned to the intended size and even searved once as shape wear under a dress.
  10. 1 package sugar free raspberry jello mixed with 1 cup hot water , let cool a bit add 1 cup Premier clear raspberry. Chill. Comes out a little heartier in texture and flavor than regular jello.
  11. $10 per bottle down from $14. A little goes!a long way. Was ok in fat free Greek yogurt
  12. I am having a slight stall before a milestone but..... I can get my UPPER arm in the blood pressure cuff at the grocery store AND I can sit in the water at the pool without my seat floating up AND I can climb out a lot easier than last year
  13. https://www.indystar.com/story/news/2018/05/22/bbc-claims-royal-wedding-made-bowl-food-new-trend/631906002/ ...Larger than a canape and about a quarter of the size of an entree and served in a small bowl.... sounds like my supper.
  14. A wise meme once said, "We keep the potato masher in the drawer because sometimes it is fun to not be able to open that drawer."
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