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  1. Rob_VSG

    15 month post op

    This strategy works well for me too, I don't think of it as not eating, just delaying the activity. Also, I found this video from Dr. V the weight loss surgeon helped me rethink how I view hunger: Rob
  2. Rob_VSG

    15 month post op

    You will crave tomorrow what you eat today. Especially carbs! Keep up the good fight. Rob
  3. Rob_VSG

    15 month post op

    That's awesome! You can try it out, baby steps. I'm at the point where I worry less about getting enough food in and more worried about snacking myself into weight gain. Since I have become keto-adapted, it feels like my liver just switches to oxidizing fatty acids (from stored energy) when I fast, and it happens without any energy dip. I actually have excessive energy at the end of each fasting period. Again, that's just me, I know everyone is different and I'm just sharing my individual experience. My job is a desk job so I'm fairly sedentary.
  4. Rob_VSG

    15 month post op

    @Jen581791 Sticking to the 8/16 was a little challenging at first. I started out 12/12 and worked up to it, so my "feeding window" is usually 2PM to 10PM. In the morning I add some exogenous ketone salts to my coffee and my energy is fine well into the afternoon, I just have to push past some head hunger around noon then it subsides by 1pm. Usually I break my fast by making a smoothie around 2-4PM then start eating food after that. I have on a few occasions pushed the fast to 23 or 24 hours without feeling weak or tired but at that point I just had a strong urge to chew on something so I would give in to that need. I'm not super strict, so if my eating window increases a couple hours one day, that is still 14 hours fasting. I feel better when I give my digestive system some "time off" to do whatever it does when it isn't busy digesting food. I figure it is probably easier for me to try and build new eating habits while I'm still in the post surgery "honeymoon" period and the longer I can keep it up, the more normal it will feel and improve my chances when the honeymoon is over.
  5. Rob_VSG

    15 month post op

    Well, 15 months out and you are still making progress. You hang in there @tracyringo !! I'm a little over 8 months out and I already have snack urges. The tools I have been using.... I still maintain nutritional ketosis as my primary objective, not for everybody, but it's working for me. In addition to that I work very hard to maintain a 8/16 schedule where I can eat for up to 8 hours of the day, and the other 16 hours, I don't eat and that has been working well for me because I can still feel restriction from the sleeve so I'm limited on how much I can take in during an 8 hour period. Since I am resolute about maintaining ketosis, I don't keep any snacks or food around with refined carbohydrates (or sugars) so that means even if I decide to snack I will stay in Ketosis and that combined with limited eating time window really helps keep total calorie intake (which I'm not really keeping track of) down. I've had challenges with depression in the past, I totally know how that feels. Depression will tend to push me to food for comfort and it's hard habit to break. Since changing my diet, I am no longer using anti-depressants and my doctor has taken me off of my blood pressure medication so now I have zero prescriptions to fill. At this point I'm hoping my attitude change is permanent, but only time will tell, so it's one day at time for me. I hope your plastics go well! Keep on trucking! Rob Addendum: One thing I've noticed, if I eat from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed, I can eat MUCH more and feel less restriction. The 8/16 plan gives me 16hrs of fasting and increases the restriction I feel when I start eating again. There is probably a good medical explanation or maybe it's just in my head.
  6. Rob_VSG

    Need suggestions

    On the caffeine question, I'd say if you mean coffee or tea, should be ok, but if you are drinking caffeinated drinks with artificial sweeteners I think that could potentially cause you to hold onto weight. A low carb/keto diet will require more than the usual amount of water also, and maybe some extra salt. I've stayed in Ketosis since my surgery in March and have been experimenting with time restricted feeding, intermittent fasting and find that helps me push past a plateau. Might not work for everyone but just thought I'd share. Restricting the number of hours during the day you consume food (feeding window) gives you a longer period of time where you are not consuming food at which point your Insulin will drop and that is the hormone that tells your body to story energy (fat). Basically, the longer period of time your insulin is low, the more fat your body will burn. The other way to help keep insulin low is to stick to lower glycemic foods as they tend to spike your insulin less when consumed. My weight loss at the beginning was steep and linear, now it has slowed and is more of a stair step where I will stick at a weight for longer than a week, then at some point 2 pounds will come off.
  7. That's awesome. It seems you are getting a handle on the situation. Good job! Rob
  8. Rob_VSG

    13th Month post op

    I've been using a Kirkland brand B-12 sublingual that is 5000mcg in one small pill I dissolve under my tongue. Been happy with it. Any sublingual that is Methycobalamin form should work well. My blood work came back as B12 too high, but that doesn't worry me.
  9. Rob_VSG

    13th Month post op

    Yeah, I consider the charts a loose rule of thumb ( like posted speed limits! ). I could write 2 pages on all the non-scale improvements I am experiencing! I see my GP for the annual check up tomorrow and he hasn't seen me since Sept. of 2017. I am looking forward to see if his nurse checks my weight against the last check up and discovers the missing 115 lbs. Also hoping he will take me off my last prescription (blood pressure).
  10. Rob_VSG

    13th Month post op

    Yes same here. Interesting side note, I work from home and only go into the office occasionally. Most people that know me are doing triple takes because they aren't sure it's me!
  11. Rob_VSG

    13th Month post op

    Interesting you should mention that. One thing that keeps me focused on losing is the fear I might seriously blow the maintenance phase!
  12. Rob_VSG

    13th Month post op

    Hahah, I was just doing that when you posted this! Adding new and previous picture here to show the difference. Can't seem to fix the size difference...sorry.
  13. Rob_VSG

    13th Month post op

    I'm not sure how my doctor picked my goal weight. I think he just wanted to give me an easy target! With a BMI of 31.5 (which my scale measures also) I am still "obese" according to the charts. I'll be pretty happy under 200, but that would still leave me in the "over weight" category. I'd have to get below 180 to hit the high end of "normal" for my height, which at this stage still feels like it is achievable but I hesitate to set my sights on such an aggressive goal. I guess that is a round about way of saying I'm not really sure. So my strategy is to keep losing until I feel like it's enough. Hope that doesn't seem like a cop out. Honestly, the energy and mood I have going from my new eating habits is keeping me motivated at this point.
  14. Rob_VSG

    13th Month post op

    First of all wow! Huge achievement! Seeing people further into this journey than me keeps me motivated. I've noticed my tastes changing slightly on almost a monthly basis and find it useful to keep researching recipes to see what grabs my attention so I have something to try next time I can't think of what I want to eat. Congratulations @tracyringo and keep up the good work.
  15. Rob_VSG

    New Sleeve

    Congratulations @Jade35 it will only get better from here! Being off pain and nausea meds a good place to be. I'm not a fan of hospitals so I was thrilled when my surgeon did my VSG procedure as out-patient surgery limiting my hospital time to about 10 hours. In recovery they would wake me up and tell me if I can walk down the hall and back I can leave so you can be sure I was staggering down that hall like a drunken sailor trying to get released. For my first week post op, sleeping at night wasn't really great, so I would just sleep anytime during the day I felt tired, made sure I drank all my water and would get up and walk around multiple times during they day. For the first 4 or 5 days it felt like I was expelling more water during bowel movements than I was drinking, so I started adding salt to my food in take to avoid dehydration.