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  1. Medical update from the LadyB ;)

    Wow! You’ve been through a lot. I sure hope you start feeling much better after the gall bladder surgery. I had my gall bladder removed 2 years ago and the relief from not having gallstone pain was wonderful!! Get well soon and keep us updated❤️
  2. Getting Active Post Op--After Long Sedentary Period

    I’d just like to say that your encouragement about exercising is what I needed to hear! My surgery is not until the end of March but I’m learning to eat right and exercise so I’ll be “in the habit” by the time my surgery date is here. I’m so excited!!
  3. 7 Month Surgiversary

    Way to go! Congratulations! Makes me look forward to my surgery coming up in a few weeks! Thanks for sharing.
  4. 2 weeks liquids only!

    Good idea on cutting back on carbs and caffeine! YES, WE CAN DO THIS!!
  5. 2 weeks liquids only!

    Good idea!! Thanks again
  6. Getting enough protein

    I haven’t had surgery yet. It’s not scheduled until March. I’m just curious about protein intake. Between drinking 64oz’s of liquid and taking in all the needed protein, does it seem like you spend the entire day eating and drinking? Especially since you have to wait 30 minutes after eating before you can drink something. I know I will learn how to do it but I’d love input and suggestions for getting all the nutrients and liquids in. Thanks!
  7. 2 weeks liquids only!

    I haven’t had surgery yet. Hopefully it’ll be the end of March when I have it. I’m excited and at the same time I’m wondering what it will be like to only have fluids for 2 whole weeks before surgery! That is what my surgeon requires in order to shrink the liver. I would love to hear from others. Is it super difficult to have no food for 2 weeks? Not to mention, only liquids will continue for a while after surgery. I know I can do it!!
  8. Newbie

    Great! Thank you for your reply!
  9. Newbie

    Thank you for the welcome! I’m trying to learn as much as possible before my surgery in March.
  10. Newbie

    I’m new to the forum. Just starting the process. I haven’t had surgery yet. It’s scheduled for the end of March. I hope to learn a lot on this site. I’m so excited and looking forward to having surgery.