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  1. Maddawg

    Hey Y'all

    Went to the chiropractor and it only made things worse. Going to have to give in and call my surgeon as the pain is becoming unbearable. Thanks to everyone for the advice and warm welcomes!
  2. Maddawg

    Hey Y'all

    Hi guys, I am three weeks post op but just now finding this site. I wish I would have found it sooner because it is so nice to be able to communicate with people who have and are going through the same thing. Ever since Elementary school I was always seen as the chubby kid. As the years went on, so did the pounds. Junior year of high school I had lost 50 pounds and felt great. But as senior year came and went and starting college, I didn't just put on the freshman 15, I put back on 100 pounds- I still can't believe it. But I eventually had enough of the constant weight struggle. After deciding to do the gastric sleeve surgery, it took 6 months to pass all the insurance requirements which seemed liked forever. But eventually had the surgery on 12/14/17 and I couldn't be happier. 19 days later I am down 25 lbs and loving it. But I am running into some awful back pain, making it difficult to even walk. But I read it's normal so just trying to make it through the pain. For anyone who has experienced this- what are ways you coped with the back pain? Look forward to hearing from others!