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  1. Medical update from the LadyB ;)

    @Gretta @Nana Trish @Readytobeme @Phoenix97 @BurgundyBoy thanks so much for your messages guys n gals, they are really helping me through this crabby time lol. ((Hugzzz)) to you all, and you are so right. I am in the right spot, and I am finally getting some Quality care along with pain control. Still having some problems here and there, such as my glucose is sky high, BP is very very low, getting confused at times, and quite lethargic. My eyesight has seen better days (lol, aren't I funny?) But I mean these can all be explained by the multitude of things going on in my body, including the narcotics I am on. None the less, can't wait to catch up with each and everyone of you Funny how much I have come to respect and adore you all within my short time here already. Take care and talk again soon - that's a promise
  2. Medical update from the LadyB ;)

    Thanks so much @animalrescuer and @NerdyToothpick. Much appreciated! My wife finally arrived today, my mother came up here in the ambulance with me, and I do have some family in the area. So I am blessed to have SO much support(even though my wife drives me a little nuts sometimes lmfao - but that's OK, I'm sure I do the same to her .... Ain't love grand? ). I do still like coming on here in the evenings though, I really appreciate being able to take my 'mask' off and just relax with you guys for a bit and focus on what the future will have in store once I get over this. Thanks for sending your strength and support, NT and @Jen581791, every it of it makes my days just a little bit easier. And I just love the comics lmao. Laughter helps make EVERYTHING better
  3. Medical update from the LadyB ;)

    Yeah, I know what you mean Aussie, and yes you were just slightly harsh there lol. Just my main concern is how weak I am right now, if I could have put it off until I was stronger that would have been my preference by far. The doctors are saying this is going to be a risky operation for many of reasons, but I do trust them, surgically speaking. And I do appreciate your comment, if this is causing some of the pain then when it is gone it will be a relief. Fingers crossed
  4. Medical update from the LadyB ;)

    Exactly ;). That is why I gave them the go ahead with the operation. Totally going to ask for them to jar it for me lmao
  5. How are you doing today 

    What a time you'e had .you have been in my thoughts and prayers 

    Good times are ahead for you xxxxxx

    1. Ladybugzzz86


      Hey there @Lankyliz :) Well it has been tough my friend I must admit. Being told I could possibly die from different procedures and seeing my mother's face as she does listen in, breaks my heart. I know if anything were to happen to me my family would really be a mess. I think that in all honesty is the hardest part of all of this. 

      Thank you for your kind words and prayers, they are greatly appreciated. One day at a time, and even one step at a time on the extra hard days. 

      With much love,


    2. Lankyliz
  6. Medical update from the LadyB ;)

    Thanks CJ, I am going to do just that. (((Hugzzz)))
  7. Medical update from the LadyB ;)

    Thanks so much @CheeringCJ, I always look forward to your messages hun. Truly. And as for the sucking out blood clot method, my mother asked them the same question. The reply was since this is such an important vein, such a procedure would likely kill me. But yes, I can understand your reasoning behind that. Dozing off here, sorry. And I cant wait until I can get some life back.... Thanks to you too, @Aussie H My biggest concern is that my gal bladder is fine, cause my gut feeling is that it is. Another problem I am having is my sugars keep rising, even with insulin and I am NOT eating bad things. Getting very worried that the blood is backing up to the pancreas causing it to stop insulin production.
  8. Hey there fellow TT friends :) come check out my update feed here if you are interested. My appoligies for typos, or anything that doesn't make sense, but this Bugzzz is exhausted. Can't wait to catch up with you all -  be safe, chat soon :wub:


