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  1. Beautiful!!! Love how your arms stay at your side!! You must be so proud!
  2. Not to scare you but I awoke from surgery screaming in pain! My own voice is what woke me I think. The hospital gave me delawden? Misspelled?? When at home I used liquid Vicodin. After a week I ran out and was switched to liquid Tylenol. Honestly that week went fast and then it got much easier. Lots of broth, hot tea and Popsicles for me. I had no problem with puréed meats. After three weeks I returned to work with no restrictions and began long distance waking. I've only been post op four months. Good luck to you Monday this surgery will be your life saver!!!
  3. I did follow up with my surgeon but I forgot to post his advice so here it is: You are actually way ahead of expected weight loss at this stage post op, likely because you have been so diligent with your diet and exercise. I would not be concern with the amount your pouch can hold at this point. You are doing excellent! We can discuss more at you 6 month appointment. I did ask about the barium swallow test @Kio too but he has no concern. The weight is falling off very fast still-5 pounds this week, but I am still very concerned about my brain vs food! I'm making an appointment with a psychologist that specializes in eating disorders. I'll follow up with how this appointment goes.