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  1. It’s almost surgery time!

    Hi everyone, unfortunately, I didn’t get to have my gastric bypass surgery yesterday. I was so very disappointed when I woke up thinking the surgery was over. The nurse told my that my surgeon wasn’t able to do gastric bypass due to so many adhesions from my prior surgeries. I am not a big cryer but I had a crying pity party in the recovery room. I was so sad. Once I spoke with my surgeon he explained how he thought it would be too much risk to do gastric bypass with the amount of adhesions I have. He worked an hour removing adhesions. He said I’m a perfect candidate for gastric sleeve due to the adhesion problems. In 4-5 weeks he will do the gastric sleeve surgery. I’m trying to be positive. Thank you all for your continued support.
  2. It’s almost surgery time!

    Thank you!
  3. It’s almost surgery time!

    Thanks Jen! I sure do appreciate it
  4. It’s almost surgery time!

    Hi everyone! My gastric bypass surgery is on Monday! Only two days to go! I’m excited and just a little nervous. I feel very prepared. The bariatric program I’ve been in has been extremely informative. Not to mention you guys have been awesome in answering my questions honestly. I appreciate that more than I can say. I’m hoping my recovery will be smooth. I’ll keep you posted on how things go. Wish me luck please!❤️ Thanks!!
  5. Down 180 pounds!!!

    Wow!! I'm so impressed! Way to go You must be so happy and I'm happy for you!!
  6. Almost to the loser's bench!

    Welcome!! The folks here have been and continue to be so very helpful. I always get my questions answered honestly here.
  7. Day 4 of 2 week liquid diet

    Thanks Jen! The shakes I drink are best after I put them in the freezer for a bit. The brand is Optifast and they don’t taste bad at all. At least, not yet! Haha
  8. Day 4 of 2 week liquid diet

    Thanks for the probiotic tip. I will definitely add that to my meds.
  9. Day 4 of 2 week liquid diet

    My gastric bypass is scheduled for April 16th. I’m on the 4th day of the liquid diet. So far I haven’t been super hungry. I do miss chewing food especially at dinner. I plan it so I have a shake and sf jello for dinner when my husband and I normally sit down, eat and discuss our day. He has been preparing his food so I don’t have to be tempted which is much appreciated! Lol I do have a lot of stomach grumbling and try to be not far away from the bathroom. I suppose that’s normal at this stage. I have diabetes and take metformin and glipizide so it has been tricky making sure my blood sugar doesn’t drop too low. I’ve had to talk with my pcp and have lowered my meds already One thing I wasn’t expecting was when I had the pre-op endoscopy, my surgeon said I tested positive for H-Pylori bacteria so he prescribed 3 meds for 14 days. I was afraid it would upset my stomach during the liquid only diet but so far so good! I made a big calendar and cross through each day on the countdown to my surgery day. That helps me get through these liquid only days. One day at a time!!
  10. Sigh - Day 9 of liquid pre op diet

    I hope your surgery went well!
  11. Sigh - Day 9 of liquid pre op diet

    WooHoo!! Have a safe tripKeep us posted on how you're doing.
  12. Sigh - Day 9 of liquid pre op diet

    I started the 2 week liquid diet today and already had to call my surgeon because of a low blood sugar reading. I have Diabetes. So far I haven't felt extremely hungry but I do miss eating something filling. I hope I can keep the mindset that this is a small price to pay for having a safe and successful surgery. We can do this!! You only have a few more days.
  13. Started my liquid diet today! 2 weeks from today I will have Gastric Bypass surgery:D

    1. CheeringCJ


      Wow, it DID get here fast!!!  Good luck (it gets easier on day 4!)

    2. Animalrescuer18


      Oh that’s good to hear! Thanks :D

  14. Pre-op

    I'm in South Carolina
  15. Vitamins after gastric bypass

    Thanks everyone for all of your input! I’ll be interested to compare and see if my program is similar to yours. I was curious why a lot of people use chewables instead of a pill you just swallow. I suppose it’s the absorption issue after surgery. Thanks again!!