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  1. Oh really i thought this was mostly about bands silly me. Yeah if im honest i did suffer a bit today with feeling of fullness, i couldnt think about eating and was silly to think id be ok lol hey ho onwards and upwards, as they say a band is a tool to help you lose weight its not a sure thing, i can only stick to what im told and hope for the best. I too am glad i toasted the bread lol it could have been worse !! Maybe i need to look for other sites that are more about people like myself then. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Yes since writing this today i read a few chats on various forums and realised that i wont really feel the true benefit until i get a few fills and start understanding the way the band works. Hopefully il be a happy bander in the coming months.
  3. Hi i had my gastric band fitted on friday, i did feel slightly hungry and yesterday made the mistake of eating a slice of wholemeal toast and a slice of bacon, it actually went down no problem but i suffered today i just felt full with a bit of throbbing pain anyway i spoke to dietician who told me to go back to fluids and not to do this again as we dont want to stretch anything too far. I suppose i was testing my band in a way but am still surprised i managed to keep it down, has anyone else felt hunger and tried solids sooner than should ? Ps i wont be doing it again il go strictly by the book, but it does make you wonder if its worked as at the time i felt i could eat more. !!