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    Exercise routine

    Hey @middie5, good work! I'm not sure if you ever tried it, but I find yoga and pilates fantastic at building lean, strong muscles especially for core strength. As an added bonus, it also helped keep things 'firmish'. I do still have some excess skin, but I really do think it would have been much worse without these exercises. Maybe try out some YouTube clips to try it out? Good luck! Might save you some money too
  2. Ladybugzzz86

    Seeking post Sleeve Buddy!

    We are all here for you @Abbey Morrison what you are feeling is totally normal, and its your body's way of making sure you are as prepared as much as possible before you start your journey. Ask any and all questions you would like - everyone is so fantastic and supportive here, you will feel right at home. Welcome to the family
  3. Ladybugzzz86

    Creating healthy boundaries

    @Cheesehead @Aussie Bear, you are both an inspiration. These situations have in the past caused us to self soothe with food. But now they are opportunities to grow stronger, set healthy boundaries, and (hopefully ) find happiness. Or at least some peace within ourselves. And I am very sorry to hear about the explosion around the holidays Cheesehead, but kudos to you on how you handled it!
  4. Ladybugzzz86

    Creating healthy boundaries

    I am feeling stronger now emotionally then I have in Years. Unfortunately, that has made me realize some of my triggers from the past are things that I can no longer handle mentally. I love my father very much, but he is very self centered. He gave up alcohol, and has now become a binge eater. To the point where he cracks jokes over it, offering to get me pizza, bars, steaks, ect. Almost to rub it in that he can and I can't? My heart weeps tonight because I did address this issue, but all he could do is talk over me, dismiss me, and tell me my lips never stop flapping. Then followed up with well you are just too sensitive. I was tempted to cut tonight (self harm), a reality from my past which I haven't felt the desire to do in years. My addiction to food was used similarly : a coping mechanism that would help distract emotional pain and turn it into physical pain. After discussing my concerns tonight I went for a drive to cool off, I don't like being hollered at when I am not doing that to another. I returned back to the house and its like nothing happened. My mother is carrying on with her day, and father is still binge eating zoned out into the TV. The way we were raised is that you burry everything deep down, don't talk about it. Never worked for me obviously. There are only two options when you do that: implode or explode. I have to admit to doing both over my lifetime. I guess I just feel like I'm hitting a wall, trying to set healthy boundaries that are just being ignored. And I am stuck here until my return to work progresses, or crashes. Either way it is going to be a few months. I have lost 102#, and am very proud of it. I do not want to give in to my urges to hurt myself with food or anything else as a way of coping, or as a cry for help. It doesn't work. I am just not sure where to go from here, how can I take back that control that I feel he steals from me with his words and life choices? On the plus side, I am glad I am finally able to recognize it and address it now much better than I have in the past. Things are improving in terms of healthier coping mechanisms. Any suggestions would be nice, or if you dealt with similar, I would love to hear your story. Thanks folks for listening
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    Creating healthy boundaries

    Thanks for your post @Cheesehead, sounds like a fantastic idea. And I hope things start to get a little less stressful for your household situation
  6. Ladybugzzz86

    One year Dec 12/18

    ODAT Start 334 Dec 12/17 Current 232 Dec 12/18 102# lost, and a new love for salads found lol Thank you all for the love and support along this journey. Still a way to go, but I have faith in the process and will keep trucking on. Last A1C 6.3, never thought I would see that day. Still have back pain that I am trying to manage to the best of my ability, but am no longer bed bound for weeks on end. Overall, a fantastic year- and hope next year will be even better
  7. Ladybugzzz86

    One year Dec 12/18

    Awe, y'all are too sweet
  8. Ladybugzzz86

    One year Dec 12/18

    Thanks so much everyone for the kind words and support. @Nana Trish, that gives me much hope to hear. Only makes sense that body will need to readjust also, never thought of it that way. Merci
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    Dang Trish, hope you get some pain relief very soon. Sometimes prednisone can mess around with your sugars, but if it helps it would be very worth it. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
  10. Start eating slowly, asap. That is one of the hardest for me to do on a regular basis, takes a while to break those old bad habits. So maybe find out which habit that you have, that if changed now, will make it much easier for you to adapt to post surgery. You got this
  11. Ladybugzzz86

    Happy Holidays !!

    Awe! Cutest pic in the world!!! You look fantastic, and I just love your festive spirit. Merry Christmas to you and yours Tracy
  12. Ladybugzzz86

    Creating healthy boundaries

    Thanks @Jen581791 - you are so right. Still a learning curve for me, but I think I am getting a bit better at it everyday.
  13. Ladybugzzz86

    Creating healthy boundaries

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience withe @Aussie Bear. You are right, we can get through this. Trying to be kind to myself this time around by reaching out instead of holding it in Feels a little bit better already. One day at a time
  14. Ladybugzzz86

    One year Dec 12/18

    Thanks folks (((Hugggzzz))) to you all. Glad to be back, and still moving toward my goal - might take me a bit longer but I am determined. Bring it on, 2019
  15. Ladybugzzz86

    Let down...

