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  1. Blueskies

    Ground hamburger meat

    A wise meme once said, "We keep the potato masher in the drawer because sometimes it is fun to not be able to open that drawer."
  2. Blueskies

    Ground hamburger meat

    They don't mash it to the bottom but rake it to the back and push against the back of the pan. They are starting with frozen meat.
  3. Blueskies

    On the go meals

    I like to put a layer sabra hummus with red pepper and a layer of cottage cheese in a Dixie cup. My 2 layer dip with no chips.
  4. Blueskies

    Ground hamburger meat

    I'll see if she can get a pic. They make several pounds at a time in industrial rectangular pans.
  5. Blueskies

    Ground hamburger meat

    My daughter's work for a casual Mexican food restraunt. They presure cook their own beans daily so I have a ready source of whole beans on 2 oz and 4oz cups. Refried beans are also good. I got real adventurous and had a combo burrito no tortilla (in a bowl). The meat was really soft. My eldest desribes a rake they use when browning the meat. She claims meat is tenderizes by beating fibers or streching them and the rake stretches the fibers and they learn to get the meat soft and in small crumbles but not too small and too mushy. I thought it was an interesting concept.
  6. Thanks y'all. Whet do you get papaya enzyme?
  7. Nearly 2 months out from VSG. I cooked chicken in the crock pot the night before. Enjoyed some for dinner and packed some for lunch. The workday was busy and I was so hungry by lunch. I heated the chicken in the microwave and chewed a lot and ate quick but not fast. Was interrupted during lunch. Within 30 min I felt like something was stuck and I was having to accommodate a lot of slimy spit with bubbles. It was a lot of spit. I just knew I was going to get dehydrated from spitting. I finally gagged some contents up and the pressure eased then the saliva gradually decreased? What was that about? Should I pack shakes for work in case its going to be too uncivilized at lunch to attain digestion zen?
  8. Blueskies

    Summer heat

    I love my electric blanket. We even have them near the sofa. But I run the heat low. Use a sheet under them as they do get toasty and sweat. They work much better with a blanket over them to keep the heat in and set back to level 4 so you are not kicking it off during the night.
  9. Blueskies

    3 months out!

    I have had that same thought. Well said.
  10. Summer is nearly here. I am so glad I am on the loosing bench and won't be as hot and sweaty without even exercising.
  11. Blueskies

    Smooth chicken casserole

    Half of the smallest can of chicken (1.5 oz from 3 oz can) , drained and flaked with fork 2 tsp condensed cream of chicken soup 2 tsp ricotta cheese Onion powder and garlic powder to taste MIX above well in small microwavable ramekin dish. TOP with shredded cheddar Microwave 1 minute at 70% power.
  12. I like both flavors of Premier Clear (20 gm protein/16.7 oz) and all three flavors of H2Protein (15 gm protein/16.9 oz) but anything gets boring. I have been putting 1/3 of a bottle in my drinking cup returning the rest to the refrigerator, and mixing with 2oz of whatever sugar free drink I have mixed in the icebox. So far it all goes together and and its a lot less monotonous.
  13. Blueskies

    Tired of lukewarm food

    BurgundyBoy, Thanks. Looking at insulated mugs. So many are so big! I'll look for one 12oz or smaller. I am having success reheating in the microwave using the power settings. My children saw me program the microwave and had no idea what that was. So I learned why they micoweld so much food to dishes. HINT 70% IS a very useful setting.
  14. Blueskies

    Tired of lukewarm food

    I'm getting a bit at a time from the microwave and reheating larger container as needed. I'll eventually het used to cold food. Other observations: the smell of my family's hot pockets lingers forever in the microwave. 1 scoop of protein is like 5.5 TBLS! That is as much as a scoop of concentrated laundry detergent. At some point they need to refer to it by fractions of a cup. That is about 1/3 cup.
  15. Blueskies


    The liver is working hard the first year after weight loss surgery detoxifying all the byproducts from fat breakdown. Alcohol is a challenge for the liver to breakdown. Certainly be kind to your liver and avoid alcohol until after maintenance. (wearing gloves while working with strongg chemicals is a nice thing everyone can do for their liver) Less stomach capacity means alcohol would get to the small intestine more quickly for absorption all at one instead of just being squirted in more gradually. Alcohol is nutritional jet fuel, a concentration of carbs. The carbs from alcohol are especially habit forming for some. Be informed and when it is time only drink in planned situations with a competent trusted wingman. Anyone remember "Laverne and Shirley"? Laverne would drink milk and pepsi before going out to drink beer. That trick would not work after VSG!