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  1. Even with my thyroid meds increased I have gained back 10 lbs since my surgery. I know that I am eating larger portions, drinking liquids other than water and am not getting in enough exercise, so I have to be more attentive and get more activity in during the day. I know where I've gone wrong and am now dedicating time daily to get things back on track.
  2. Hope you have a wonderful birthday - hugs.

  3. Hi Kelly - any updates on your man's studies etc. How's he feeling these days???
  4. Karlos, I am so happy to hear that you were well enough to be allowed home. Take time to regain your strength and I hope the positive vibes from all of us reach you and give you more strength. You are one very strong lad indeed!!! All the best to you and yours.
  5. I have no idea what a duplex scan entails, but hope it is not as painful as you suspect it will be. Maybe they'll give you something to help with that. I've missed hearing from you as well, but for a while I was of no use to any one - couldn't concentrate, wasn't supportive to others, couldn't see the bright side - so it was best to be away till now.
  6. What a horrible situation to be in. I'm not up on all the things available to Americans (being a Canadian), but follow the advice Misty gave you. These are the darkest days, but believe me, good people do receive blessings. Thinking of you and hoping for all the best.
  7. This sounds like a perfect position for you with your experience and knowledge - all the very best. Can't wait to hear the good news!!!!
  8. Corrine - I hope your legs have healed even more and that you are experiencing a quick recovery. The after picture did show a great improvement, but the bruising looked very painful. Its behind you now so all the best to you!
  9. Holy crow Kelz - you sure had a touch and go situation! I'm happy that your sister found you when she did. Hoping for a continued improvement in your health.
  10. Hi Kel, As you know I've been away for a while and am just reading all that has gone on with your hubby's health. I sure hope he is truly on the mend and will be in great shape very soon. Hang in there lady!
  11. First of all, hello to all my old friends, and to new ones as well. I have been away for quite a while but I've been reading some of the entries that come to my inbox at my email account. Where have I been and what have I been doing for the past several months? Well, I've been in a bit of an emotional turmoil. The old panic/anxiety/depression beast roared into my life again. Some who know me, know that this has been an ongoing problem, but I was at a comfortable level for a long time. Suddenly my emotions were, once again, out of control. I'm not sure what brought me to this point again, but I was just not able to be supportive or friendly for quite a while. It seems that my hormone and brain chemical levels are again nearly normal. The lowest point came when I had to cancel Easter dinner with our kids, their spouses and our grandchildren. Anyone who knows me from the past knows that my family is uber important to me and to cancel a special dinner would indicate a crisis. When my youngest son contacted his eldest brother worried about me, my eldest went to our family doctor to alert him. I was called in for "visit". My son warned me previous to the appointment that he had spoken to the doc, so I was not shocked or surprised. Our doctor stopped my medication and changed it but that didn't help at all - as a matter of fact I got worse. We then went back to the original meds with Seroquel added and that has helped a lot. I am so thankful that my husband and children are so interested in my health and well-being, and for a doctor who really cares. Sometimes everyday things just seem too heavy to bear. Sometimes its just too hard to deal with those mundane things. Its then that I need to ask for help and support rather than hiding myself away. Its hard to face the fact that I will probably deal with this illness forever. The lows are so dark and deep but that makes the normal happy days sweeter. Thank goodness for my wonderful family and for my ever-supportive and loving friends. I have no idea where I would be without them. I've learned that leaning on people when I'm not strong is okay - I don't have to support everyone all the time. I can take back a little sometimes. I've learned that taking my medication, relaxing and taking care of myself is not only important - its crucial. Too many sleepless nights can take a great toll on a persons health. I've learned that getting out in the sunshine, getting some regular exercise and meeting with people will help as well. Its been a tough road lately, but I'm through the worst of it (again), and hope to be back here at TT a lot.
  12. Hi All - I have been away from TT for quite a while and was very shocked to hear that our friend Karlos has been so ill. I'd like to add my support to all the messages posted here. Karl - keep a stiff upper lip, push on and stay strong. You've been in my thoughts so often lately. All the best.
  13. Thanks Chrissy for posting this. Poor girl has been through far too much already. I can't even imagine laying there in pain, while all this was going on around/to her. I hope they soon get an answer and can alleviate her pain/anxiety. I think of Kelz every day! Bless ehr heart.
  14. Thinking of you!

  15. Kelly, Get in touch with the newspapers and get your story out there. Get someone from the press on your side and allow them to advocate for you. The bigger the name you contact the better. This is barbaric and tortuous. My God, don't they have any feeling for your pain and suffering? How awful for you. Seriously, call the press - there must be a health beat person, or someone who would love to go after the medical field for this. My son was about to get the press involved when they finally agreed to do the 3rd surgery. They can't treat you any worse than they are now, so that is my recommendation. This is enough!!!