    Well I got some bad news today, that has left me feeling very beside myself. I have been attending a rehab program, and through the ups and downs have been pushing myself to do my best. My case manager called me today to say that they will no longer fund the program, despite all my effort, because at this time we have no end goal. So basically, they are unable to find any placements for me at my current employer, they are still looking, but she is not hopeful about it. So no more physio, ot, nutrition, and psych funding. I feel like they lifted me up to barely see past the fence, and dropped me to fall on my butt. Don't get me wrong, I do still plan to do my exercises to the best of my ability, and attend my local gym. But my rehab program was so much more than that - it became my routine, my sanity, and fueled my hope that I will be able to become a functioning part of society again - even with my limitations. I'm trying my best at this point to just be upset, and be OK with feeling that. Allow that feeling to be there without lashing out with negative coping mechanisms, because that will not help the situation. But I can't help worry about my future... If my current employer cant find me a placement, a lot of negatives will happen, and very fast - biggest concern being my health plan. So, one day at a time, focus on what I can control. To end things on a positive note here is a useful video for anyone who is under a lot of stress and needs a silver lining.
  16. Ladybugzzz86

    Meal Too Big

    Thank you @Anita62 & @Cardamom77 for your posts. I think summer might be a trigger in and of itself, because I have also been struggling this past week. So hearing all the feedback really helps me too. Time to go back to the basics, measure my food, hit the gym, be Mindful , and chew chew chew! Its tough guys, it really is, but I know we can do this.
  17. Ladybugzzz86

    Feeling like I messed up!!!

    I know how scary regain can be @blueyez3347, but there is still hope. You still have all the tools that you received in 2011. I feel like during this difficult time you are best just to go back to the basics. The 5 day pouch test might help reboot your thinking and get you back on track. Otherwise just follow what your WLS team set up for you. But I can't stress this enough to you - You are NOT a failure, and you are not alone. And come vent away here if you ever need to, I bet you will find others who are struggling with a similar experience. Hang in there, and do what works for you
  18. Ladybugzzz86

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome @Sa1ty, and congratulations on your surgery. You have a fantastic attitude to take on this new lifestyle - it will serve you well!
  19. Ladybugzzz86

    Meds for nerve pain

    I had no good benefits from lyrics or gabapentin sadly. And bad side effects for me too. Mostly mental capacity and concentration. My mother was on it also, and started to loose her memory but there are success stories out there from it. I am praying that this will give you the relief you deserve.
  20. Ladybugzzz86

    I need to vent about my MIL

    So precious!!! And I don't mean that in a Smeagol creepy lord of the rings way lol. Sorry to hear about your MIL, what a bumhead. Sounds like she is trying to rain on your parade. But please do not let her! You have done amazing work through this journey, and that is what she should be focusing on. I don't blame you one bit for needing to vent it out though, and am very proud of you for doing so, and choosing healthy foods to go to instead of reaching out to your old comfort foods. How fantastic is that?! Great work CJ, and again, sorry you had to go through that. I think there is always at least one in the family who tends to be that way.... The buggers.
  21. Ladybugzzz86

    Let down...

    Yes very true, and I'm sure my chickens are missing me also Thanks CJ
  22. Ladybugzzz86

    The GERD is real.

    Hope it all works out well for you @delilas - I need to take a PPI twice a day to keep mine in check. But, it does help me. Only downside is the side effects of course, especially where my iron is a bit low right now. But, one thing at a time, right? lol
  23. Ladybugzzz86

    Let down...

    Sadly not @BurgundyBoy, the ones I could attend still require daily travel of three hours round trip from where I live - or lodging. Both of which would be out of pocket. Where I am currently still on disability, it is just much more than I can afford. I had my final appointment today, and put my own suggestions forward though. So I will follow a home based program, see them once every two weeks for an assessment and adjust my exercises as needed - my request being that I get to see my psychologist and nutritionist at these visits to help keep me going in the right direction. I hope it gets approved. Fingers crossed I'm not about to loose all the progress I have gained so far. I think these tools/goals will help.
  24. Ladybugzzz86

    Let down...

    Appreciate that @Cardamom77 - I find even just writing my feelings out helps. But hearing back from people like yourself, well that's just the sugar free icing on the cake
  25. Ladybugzzz86

    Let down...

    Thank you so very much for your comment Jen - it really helps me keep pushing in the right direction. Big hugzz to you