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  1. Animalrescuer18

    ONDERLAND are you kidding me?

    That is FANTASTIC! Congratulations!!! Onderland must feel great!!
  2. Animalrescuer18

    Had gastric sleeve surgery on Monday, 6/18

    Hi @VSGPA Yes I had nausea meds but once they started wearing off my dry heaves would start again. From what I’ve read, I think it’s rare to get dry heaves if they give you meds. Maybe I’m just weird. Thank goodness it only lasted one day. I am feeling better each day!
  3. Animalrescuer18

    Mourning the loss of food?

    Hi everyone, I guess we all know that a huge part of losing weight is in our heads. I had VSG on Monday, June 18th and today is my official mourning of the foods I love day. Isn’t it weird how our brain and stomach disagree on what we “need” to eat. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling weak and haven’t gotten my energy back after surgery but for some strange reason I have been thinking of all the food I love today. Even the food I loved as a child. Isn’t that crazy?! Maybe I’m bored because I don’t feel like doing much yet. Still having a bit of reflux. And of course my stomach is still sore. I’d like to be working and doing my normal daily activities so I guess it’s just a melancholy day. I’m VERY happy my surgery is done and I’m headed toward a much healthier life. Thought I would just share my feelings today to see if anyone else experienced this a few days after surgery.
  4. Animalrescuer18

    Had gastric sleeve surgery on Monday, 6/18

    Thanks @ladybugzzz86! I am feeling a bit better today.
  5. Animalrescuer18

    Had gastric sleeve surgery on Monday, 6/18

    Good morning, Yes, I have been using Bioteen for dry mouth. It helps a lot!
  6. Hi everyone! I had the gastric sleeve surgery on Monday and got home from the hospital today. Everything went well with surgery. I had dry heaves off and on all day Tuesday but it only lasted one day. Thank goodness!! That was no fun with a sore belly. I’m getting around pretty well. Have a lot of soreness which is to be expected. When I swallow it feels like I’m swallowing rocks. Especially when it hits my belly. Guess that’s normal too. Hopefully that will go away once everything heals. I’ve had a very hard time getting in enough fluids since I can hold so little at a time. Funny how things taste different after surgery. I am to continue on a liquid diet until I go back for a checkup on Wednesday. Any tips for this phase would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks to everyone! You guys are fantastic!
  7. Animalrescuer18


    Thanks everyone! I’ve been busy getting things done so I can have a few days of rest when I get home from the hospital. I’m starting to get butterflies a little bit. But I’m very excited!
  8. Animalrescuer18

    10 month post op tomorrow !!

    Thanks Tracy! I’m both nervous and excited. ❤️
  9. Animalrescuer18

    10 month post op tomorrow !!

    I did the 2 week liquid diet prior to gastric bypass surgery which I didn’t get to have because of adhesions and scar tissue from previous abdominal surgeries. My surgeon said gastric bypass is just too risky with the amount of abdominal adhesions I have. So I’m scheduled for the sleeve on Monday
  10. Animalrescuer18

    10 month post op tomorrow !!

    So far so good!I started the liquid diet today. Only have to be on it for a week this time. I was hoping to have gastric bypass back in April but once the surgeon got in there I had too many adhesions which made it too risky to have gastric bypass. So here I am getting ready for the Sleeve. The other time I had to do the liquid diet for 2 weeks. I’m a bit hungry this evening but it’s not bad. I remember from before and after the 2nd day on the liquid diet the craving for food isn’t as bad. Im hoping for great results with the Sleeve
  11. Animalrescuer18

    10 month post op tomorrow !!

    You are such an inspiration to me! I hope I will do as well as you have My surgery is coming up on June 18th. Congratulations!!!
  12. Animalrescuer18

    I did it!!!!!!

    Congratulations!! That is freaking awesome!! WooHoo!!!
  13. @CheeseheadI can not imagine what it will be like to NOT sweat!
  14. Animalrescuer18

    Could use a hug

    Sure hope you feel better soon!
  15. Thanks for posting this question. I am looking forward to being able to do new things once I lose the weight. Especially not sweating soooo much!