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  1. Rob_VSG

    13th Month post op

    I've been using a Kirkland brand B-12 sublingual that is 5000mcg in one small pill I dissolve under my tongue. Been happy with it. Any sublingual that is Methycobalamin form should work well. My blood work came back as B12 too high, but that doesn't worry me.
  2. Rob_VSG

    13th Month post op

    Yeah, I consider the charts a loose rule of thumb ( like posted speed limits! ). I could write 2 pages on all the non-scale improvements I am experiencing! I see my GP for the annual check up tomorrow and he hasn't seen me since Sept. of 2017. I am looking forward to see if his nurse checks my weight against the last check up and discovers the missing 115 lbs. Also hoping he will take me off my last prescription (blood pressure).
  3. Rob_VSG

    13th Month post op

    Yes same here. Interesting side note, I work from home and only go into the office occasionally. Most people that know me are doing triple takes because they aren't sure it's me!
  4. Rob_VSG

    13th Month post op

    Interesting you should mention that. One thing that keeps me focused on losing is the fear I might seriously blow the maintenance phase!
  5. Rob_VSG

    13th Month post op

    Hahah, I was just doing that when you posted this! Adding new and previous picture here to show the difference. Can't seem to fix the size difference...sorry.
  6. Rob_VSG

    13th Month post op

    I'm not sure how my doctor picked my goal weight. I think he just wanted to give me an easy target! With a BMI of 31.5 (which my scale measures also) I am still "obese" according to the charts. I'll be pretty happy under 200, but that would still leave me in the "over weight" category. I'd have to get below 180 to hit the high end of "normal" for my height, which at this stage still feels like it is achievable but I hesitate to set my sights on such an aggressive goal. I guess that is a round about way of saying I'm not really sure. So my strategy is to keep losing until I feel like it's enough. Hope that doesn't seem like a cop out. Honestly, the energy and mood I have going from my new eating habits is keeping me motivated at this point.
  7. Rob_VSG

    13th Month post op

    First of all wow! Huge achievement! Seeing people further into this journey than me keeps me motivated. I've noticed my tastes changing slightly on almost a monthly basis and find it useful to keep researching recipes to see what grabs my attention so I have something to try next time I can't think of what I want to eat. Congratulations @tracyringo and keep up the good work.
  8. Rob_VSG

    New Sleeve

    Congratulations @Jade35 it will only get better from here! Being off pain and nausea meds a good place to be. I'm not a fan of hospitals so I was thrilled when my surgeon did my VSG procedure as out-patient surgery limiting my hospital time to about 10 hours. In recovery they would wake me up and tell me if I can walk down the hall and back I can leave so you can be sure I was staggering down that hall like a drunken sailor trying to get released. For my first week post op, sleeping at night wasn't really great, so I would just sleep anytime during the day I felt tired, made sure I drank all my water and would get up and walk around multiple times during they day. For the first 4 or 5 days it felt like I was expelling more water during bowel movements than I was drinking, so I started adding salt to my food in take to avoid dehydration.
  9. I don't really know what the normal recovery time is for that sort of surgery, but I do know it is fairly common for the body to lose appetite if it is trying heal. I think @cinwa is making a good point. I hope you are getting in enough nutrition through things like bone broth and protein shakes. Maybe start there and progress through the food stages (liquid, soups, mushy) at a comfortable pace like you did after your VSG. My feeling is that might retrain your pouch and bring it back up to speed, but for sure see what the surgeon thinks. You can get through this! I'll be pulling for you too. Rob
  10. Rob_VSG

    Confused Eating/Drinking

    Sticking with the plan is good advice. I noticed for the first couple of months, my brain was still trying to make sense of my stomach signals. I could be thirsty and not thirsty at the same time as well as full and hungry at the same time. So to stick to the plan, I just took a lot of breaks between eating and drinking but made sure I would get in during the day what the doctor ordered. Over time the swelling will go down and the brain will get the signals sorted out. The fact you are off pain and nausea meds is a really good sign!
  11. Rob_VSG

    4 month update

    Woah, I was going say "holy cow" but that would just cause confusion since there is also a cow in the picture, but wow! Looks like you and your wife have both shrunk between those two pictures. I'm sure you have managed to put all your new found energy to good use too. Keep on keeping on! rob
  12. Rob_VSG

    One year today—keeping it real

    I like all the responses in this thread. And @Madhouse Heidi, you really are doing well. The thought processes that helped me gain weight are still in my head and as soon as I feel a little bloated, they kick back on and try to tell me forget the plan and go back to my old habits. That is just self doubt messing around in our heads. Real easy to feel like not losing pounds is failure but I totally agree with @BurgundyBoy that not gaining is success!
  13. Rob_VSG

    4 month check in

    I appreciate all the kind words. I'd like to remind everyone that it is reading about all of your successes, trials and challenges that keeps me motivated to keep trying and learning. Thank you, Rob
  14. Rob_VSG

    4 month check in

    You can find youtube vids usually called "90 second keto bread". Some use almond flour some use coconut flour and there are probably a few more variations.
  15. Wow! Those are awesome numbers, I am really happy for you. You must be jazzed about approaching your goal. Good job. Rob