  9. Medical update from the LadyB ;)

    Howdy folks. For those of you who have been following my post op recovery/complication, I felt that you are all over due for an update. So I am going to try to get this all out before I nodd off, so please forgive any typos lol. I was last seen by NY family doctor and surgeon two days ago, who determined there was nothing else to be done in terms of treatment other than to follow the blood thinner protocol for the next three to six months. The ultrasound showed that the blood clot was still indeed there. They informed me that there would be no need in removing the gal bladder, and that the pain was solely due to the portal vein thrombosis. At this point I was still crying at least once a day from the pain caused by this little build up of thrombosis. Later that day my family doctor messed around with my pain medication. I think he has created to many addicts over his career, and was afraid to make me one as well. In my personal opinion? Treat the pain first, worry about the rest later, because I Was Miserable. On a good note, it seems my family doctor talked to my bariatric surgeon, who demanded to have me transfered to our hospital in Halifax, a much better hospital then the last two I was at combined. So I arrived here by ambulance yesterday afternoon, when I quickly realize that I am booked for surgery this Tuesday. Hold up, surgery? Did I miss something here? Lol, EKG, xray, labs all complete within a hour of arrival for this mysterious surgery. Turns out they want to take out my gal bladder to rule it out as a cause for pain. Oh me nerves hahaha. On the good side? They ate ACTUALLY treating me for pain here, still uncomfortable, but this is the best pain relief I have had over the past 2-3 weeks now. That in itself is a blessing. So they do have a hematology group up here who recommend that I stick with the plan of blood thinners, but do not want to discuss at this time what the plan b and c options are if this does not work. Guessing they are a little bit scarier to say the least. The removal of the gal bladder does have some additional risks than just the normal removal, as I will have to be taken off of blood thinners for this procedure, increasing the risk of new clots developing, and or pulmonary embolism, stroke, heart attack. Also increased risk due to the fact that a number or my organs are enlarged because of backed up blood. However my doctor and his group of groupies do firmly believe that it should be taken out, and the sooner the better. So Tuesday it shall be I guess. I'm nervous, sore, lonely (mentally), feeling bad for all of my loved ones who are terrified, and beside myself. And yes. I would still get the surgery if I had my time back. But I also would have perhaps smacked a b!t€h up for sending me home and telling me my pain meant nothing, itwas all in my head, and to deal with it. Well guys and girls, sorry I haven't been on much, it sure doesn't mean I have given up just so you know I'm still keeping to my WLS guidelines, even the exercise bit which is very difficult because of extreme lethargy/weakness and possibly the acities fluid build up on my stomach. Prayers would be greatly appreciated at this time. Love and miss you all, LadyB <3
  10. Ladybugz, how are you doing?  Are you still in the hospital?  I hope your pain has subsided and that you are getting better!  

    1. Ladybugzzz86


      I will make an update post for you now so all can read.. Good news is that I am still alive lol.. TBC....

    2. CheeringCJ


      oh good, I am anxious to hear :)

  11. Hi

    Sending ((( hugz ))) your way @Trey85. It is tough my friend, and I can throw a lot of inspirational quotes at you but I don't think it will help right now. What I do think will help is for you to:a) seek something from your doctor in terms if pain relief. Research shows that healing time is delated when patients are experiencing unmanageable pain. take five-ten min out of your day for yourself. Make a list if pros and cons if you must, or simply play through your head all the negatives you had to deal with when you were overweight, your struggles, and how you felt about life and yourself. It is important to acknowledge these things, as these are the things you are going to leave behind in your future. This is the reason why you are going through this pain, to get your life back. Now, before you finish, go over in your head what your life COULD be like going forward if you use your new tools and skills, how much happier you will be. Set some realistic goals, ones in which you would not have been able to do prior to your surgery. And picture doing them! These things are why you went through with this procedure, they will soon be within your reach. These are the things that make the pain 'worth it'. I truly hope this helps you in some way. I am stuck in the hospital right now, and meditating like this helps me get through the day. Things will get better. However, please don't forget to followup with either your surgeon or family doctor for pain management. Take care and let us know how things are
  12. Recent Vertical Sleeve patient

    Sending you a very warm welcome, and hoping you find this forum as useful as I have. You have already taken the first step towards your new and rewarding journey along the weight loss patch ( patch? Lol, sounds like your going for some cabbage or something) *ahem* path, and for that I congratulate you! Looking forward to getting to know you better, and please feel free to questions at any time. We are here to support one another through this
  13. One month, but got to start somewhere ;)

    That would be some pretty awesome brain candy! And If I asked, I'm sure Uu
  14. One month, but got to start somewhere ;)

    That is wonderful food for thought ,Aussie tyvm. I am tempted to make a new thread based on this topic alone to get a consensus on what works, or doesn't work for everyone in terms of caloric intake for maintaining weight and losing weight.... Too tired right now though sadly. I have no idea if what I am saying is making sense. Goodnight all xoxoxo zzzXzxzxxxzz
  15. Anyone ever try this? $$$

    I cant see why you wouldn't! Canada might be a little different in that regard I am not to sure. But worth looking into! The more money that stays in Your pocket the better I think. These items are not cheap! But yes, I do realize they end up bring much cheaper than my past pizza binges, but still lol