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  1. @Aussie Bear thank you for the kind thoughts and reply. It sounds like you at least have a good medical team in your corner, who are willing to go the extra mile. That can be rare (at least in my little corner of the world). I am sorry that the reversal doesn't sound like an option for you right now. But on the plus side, maybe something will come back in your lab work/tests that can help direct them to less invasive options anyhow. Please update us with the results, if you are comfortable doing that. It is a very interesting disease process, I had to look it up to wrap my mind around it
  2. Hey @Aussie Bear, so good to hear from you. I'm sorry to hear the not-so-fun medical feedback though. I know you have been doing your darndest to deal with the RH the best you can, and have done amazingly so might I add! How do you feel about the possibility of a reversal? Do they think that could help reverse the RH as well, or at least assist in managing it? I hope they can give you some good feedback to help put your mind at ease. And wtg maintaining your weight under all that stress. Please know you are in my thoughts, and I am rooting for you - you are not alone <3
  3. Ouu! And ricotta bake. Life-saver lol
  4. Oh @April Martinez, I can understand how you feel. But for some of us, if eating right and exercise was the answer, it would have already worked for us. These things will be very important to follow after the surgery too, and that ultimately is what takes off the weight. But that is in addition to the new tool the WLS gives us. It gives us a sense of restriction, which we have lost in our normal bodies after years of abuse. It gives you time to relearn the cues you need to listen to within your body of when to eat, when to stop, and what foods our bodies don't agree with. I know for myself, th
  5. Wow @Nana Trish, your courage is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story, and I'm glad you have come back to a support network that 'gets' you. I hope everyday gets a little bit easier. Be patient and kind with yourself. We are only humans, grounded to this earth by gravity. It's inevitable that we fall at times. But together we can get up and be even stronger than before. Kind thoughts sent your way.
  6. @Res IpsaIpsa @cinwa @TammyP@Anita1962 Thank-you thank-you thank-you! It was very hard for me to come here and admit what I did. Thank you for all the encouragement and access to such invaluable resources. And your right, it is going to take time to recover what weight loss I already had in the past. But I can't keep to caught up in that. I need to focus on my current triggers now, how to best address them without food, and set up my home life for success. @tammyp nice catch with that quote. I forgot about that - I have been really broken over the past year.. it was a ni
  7. Hey there! Please try not to worry, plateaus are totally normal after WLS. Try to focus on the foods you do like. If you're really worried about your protein intake, look into different shake options. Tracking your intake using an app such as MyFitnessPal, can really help you figure out if your reaching your daily targets. Beans, legumes, even meal replacement drinks might also be a good option for you to consider. And experiment! Have fun with relearning what foods you like, your palate will change more than likely now that you are eating clean. Best of luck!
  8. I kept putting off coming back here, because of the shame I feel for my regain. But I have decided to leave my pride and ego behind, because they aren't helping me in my quest for peace. The biggest shame for me is that when I got my VSG, my complications were quite severe and almost cost me my life. I feel that I have wasted such a great opportunity that I gave so much up to have. So after starting at 340lbs, I was able to drop to 230lbs. Now? I'm back up to 293 and climbing. I was undergoing extensive rehab to attempt to return to work after a work related back injury. Regardless
  9. Not at all. She was very pleased. It used to be high 9's for the three month average. Anything below a 7 is what diabetics should aim for. Can't wait to beat my last score now
  10. Hey @middie5, good work! I'm not sure if you ever tried it, but I find yoga and pilates fantastic at building lean, strong muscles especially for core strength. As an added bonus, it also helped keep things 'firmish'. I do still have some excess skin, but I really do think it would have been much worse without these exercises. Maybe try out some YouTube clips to try it out? Good luck! Might save you some money too
  11. We are all here for you @Abbey Morrison what you are feeling is totally normal, and its your body's way of making sure you are as prepared as much as possible before you start your journey. Ask any and all questions you would like - everyone is so fantastic and supportive here, you will feel right at home. Welcome to the family
  12. @Cheesehead @Aussie Bear, you are both an inspiration. These situations have in the past caused us to self soothe with food. But now they are opportunities to grow stronger, set healthy boundaries, and (hopefully ) find happiness. Or at least some peace within ourselves. And I am very sorry to hear about the explosion around the holidays Cheesehead, but kudos to you on how you handled it!
  13. Thanks for your post @Cheesehead, sounds like a fantastic idea. And I hope things start to get a little less stressful for your household situation
  14. Thanks so much everyone for the kind words and support. @Nana Trish, that gives me much hope to hear. Only makes sense that body will need to readjust also, never thought of it that way. Merci
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