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  1. I'm in for a significant part of every day. I'm cleared for all foods, but I still keep it simple. Everyday I start in the morning with a protein shake. But my stomach rumbles. Oikos yogurt? Rumble. Cheese? No rumble. On a tortilla? Rumble. Tuna fish/salmon, big rumble. Soft scrambled eggs? Stomach REALLY rumbles. Not good. No more eggs. Maybe try again down the road. Everything makes my stomach rumble. One day I said the hell with it and tried a little spaghetti with marinara sauce...ha! Happy tummy. But I hear all these warnings of don't eat pasta for months yet. I haven't tried a banana yet. I bet that's okay...But lots of sugar. That said, it's a banana. It's not ice cream or junk food! I don't care so much about weight loss...I'm not in a hurry. It is coming. No worries. I've lost 55 so far, 275 to 220. No binging possible! I must be accountable. That was my objective with surgery. I just wish I didn't hurt every single day. I have another appointment with my nutritionist in two weeks. This will be the focus of my conversation.