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  1. 2 weeks out- questions

    Also still having problems having bowel movements. Been trying miralax but nothing yet any tips
  2. 2 weeks out- questions

    Hi. I' 2 weeks out, doing so much better than where I was at the beginning. My belly still feels bloated at times. Is this normal? I still have abdominal soreness. I haven't needed tylenol really, but still have that achy feeling. Is that normal? Ty all!!!
  3. Hi all. 8 days post op and have come a long way since the beginning. I've started soft foods today. I was wondering, my Dr has mapped out exactly what too eat and how much. Now, I'm not hungry, but do u feel full? Mentally, I'm like I should be eating more, but I know not to do that. Do you know when you feel full? Ty!!
  4. Day 7 post op questions

    Thank you, I did just that. And felt much better!! Tomorrow is a new day!! Thank you all
  5. Day 7 post op questions

    Honestly by this time I have more fluids in me, I overslept a little today, when I got up I did start doing a little housework. Maybe I need to relax a little.
  6. Day 7 post op questions

    So, I made it to day 7!! I've been doing good. Today I have some dizziness, so trying to sit and relax. It's so hard to be inside and not on the go, like i usually am. Will dizziness subside? Thank you guys
  7. Sore throat

    Thank you so much, I think it's more brain hunger!! Lol My throat almost feels raw in certain spots. So I just keep drinking away!
  8. Sore throat

    So I'm 6 days post op. Out of nowhere my throat is a little sore since last night. I can still swallow and feel completely fine, but has that happened to anyone? Felling okay so far today. I do feel hungry, is that normal?? I can finally start soft foods Thursday, I can' wait!! Thank you
  9. Questions for a newbie

    Thank you! I appreciate all the help!!!!
  10. 5 days post op questions

    Nope, not doing any pain meds! Proud of that lol
  11. 5 days post op questions

    I feel awful for having questions everyday!! I'm 5 days post op. I feel like it gets a little better each day. Today I've had more dizziness, I just rested through it. Ive been drinking away all day lol I still am getting cold and warm spells. I almost feel like my face feels flushed, but then it subsides. Then I get chilly. Is this a normal thing?? Im starting to get bored, I see in the past where I'd turn too food when that happens. How soon to work out? Should i wait for awhile to start major activity? Thanks, u guys are the best!!
  12. Questions for a newbie

    Thank you! I feel a little dizzy, just trying to relax and drink.
  13. Questions for a newbie

    So I'm 5 days post op. Getting a little better each day. Trying not to go stir crazy , with being inside. It's New York and the flu epidemic is hitting everywhere my doctor suggested miralax. I will get some today. I still get a little shaky, is that normal? Trying to slowly incorporate housework into my daily activities
  14. ;( milk of magnesia question

    It was listed on my med list to take as needed for constipation. I definitely don't do that again. I haven't had a bowel movement, so I was concerned.
  15. I took some milk of magnesia, less than 15ml . I've been sick in the bathroom ever since. Anyone else have this? Yuck i have zofran to combat nausea, but am holding off, thinking I should take it now. Ughhh. Please tell me it gets better.