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    Many that I look forward to getting back to: biking, hiking, camping, swimming, dare I add surfing. At least stand up paddlboarding. Also travel & converting a van to a camper van.
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  1. BringItOn

    Hawaii 2017 & 2018

    Isn’t it nice to fit in an airline seat and not avoid activities because they will ask what you weigh? Congrats! Looking good in addition to feeling good.
  2. BringItOn

    5 Days out and VERY nervous

    Good luck tomorrow. I was super anxious too and with the two week lead-in diet lost 12 pounds and started thinking that I could do it without surgery. But I plowed ahead. Then worried about hydration....(I was a bit hydrated and had to go for IV fluid). Then worried about blood clots. (Followed the Dr. orders and meds and so far so good. Keep moving.) Then worried about a leak when I just was not feeling good 3 weeks out. (Got a CT scan for that an all was well.) There will be some rough times and second-guessing in the first few weeks but then suddenly it's all behind you, including a few dozen pounds, and your feeling strong again. I'm only 7 weeks out, but feeling great and looking forward.
  3. BringItOn

    What are you eating today?

    That's a lot of shakes! Must be a full time job. Good for you, I never could get that many down. Hope it goes well. One day, I just could not face another Protein shake but was back at it the next day. So glad to be off the restricted diet part now at almost 7 weeks out, BUT with added choice comes a ton of responsibility. Glad also for the ideas in this post.
  4. BringItOn

    What are you eating today?

    Thanks for starting this tread. It’s one thing do you know what you’re supposed to be eating, but it’s good to see what people really are eating. I’m just transitioning from puréed foods too soft. It sure is nice. I usually have a Optifast chocolate protein shake for breakfast. For lunch my go-to has been 4 ounces of papaya and 3 ounces of cottage cheese. When I get tired of cottage cheese I mix it up with a tablespoon of blue cheese and mashed it all together. Only bad part of that is it comes out to be more like a dip in the urge to put it on a cracker is pretty strong. Usually a premier protein shake for a late afternoon snack. Dinner for the last three days has been 2 to 3 ounces of zucchini cheesy “bread sticks” that have been going around the Internet. They’re pretty tasty! Dip them in a little marinara sauce and you really feel like you’re getting a treat. Most days I have half a pouch of some kind of baby food fruit vegetable combo. Getting some green stuff is a hard habit to break. Another go-to has been baby food prunes. They fit well in the puréed diet right when you need them! Oh yeah and a real treat is a bit of avocado I picked up on my morning walk with some low-fat dressing. But mostly I’m proud about what I didn’t eat. Valentines Day at work came with home baked cookies, brownies, chocolate.... the downside of generous co-workers, and not telling them all about my surgery.
  5. BringItOn

    3 wks in and have plateued

    I’m glad other warned me of this. I just hit 4 weeks and have lost a pound in the last 8 days. Frustrating, but I’m hanging on to how good it’s going to feel when the weight starts to drop again. And the all of a sudden you look at the total loss and it’s all ok.
  6. Yup, always get my flu shot (but the consensus is it’s not very helpful this year.) also, I’m a Computer Tech and am not out with the kids all the time. Glad you got TDI, but junk that you have no sick leave! (I didn’t for the first dozen plus years so I know where you are at!). I’m trying to encourage a friend who is the SpEd preschool aide to consider this so she will be encouraged to hear where you were on the lifting side as even some of the young kids are pretty hefty! My Doc said nothing over 15 pounds for a month.
  7. Hi gang and thanks to all of you for various input. It has been so helpful. Here we go again. When I asked my Doctor about time off, he said 2 - 4 weeks, and sounds like he will sign it for whatever works for me. I have good sick leave. My job is pretty much a desk job but what concerns me is it’s at an elementary school with tons of sick kids and more so the concern over this years bad flu season. Does anyone want to chime in about their back to work decisions?
  8. BringItOn

    Some IV Hydration Help

    Thanks, but feeling better. That is really cool that you can pop into the Dr office for a top off. Was more approachable than having to queue up in the ER.
  9. BringItOn

    Some IV Hydration Help

    Didn’t address it specifically. I’m just probably not taking enough in. I’m making it my job, but just not enough. Frustrated because now 2 days out I’m feeling a bit under again. Even added in a bit of pedialite hoping to rehydrate better.
  10. BringItOn

    Some IV Hydration Help

    Very true, but only being on protein drinks, I think the 50 - 100 calories for a cup or two of coconut water is a fair trade. Lucky I don’t really like coconut water so it’s unlikely it will be hard to leave behind. This nurse actually called me today to see how I was doing and offer a few other tidbits and questions to discuss with my doctor. I was so impressed with the care.
  11. Went for my 1 week check-up yesterday. I thought I’d been doing fairly well but just could not shake 3 days of been lightheaded to the point of wanting to do nothing. Thought I was doing OK on the hydration - 60+ ounces, frequent light colored urine - but the Doctor was convinced I was dehydrated. He set me up for 2 liters of IV fluids. I feel like a new woman! The lightheaded is gone although I still feel a bit week. I even feel good about the 3 extra pounds on the scale this morning knowing it is happy cells, functioning better than yesterday. Also got him to add clear liquids onto my protein drink and water diet and the variety makes me happy. Also, I was sent to the Local Cancer Center vs the hours long wait in the ER for my IV infusion and learned a lot there from the nurse who know a lot about blood numbers and small things that make people feel better. I felt good having him look over my labs (that I could pull up on my phone) and explain some numbers. He also redommended coconut water for replacing electrolytes. Just some food for thought.
  12. BringItOn

    Waiting for hubby to come out of surgery

    Best wishes to hubby. I’ve a new respect for anyone that undergoes surgery, even for a positive outcome. You are looking great!
  13. BringItOn

    Dying of thirst.....

    I had surgery the day after you and while I’m never thirsty I always have a dry mouth. Are you actually able to drink a lot at once? I’m just dizzy every time I stand up so looking forward to my Dr. appt tomorrow to see if there is an answer for that. Meds? Just not enough calories? Didn’t happen for the first 4 days, but these last three have been tough.
  14. Too funny on the dreams. I had my surgery same day as you and two nights ago I had endless dreams of just mindlessly grazing on food and then thinking, “Oops, I can’t eat that!”
  15. Thanks all, it’s nice to know I’m in the range. Surgical site is better today, but no energy. Probably because I’ve had about 1000 calories in the last week. Really working at the protein shakes today. Traveling to New Zealand for our son’s wedding at week 9 so good to hear you were all pretty good by then. Looking forward to fitting in an airplane seat!