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  1. Cramping pain and pain meds

    Hey Green, good to see you back here. I never did hear back from you since answering your first post, but have wondered how you were. I really would like to suggest seeing your surgeon regarding this, there is no need of you still being in pain especially if there is something they can do to help. Hope to hear an update from you with happier news in the near future @Green22
  2. Had my VSG surgery yesterday

    Make sure you take something for that nausea too! I would not have survived my post op honeymoon phase without it. And if the first med you try doesn't work, ask for something else. There are many options available. Oh, and if you have any gerd issues, or acid reflux, it can for sure be contributing to the nausea. But for the most part what you are feeling is normal post anesthetic like Gretta said - it will get better
  3. Can it be done- 2 years out?

    Great advice here, and be sure to keep those trigger foods out of your home. The five day pouch test will really help get you back on track, and it sounds like you need some motivation/support also. If you are interested, we can put a thread up to see if anyone else is interested in doing the 5dpt - check in daily, and be able to identify the real problems that are hurting your weight loss efforts and break them down one by one. I would be more than happy to join in with you on this! Whatever you think would help And don't forget to keep trying! Its much like quiting smoking. It rarely sticks the first time you try, but the more you try the better you get until one day you will succeed.
  4. Need for painkillers after weight loss??

    Were you always a big water drinker before WLS too? I'm just wondering if that in addition to your weight loss, the increase in water helped also! Most people have no idea that they walk around daily with at least a degree of dehydration. I still have a hard time reaching my daily water goals, but I do notice a difference from increasing my water intake - less headaches, and my minor aches and pains are near gone. I'm sure being away from diet pop helps too, and healthier food choices sure don't hurt.
  5. Going to see my new surgeon!

    Sorry to hear about this @NerdyToothpick - I hope everything is OK hun. Sending healing hugsss your way directly from my chickens (who you would be happy to hear escaped yesterday, so it might give you a chuckle to picture me running around my yard trying to catch three young chickens... They are faster than you think!)
  6. My new stomach is quite upset at me.

    Sorry to hear that @NerdyToothpick I hope you are OK - physically and emotionally.
  7. Finally got in! Vsg complete!

    Happy to hear things went well - wishing you a speedy recovery
  8. Hey folks! I'm hitting a bit of a wall at the gym so looking for recommendations on songs/playlists that help push you through. I have some, but notice I'm hitting repeat too much lol - so please share some of your favourites if you would like. They might help someone else on here too
  9. Purée stage.

    Welcome to Thinner times I second cinwas recommendation for eggface, be sure to check out the ricotta bake if your not lactose intolerant. It is delish!
  10. Denied

    What about your quality of life? Or potential to develop Barrets esophagus from the recurrent vomiting? Maybe speak to your doctor about this. More often than not they have a few tricks up their sleeves on what to say to these insurance companies. Don't give up
  11. I hate the night - sundowners?

    No worries, I didn't think you were being insensitive one bit And being more active is for sure one of my long term goals anyhow, so doing some fun activities that help me zone out from the pain will certainly help me get there. I know how to knit, only made a scarf so far lol but its a start. I love gaming, mostly ps4 style - in fact I even have a guitar game called rocksmith which I just adore. Combines two of my favorite things into one I love the idea you have about the TV - I could do that, as long as my wifey doesn't kill me in the process lol, she loves TV for even background noise. I get to distracted by it and then down on my bum I go for the next hour or so. Ah well, one thing at a time right? Next week, I think I will try to get back into knitting - makes me feel close to my grandmother.
  12. I hate the night - sundowners?

    Howdy Trish! The package might be slightly misleading (prepared vs unprepared dry mix) but it says 8g carbs per half cup (and of course I had a full cup..) So 16 plus 8 I think for my almond milk - much more carbs than I expected for a 'snack'. Like I said, it could be it prepared with milk, its not very clear. And no worries, no longer feeling guilty just made me realize I have to be more mindful, at least until I know my foods better
  13. Having kind of a rough day

    Very well put, @BurgundyBoy! Loved this link, ty for the share
  14. There is an unread content section?! My mind is blown Time for me to go searching
  15. I wish I had some great advice for you, however I have been struggling with this also. I have found that keeping myself busy works best, but that isn't always reasonable. You are not alone by any means. I think the best thing we can do is take the time to reflect and be mindful - ask ourselves what is it that I am truly craving? Love, affection, understanding? Sometimes I notice I go for food just because I am thirsty or tired. Or try to do something nice for yourself on the weekends - pick up a new hobby for instance. And lastly, come here to talk about it any time - we are all struggling through this together and even just having someone to relate to can help us through. We got your back, and remember, you are still doing an awesome job! Compare your current head hunger foods to ones you had prior to WLS - try to focus on these positive changes so you don't beat yourself up. That little gremlin on our shoulder can be a real bugger sometimes