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  1. Protein Powder

    Lol I didn't know cows ate fish?
  2. Protein Powder

    So, today I poured Premier into a cup. It doesn't taste as good in a cup!. In a cup Premier has that off smell I smell when I try to mix a protein powder sample. Wondering if that little spout on the Ready to Drink boxes is the secret. I am going to try my next protein scoop sample in some sort of travel cup.
  3. It is hard planning, shopping, preparing, cooking and storing food for other people's metabolic needs! On one hand they do rely on you, but ya gotta take care of yourself. I have one more teenager in the house. My extended family is going to fed him a while and I was planning to put him on a 1 to two week simple menu rotation and use Wal-Mart's grocery pick up. I think I can find a good groove if I am not having to do unplanned cooking and I don't have to create a meal plan. Fortunately he could get by on a few things at home and go out to eat for variety.
  4. I am having surgery that day also! And I've been lurking around trying to imagine all that stuff too! I was given some samples on Unjury chicken broth and liked it. I have a hot water tap on my water cooler and am practicing with wisks and shaker bottles. I ordered Isopure unflavored powder through Wal-Mart to try to add to beef bullion. A little plain unflavored geek yogurt gives broth a bit of oriental sour flavor. Dollar General was a good source for small food storage containers, some new measuring cups.