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  1. Hi, my AHI is over 50. I do have sleep apnea, with High blood pressure & Diabetes running in my immediate family. If this is what you mean by my current stats. I just need to know exactly what I need my PCP to do or give me so I can do. Thanks & thank you!
  2. I had lap band done back in 7/2012 & did great with it losing almost 70 lbs in 4 months. But I was in a very controlled environment, new town, didn't know anyone, worked with 4 people 3 12 hr overnight shifts. None of my favorite restaurants around so it was easy to stay in, not go out to eat and not drink. But as good as I was looking & feeling, I was majority depressed. I was a very social butterfly and felt caged so I moved back home, to Orlando where my "friends" were & my social life. I could walk to restaurants but didn't have to because I had all my friends to eat & drink with. Didn't have insurance for 90 days, only to find out bariatric procedures weren't covered by my new insurance. To self pay would cost hundreds of dollars to start and each month for a fill. I gave up, then tried dieting, then gave up then I got sick & found out I have colon cancer. That was the fight of my life after surgery & 13 rounds of chemo all while working full time. I'd go to chemo Mon-Wed then work 12 hr shifts an hour drive to & from Thurs-Sat. I was tired after all was said & done and here I am. I am in remission. I changed jobs to be closer to home but it's very inconsistent work. I stasrted my new insurance in hopes I'd be able to switch from lap band to sleeve or something else only to find out it's not covered by FL Blue. I looked into financing and I would never be able to afford the payments if I were approved. I'm at a loss. Does anyone know the exact steps you can take to get the insurance to show that this is medically necessary? I need specifics & help if anyone had any advice or suggestions. Thanks for listening, sorry for the long Hello! Lol