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  1. Nycready87

    Jacobi medical center

    Yea they seem pretty good also I'm thinking about doing it. There too
  2. Nycready87

    Jacobi medical center

    Has anyone did the vsg process with Jacobi medical center in the Bronx ny??? If so what was the process, time frame, steps taken there?
  3. Nycready87

    3 month vs 6month

    I'm using montefiore in Bronx ny. They seem really good there
  4. Nycready87

    3 month vs 6month

    That's very true. They have a small folder of the steps that was very interesting. It's a lot of steps but it's like repetitive. I have ghi emblem health insurance it's says the 6 month and it also says the 3month. So that part is confusing but the insurance company couldn't explain it too clear either she seems confused so I just have to wait to see what happens at the consult, they will be able to explain it. And tell me if they fall into That category of multidisciplinary or not.
  5. Nycready87

    3 month vs 6month

    It wasn't that helpful to be honest it literally was a hour. I got more information online. It just confirmed everything that was basic info. They said you get all the real info at the consultation. But you have to do the seminar in order to schedule the consultation. So once I schedule that tomorrow I will know more and post
  6. Nycready87

    3 month vs 6month

    Okay thanks I have the seminar tonight so I will ask there also
  7. Nycready87

    3 month vs 6month

    So the insurance company has a 6month requirement without significant gaps or 3 months of provided through a multidisciplinary bariactric program......?????? What does that mean? What is considered a multidisciplinary bariatric program.... is that just through the bariactric surgeons office? Confused
  8. Does anyone have this insurance and have done VSG? I just started the process and I'm curious
  9. So I'm just starting to do the process for vsg . I went to my pcp last week and asked for a referral for the gastric sleeve. I was scheduled for the seminar first which is tonight. I have emblem health (ghi) insurance through the city of NYC. i want to know what to expect with this hospital.