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  1. I am a little late , Happy 1 year surgiversary !!  I didn't see you post anything.  Congrats on an amazing year

  2. Ladybugzzz86

    Meal Too Big

    Thank you @Anita62 & @Cardamom77 for your posts. I think summer might be a trigger in and of itself, because I have also been struggling this past week. So hearing all the feedback really helps me too. Time to go back to the basics, measure my food, hit the gym, be Mindful , and chew chew chew! Its tough guys, it really is, but I know we can do this.
  3. Ladybugzzz86

    Feeling like I messed up!!!

    I know how scary regain can be @blueyez3347, but there is still hope. You still have all the tools that you received in 2011. I feel like during this difficult time you are best just to go back to the basics. The 5 day pouch test might help reboot your thinking and get you back on track. Otherwise just follow what your WLS team set up for you. But I can't stress this enough to you - You are NOT a failure, and you are not alone. And come vent away here if you ever need to, I bet you will find others who are struggling with a similar experience. Hang in there, and do what works for you
  4. Ladybugzzz86

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome @Sa1ty, and congratulations on your surgery. You have a fantastic attitude to take on this new lifestyle - it will serve you well!
  5. Ladybugzzz86

    Meds for nerve pain

    I had no good benefits from lyrics or gabapentin sadly. And bad side effects for me too. Mostly mental capacity and concentration. My mother was on it also, and started to loose her memory but there are success stories out there from it. I am praying that this will give you the relief you deserve.
  6. Ladybugzzz86

    I need to vent about my MIL

    So precious!!! And I don't mean that in a Smeagol creepy lord of the rings way lol. Sorry to hear about your MIL, what a bumhead. Sounds like she is trying to rain on your parade. But please do not let her! You have done amazing work through this journey, and that is what she should be focusing on. I don't blame you one bit for needing to vent it out though, and am very proud of you for doing so, and choosing healthy foods to go to instead of reaching out to your old comfort foods. How fantastic is that?! Great work CJ, and again, sorry you had to go through that. I think there is always at least one in the family who tends to be that way.... The buggers.
  7. Ladybugzzz86

    Let down...

    Yes very true, and I'm sure my chickens are missing me also Thanks CJ
  8. Ladybugzzz86

    The GERD is real.

    Hope it all works out well for you @delilas - I need to take a PPI twice a day to keep mine in check. But, it does help me. Only downside is the side effects of course, especially where my iron is a bit low right now. But, one thing at a time, right? lol
  9. Ladybugzzz86

    Let down...

    Sadly not @BurgundyBoy, the ones I could attend still require daily travel of three hours round trip from where I live - or lodging. Both of which would be out of pocket. Where I am currently still on disability, it is just much more than I can afford. I had my final appointment today, and put my own suggestions forward though. So I will follow a home based program, see them once every two weeks for an assessment and adjust my exercises as needed - my request being that I get to see my psychologist and nutritionist at these visits to help keep me going in the right direction. I hope it gets approved. Fingers crossed I'm not about to loose all the progress I have gained so far. I think these tools/goals will help.
  10. Ladybugzzz86

    Let down...

    Appreciate that @Cardamom77 - I find even just writing my feelings out helps. But hearing back from people like yourself, well that's just the sugar free icing on the cake
  11. Ladybugzzz86

    Let down...

    Thank you so very much for your comment Jen - it really helps me keep pushing in the right direction. Big hugzz to you
  12. Ladybugzzz86

    Sleeping problems after weight loss surgery

    Big time troubles sleeping for me. It lasted about two weeks, so I just used gravol to get me through. It was so bad that it felt like my skin was crawling, I had to hold my arms up in the air to help ease the internal tremors. My Dr did later write a script for zoplicone. I'm sure they can give you something to help you through this transition.
  13. Ladybugzzz86

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    *jaw drop* that IS amazing - especially after everything you have been through this past while. Proud of you!
  14. Ladybugzzz86

    Hi everyone :)

    Great news @NerdyToothpick! I'm very sorry to hear that she had to go through that - and you guys too! But I hope it is all done now, at least for the scary imaging parts. Now you take care of yourself - we need you around here to help keep us all in line Hope you start to feel better real soon dearest Nerdy one
  15. Ladybugzzz86

    Blood work

    Just amazing XD My nutritionist was so proud of me lol, which felt good too!