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  1. Body image

    Ha! Well, if I had a pair of size 4 shorts, I would certainly never believe they would fit for a single second. :-)
  2. Body image

    Well, I'm only 3 months out, and I'm having the opposite problem. I pull clothes out of my drawer thinking, oh this will surely fit and it's HUGE!
  3. No seatbelt extender!!!!!!

    Oh my gosh! I went to Paris just a few days after you (home now) and I also was SO RELIEVED to snap that seat belt buckle and pull to tighten. Not fitting easily in an airplane seat is the worst thing in the world!!! And my other big Paris NSV was taking the stairs up the Eiffel Tower! No way in a hundred million years could I have done that at 297. I was so proud!
  4. I was a sweat-monster when I was young and then I stopped sweating much at all as I got older (not WLS related. I didn't sweat much even before) I was so mystified I googled the heck out of it, but I couldn't find anything that said "it's weird not to sweat" LOL. I do still sweat when I exercise hard though!
  5. My mom is diabetic and she said what I described sounded like low blood sugar. I think I'm going to stick to protein shakes before choir for a while and hopefully it doesn't happen again.
  6. So, I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts about this. I sing in a church choir. I leave home at about 8:30 and get home around 11:45. Usually, in the morning when I wake up I start with drinking something and eat later because of the no drinking/eating rule. So normally before church, I drink a protein shake, but sometimes I get a little hungry before I get home, so yesterday, instead of drinking I ate a poached egg and half a slice of bacon. I took a cup of tea with me, but I didn't have time to drink it. I felt perfectly fine until about halfway through the service when I started feeling super-exhausted and sweaty. I ended up having to leave in the middle of the service. I sat down and drank the cup of tea and milk that I had abandoned and within about 5 minutes I felt fine. Does anyone ever feel this way? Was I dehydrated from not drinking overnight? This has happened to me once before, pre-surgery but afterward I realized I was coming down with a stomach bug. This time, I felt okay for the rest of the day.
  7. You had your surgery one day before me, and I've only lost 33 lbs, so I think you're doing great! And as everyone has mentioned here, it is frustrating at first because even though 33 lbs seems like a lot to me, all that has really happened is that my clothes fit a bit better. I lost 110 lbs once before through dieting, and just as everyone here has noted, I did not start getting comments about weight loss until I had lost more than 50 lbs, and not a lot of comments until I had lost about 80 lbs or so. But, yesterday, I was out on the town and someone said to me "You look great. You look happy." And I was happy because I knew that it was probably because I look smaller, and more at ease in my body. I also went to the store and tried on clothes, and in fact, I have dropped a size, from 3X to 2X in tops and from 22 to 20 in pants. Most of the time I wear stretchy stuff and it fits about the same, so trying on the store clothes helped me see the difference better! I'm in a weight loss support group with a lot of people who didn't have surgery. We've been together forever, but I've always been the slowest loser in the bunch by far. And now I'm actually losing faster than anyone else-- even though the weight doesn't feel like it's just melting away, it's still faster than the usual 1.5 a week I used to get if I was lucky.
  8. So, experienced sleevers, I need some help figuring out "full" versus "need to slow down." Sometimes when I'm eating, and have only had a few bites, I feel this kind of unpleasant pressure, but if I stop eating and pause for a while, I can resume eating. It seems to come from eating those first few bites too fast. The problem is that sometimes that same feeling more or less actually is my full signal and I end up going two bites beyond it and feeling gross and uncomfortable and sometimes when this happens I spit up the "foamies". (sorry if that's gross TMI) Any advice on how to figure this all out? And on another note, how do ya'll handle restaurants? I was out-of-town and ended up eating 3 meals out. So hard to figure out what to order and so embarrassing when they ask if you didn't like it because it looks almost untouched. Plus, no need to box up to go if you are traveling. I know all restaurants have different menus, but any favorite go-tos?
  9. 7 months post op today

    Wow! That looks great!
  10. Gaining? Seriously?

    Yeah, I usually log as soon as I see a lower number and don't log the higher number... but just SEEING it is enough to make me nuts! :-)
  11. Gaining? Seriously?

    You are my height and same starting weight, and I frankly cannot IMAGINE weighing what you weigh! When I weighed 190, I felt TINY. But it is amazing to see what you've done!
  12. Gaining? Seriously?

    Ah, I do remember this! I dropped 3 of the offending 4 lb bounce this morning... so, progress!
  13. Gaining? Seriously?

    Thank you so much everybody! This was just what I needed to hear! I'm sure you are right and I definitely need to ditch the scale for a while, but it's a security blanket. I really like what you say about "becoming dependent on the psychological "win" of seeing the weight go down consistently." You are so right. And I'm one of those who will carefully remove every stitch of my clothing and jewelry and not weigh with wet hair and preview my nighttime weight to anticipate my morning weight, and... well, it goes on and on. But if I really concretely think about it as a little jolt of affirmation that I'm seeking and don't need, that might actually help convince me to become less dependent on it. And it's crazy-- a bad scale day will affect my mood all day when it my rational mind knows all about the normal scale fluctuations. I think my issue is that I'm still weighing inside what I would call my yo-yo zone, and until I drop another 20 or so, it's going to be hard for me to really believe deep down that this time will be different. Thank you everyone for the encouragement.
  14. So, I was sleeved on 1/17 and had a very long post-op program-- 4 weeks full liquids and 3 weeks soft/pureed. I'm supposed to transition to regular food tomorrow. I thought I was doing well-- 19 lbs on liquids and another 10 down since starting purees. I've also increased my walking from just five to ten minutes of walking post-op to 3-4 miles daily. I was sitting at 254 for a few days and was geared up to see 253 for a solid 30 lbs for the first 8 weeks when the scale bounced up 3 yesterday. I tried not to freak out but then, up another pound today-- that erases all of my losses for the past two weeks! And with me supposed to transition to regular food tomorrow, it seems even worse! I've gone through all the usual culprits (retaining water, constipation) and none seems to apply-- unless it's the scale itself, which seems unlikely. So, now I'm freaking out! I still find eating fairly challenging-- I'm working to learn not to eat those first few bites too fast, and I'm much more likely to not be able to finish my serving than eat too much--that's not even a possibility at this point. I'm following the surgeon's guidelines to a T. I'm a veteran of daily weigh-ins and I've seen the scale go haywire before, but it is painful to be looking at a weight from two weeks ago!!!
  15. Did you keep or shed the dieter's mindset?

    Thank you. No it doesn't scare me! I'm old enough that I know myself and my challenges all too well. And I see the old familiar triggers still triggering me-- I don't see a loss and my first thought is "maybe I'm eating too much" and I start casting about in my mind wondering if there is something I should restrict. Right now, I'm trying to talk myself into quitting the daily weighing routine and I'm just trying to stick with the plan I was given. I think I have the slowest post-op plan of all time-- 4 weeks of full liquids followed by 3 weeks of pureed/soft-- so I won't be to regular foods for another week. Maybe "shedding the diet mentality" means different things to different people.