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  1. Hello everyone, I'm 3 weeks post op Gastric sleeve. My highest weight was 214 lbs. Struggled with weight for a couple of decades now, at time of surgery I weighed 204,and I now weugh 197 and my goal weight is 135. Like most I have tried any and all diets only to loose and gain back time and time again. Making this decision was not easy I researched and studied every aspect of it for 5 years. I was denied by insurance so I gave up, until this year, I started feeling sick, joints hurting,back hurting, highcholesteral and pre-diabetic. Something had to give. I started my journey met the surgeon, dietician and everyone involved with this process. When I had to do the sleep study I had no idea what the outcome would be. Well I was diagnosed with severe obstructive apnea and was prescribed a cpap. I preceded to do all the tests and doctors visit that was required by insurance, and let me tell you there were many appointments. The day finally came where they were going to submit the approval to my insurance, it felt like forever to hear any news. I finally received a letter from insurance and I read it like 5 times I was approved! Omg! From that day everything else went quickly and I had my surgery,stayed 3 days in the hospital. The first night was horrible, I was so sick throwing up. Now I'm 3 weeks post op and only have minor issues. Hopefully I can get support and some advice on this journey.