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  1. Be as obsessed as you need; don't let others be your influencers. It's part of what threw me off course. So what if I have to obsess to be healthy? I'd much rather that then obsess about unhealthy habits. Do you, and what's best for you! You always have support here if you need us
  2. Welcome back Blue. Sorry to hear of the delay, but feel free to use this time to try out the different stages of your reccomended diet to troubleshoot for potential pitfalls. One of my biggest challenges was finding food that I could make for meal preps that was stage friendly, yet still tasty. Nausea friendly foods are also good to introduce into your life so your beyond prepared. And the dreaded protein drinks, very difficult to find the right one for me, but once I did it made making my goals so much more achievable post-op. I hope they can give you another date in the near future. And I'm glad you are safe, be well!
  3. Hey @anniehaley, you are not alone! You got some great advice to get you started. Stick with your posts and let us know how it goes. I am battling my regain as well, but we got this! One meal at a time, one day at a time.
  4. Hey @Cheesehead, thanks for the message. I did ok, overindulged once when there was sweets around but caught it quickly. Now there is only healthy food in the house again. That alone gives me a relief. Scale is still not moving, but I know in time it will as long as I keep moving forward. Hope you enjoyed your holidays, here's to a better year for all :)
  5. I found as long as I kept moving it helped manage my gas/bloating. Also, when drinking, taking sips made things worse as I would drink too much air along with it. So having a small drink vs having sips made things much more manageable. Your healthcare team may have other suggestions for you if it continues to be a problem. Let us know how it goes, hope it resides soon for you.
  6. Welcome to our little community i hope you find all the answers you are looking for. Let us know if you need any help.
  7. Merry Christmas guys n gals. Here's to a fantastic New Year. Much more to come in 2021!
  8. Great job! Keep up your steps, they are very important during your first few weeks post op to prevent complications. Wishing you the best of luck in the New Year. Patience is key
  9. Today marks the anniversary of my VSG. Wow what a journey this has been, with many ups and downs along the way. Although I have experienced regain, I can honestly say that I am in a better mind frame then I was this time last year when my spiral down the rabbit hole took a turn for the worse. It is very much a bitter sweet moment for me today. I know I still have a long road ahead of me to get back to where I was two years ago, but just knowing that I made it there once, empowers me to get there again. I still have my tools, although they maybe a bit dusty -- and the resources are out there if I need a bit of extra help along the way. I would like to extend my gratitude for the kindness shared on here. Falling back into my old habits was embarassing to have to admit. But we can't learn from our mistakes by avoiding the lessons that come with them. Having a safe space to do that is truly invaluable to me. My hope for the next year is to continue to work on mindfulness, deal with my emotions as they come, and avoid feeding bad habits that no longer serve me. Thanks all
  10. Wow Tracy, that is amazing! Very proud for you, I can just imagine how great it must feel to reach that goal. Big kudos to you! Best early Christmas present you could give yourself. May you live a long, happy and healthy life now from all your hard work
  11. Thanks Tracy, getting there - one day at a time. Glad to see a bunch of people are still on here and active. Such a great resource to have.
  12. Thanks @Aussie BearBear for the comments. I can understand your point on the pouch reset. Great that it works for some, sadly I am not one of those people. I did do a one day soup reset - just to help 'rest' my tummy which I found helpful to get back on the right track. But when it goes on too long, I fall back into the yo-yo dieting stage. I vowed not to go back to that lifestyle as it just isn't sustainable long term for me. i want a healthy relationship with food, and I feel like I'm on the right path to get there now. So if the pouch reset works for whomever may be reading this, good for you! If not, don't give up on yourself and find what does work for you, we are all unique
  13. Thanks @cinwa & @TammyP I found what helped me was monitoring my carbs, tracking my intake, and avoiding all trigger foods (darn carb brain! Lol). I've learned to forgive myself as well. Things kind of spiraled once I had a bad day, it turned into two - feeling shameful for not achieving perfection on my food logs. Lesson learned, forgive and love yourself for whatever stage your on now. Once I took that pressure off my plate, I was then able to focus on one meal at a time. Keep it simple I guess Great job btw for kick starting your next goal! Mindfulness is a great strategy that worked wonders for me in the past, and I plan on doing that again also. I'm now relearning my hunger cues, and trying to stop when I'm satisfied. Still a work in progress, but one day at a time, right?
  14. So I just wanted to check back in with a more positive update. I'm down 15 pounds since my last note, so for all you long term post-VSG 'erss, there is hope guys! We did it once, we can do it again Not saying it's easy, and there are many variables that make are cases unique, but try your best to reach out as early as possible when you start seeing the warning signs. It is a slower process the second time around I'll admit, but a big part of that I think is due to the fact that we aren't NPO - or going through the food stages (that seemed never ending at that time). I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of the holidays, please stay safe out there. If you are struggling, feel free to share one thing that works for you, and try to stick with it for one week. There is strength in numbers! With love, LadyB
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