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  1. Ladybugzzz86

    New in Central NY

    Way to go, man! Looking forward to hearing your stories and experiences... And seeing more pics of horses too of course
  2. Ladybugzzz86

    Quotes To Live By!

    <3 this one, ty!
  3. Ladybugzzz86

    Mourning the loss of food?

    Could be because you are also starting on a new path, and I'm sure quite sore starting on this path. Its only understandable that you would be thinking of all the comfort foods that have gotten you through hard times in the past. I found the first three months were the worst for me in regards to this issue, especially because I love to cook so much. But it will get easier, especially as you go through the different stages of the diet. (Ricotta bake is a must try in soft food stage BTW as long as lactose intolerance is not an issue). I almost felt like I was going through a breakup... Losing someone I loved, and someone who has stayed beside me through years. So I really did have to acknowledge that, and get to the point where I could let that old friend go. W want to change, so its imperative that we form new relationships with food during our journey. And in all honesty, no it isn't easy, but it is fun! I cook so many new dishes now, and can afford higher quality foods now because my shopping trends in grocery stores have changed drastically (allowing me some extra moula$$). Basically, it is going to be new, a bit Scarry at times, but beyond rewarding that is going to get you closer and closer to your dreams.
  4. Ladybugzzz86

    What should I do at noon today?

    Yay! Good for you @Cindy Lou Who, sounds like you made the best decision for you at least for right now. You have enough to deal with right now to have to add worrying what others might think. Rest easy on this, and continue following whatever you feel is best for you. Just keep swimming
  5. Ladybugzzz86

    It makes me very uncomfortable...

    @Cheesehead you and me both girl lol. My old baggy boy tops = my lingerie
  6. Ladybugzzz86

    It makes me very uncomfortable...

    Not looking forward to those days, just got a small taste of that today. Person commented how much more weight are you going to loose? Well don't loose too much more! Umm, well I am still 247 pounds, I got to lol, that is what I felt like saying. P.S. I think you look super healthy btw, so bugger them
  7. Ladybugzzz86

    Newby VSG

    Welcome! I am just over 6 months post op, and like Gretta, do not regret it one bit. Feel free to ask any questions, of course
  8. Ladybugzzz86

    Had gastric sleeve surgery on Monday, 6/18

    Oh good deal, that stuff is a life saver lol. Hope you have a fantastic day today @Animalrescuer18 , everyday will get a little bit easier
  9. Ladybugzzz86

    Had gastric sleeve surgery on Monday, 6/18

    Yay @Animalrescuer18!! Welcome to the other side honestly post op, the throat soreness was perhaps the worst part for me, the pain was doable. I ended up needing mouth spray to help keep everything moist, which certainly helped. That might help you too if your having and dryness. Otherwise just keep sipping, and move around as tolerated. Even in the bed, do some leg movements to keep that blood moving and boost your recovery time. So glad to hear everything is going well, keep us posted
  10. Ladybugzzz86

    It makes me very uncomfortable...

    Love this idea, tyvm for sharing that. For sure something I can incorporate more into my life.
  11. Ladybugzzz86

    It makes me very uncomfortable...

    I agree with Jen - its really just the ones that are comparative. Especially when they never said something bad before about it, just now that I have lost weight it seems to give them permission to bash the old me? I know they are not doing it on purpose, but it is still me in here lol.
  12. Ladybugzzz86

    It makes me very uncomfortable...

    @Carina, might steal that line for next time lol. @cinwa I agree, it is rude. You know I actually had an aunt comment that my voice seems lighter, random but OK, and then proceeded to say it looked like I didn't have boobs before because my stomach was so big. She is not a small woman either. So God forgive me, but to try and lighten the situation for myself I told her it looks like she has three boobs... It was funny at the time, we all chuckled, but in retrospect I don't like that I 'stooped' to her level. @Cheesehead but boys shirts are so comfy! I have widdled myself down to keeping two of them. Much like yourself I getting more comfortable wearing different clothes, such as my tights. Not sure how I ever got along without them before
  13. Ladybugzzz86

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Tyvm @cinwa I am quite happy about it.
  14. Ladybugzzz86

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    My mother and I both had appointments today, so I decided to let her take my car and just drop me off for my rehab. I was tempted last night to just walk to meet up with her when I was done my appointment, but she said to me no, you can't do that, that is way too far and you won't make it, besides, your diabetic! So, I decided not to. Then I came across @Jen581791s latest blog, and was super inspired. What stuck out most to me was that she wasn't even sure if she would be able to do all the walking that she was hoping to do - but figured she will never know unless she tries. So I went for it. And I did it. I completed a 55 min walk, apx 3.6km - which is the longest walk I have been able to do in years. Was I super sore? You betcha - I have never felt so alive and so dead at the same time either lol. But I couldn't be prouder of myself. And when I made it to our meet up spot, I was sure to inform my mother that her lack in faith of whether I could do it or not was actually my biggest motivator. Yes, I may have some 'authority' issues, but whatever works lol.
  15. Ladybugzzz86

    It makes me very uncomfortable...

    Spot on @Jen581791, this is exactly how I feel. Tyvm for sharing your experience, and what helps you through those awkward times.