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  1. 72hrs after op..

    Do you know, after 27 years of being on a ‘diet’ today I enjoyed a small glass of fresh pomegranate juice. All legal, surgeon approved! And it tasted all the more delicious, knowing that NO food or drink is bad or evil anymore, that I can have anything I like, in time, and within reason, it honestly feels like the shackles have finally been taken off and I’m allowed into the thinner kingdom! Im not about to go shove a bucket of ice cream down my throat, but, I dunno, I feel relieved. Finally something is in control maybe? I feel hopeful, and it’s amazing
  2. 72hrs after op..

    I'm home! Still feeling great, was lovely to see all my friends and my dog Teddy! Getting in fluids surprisingly well, will be able to finally measure exactly how much from tmrw but today i know I'm over a litre/32 ozs so yeah, all going well!
  3. 72hrs after op..

    I fly home tomorrow. I'm so glad I had 5 nights here I can't imagine leaving any earlier!
  4. I'm good! Finally.. it s taken 72hrs but I feel almost..... normal! It's also taken me this long to find this post again to reply to you all
  5. 72hrs after op..

    Yeah I weigh the same but the actual analysis is, fluid up fat down! More than happy with that. Walking no problem, just feels like I'm pregnant with my belly all bloated and that I've done a million crunches
  6. And I finally feel GREAT! I have to admit the anaesthetic really knocked me down, I felt so so sick and all the trapped gas...oh my word. But today Im laying in my hospital bed, sipping lemon and ginger tea after a nice walk in the cool air outside. honestly, yesterday morning I was crying thinking what the hell have I done to myself and today I’m a new woman! ive also been weighed and have lost 11lbs of fat since the op, waaaahooooooooo
  7. Thanks all! I'm sat in the departure gate at the airport ready to board the plane to my new life
  8. So, I’m sat here looking at my small suitcase wondering if I’ve got everything. the nerves have finally kicked in. I fly tmrw but my op is on Tuesday. Sadly I lost my parents a few years ago and what I wouldn’t give for a mum hug right now. wish me luck
  9. Changing bra sizes as the pounds drop

    *High 5*
  10. Changing bra sizes as the pounds drop

    My bum and hips always hold onto the weight. I once went down from 266 to 215 and only dropped one dress size in trousers!! My hips don't lie
  11. Changing bra sizes as the pounds drop

    I've bought some stretchy sport bras. They have no fastening, Just stretchy fabric that are soft enough to sleep in even. They offer support and will last through various sizes. That's my bra plan!
  12. One month, but got to start somewhere ;)

    Lol, I wonder about that too.....I call it my fat blanket! Comforts me when I need a hug Heats me when I'm cold Protects me from people I think I might need to buy a HUGE wool blanket to replace it!
  13. Looking for a VSG buddy Surgery on Jan 16th

    Me please! We are surgery date twins!
  14. VSG!!!!

    And so it begins....
  15. The first feeling of nerves. 1 week till VSG

    Thanks all! Luckily I've been to Istanbul before! Where is the calendar?