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  1. The coffee bar is perfect! Your husband did a great job. I am glad to read life is going well for you now. Keep up with your new habits. Day by day!
  2. Thank you. I do take the bariatric advantage multivitamin.
  3. You can do it again! Look at your old stats or journals. Remember how you felt through your first journey. Do it for you!
  4. Hi all! Once again I can’t log in with my other account. Can anyone clarify- two flint stones chewable are equalivant to barractric multivitamin?
  5. You can do this! You have had so many obstacles the past three years but you made it over all of them! You will succeed again.
  6. Hello. YOU look fabulous.
  7. Anita1962

    Hi guys

    Prayers and hugs sent to all.
  8. I have not been able to log in for quite awhile. This morning it allowed me to change my password. All my stats are missing though? I do check in and have read everyone’s posts but just couldn’t respond. Will I need to update my profile or can the admin reinstall? I enjoy reading how everyone is doing and look forward to be able to reply. Stay healthy through this pandemic.
  9. Congrats. Every time I read your posts I feel I could have written it! Our experience seems exactly the same.
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