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    Hi Liz - well that's really nice to know that there is another on this island going through the same thing. I'm just sorting everything out with the clinic at the moment. I have a date for April but also on standby for a cancellation so fingers crossed. Also Thanks to you all for all the warm welcomes it's nice to be here
  2. Jasmkernow

    Newbie from UK

    Hello all. I see there is a mix of.people from all over the globe here so I'm pleased to join up and see what information I can find. I'm 47, male from the UK. Overweight all of my life with a BMI currently of 41 but I have been bigger. I have been on the surgery rollercoaster since 2010 and have given up on our NHS so have now raised the funds to go private and to Eastern Europe for a gastric sleeve, hopefully in the next two months (just waiting on the clinic). Getting excited and impatient but I have waited years so a few more weeks won't hurt too much Regards Jason