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  1. I'm still in the glorious stage of having cheese (albeit a tiny amount) and really enjoying it! Cheese was off limits for YEARS due to being on a diet for 27. Lol. It feels so naughty but a. It's protein and b. It's delicious and that's ok. That's all ok. So i feel I'm cheating, but I'm not. I hope to stay like this for a while yet
  2. So last week i lost nothing and this week I've lost 10lbs AND I can fit in some smaller clothes! I can finally see it! Hurrah! I'm doing a happy dance in my old but new smaller jeans!
  3. Not to be rude, but why are people who've had a bypass answering questions on the sleeve forum? Your results will always be massively different, no? Its like comparing apples with oranges, i don't think it's very helpful if a person who had a sleeve is asking specific questions about sleeve weight loss.
  4. Update my body has gone crazy and lost 6lbs since Tuesday. just got to work on trusting this process. Thanks all, I’m 42lbs down and thrilled!
  5. Week 9....no weightloss. I feel really down. I honestly feel like I'm never going to lose this weight. Not even removing my stomach is working. I feel liked giving up but i can't even do that. Just feel so hopeless
  6. Thanks guys, this whole process is a loooooooong mental game too, something I’ve never been particularly good at. i just want to fast forward a year and wake up 100lbs lighter!
  7. I only lost 10lbs this month and I’m feeling very down about it. I can lose more if I followed a diet pre op so why have I lost so little seeing as I’m hardly eating? I'm feeling very discouraged and that I’m failing. I’ve also lost 36lbs total and see no difference in my body, clothes fitting or anything really. No one has noticed either. I need a firm word, a kick in the pants. go....
  8. I’m dunking the brownie, it’s very dry! No drinking, no. yeah I tried protein water, raspberry and rhubarb. It was nasty.
  9. I remembered that I liked quest bars when I was I was last in the US so shall order some of them. im sat here trying, forcing myself to eat a protein chocolate brownie and a glass of milk.
  10. Annoyingly I can only buy that brand in massive tubs for £40. That’s the issue, what if I buy it and don’t like it? I have 3 tubs of ones I don’t like already! there has to be somewhere that sells single serve sachets. I will keep looking
  11. I’ve tried maybe 4/5, it’s just the consistency. Too thick. And they turn to mousse because it takes so long to drink them. I never finish one. I live in the UK but I’ll try to find that one! thanks
  12. I’ve discussed this lots with my friend and she said the following; youre going through a break up with food. Food was your fiend, the thing you turned to when things were hard. And now you don’t have that, you’re in this alone and you can’t use food as a way to comfort. youre grieving that loss. And I know its ok to feel that loss, and yes I too want to eat ‘normally’ sometimes. But let’s be honest, my normal was never normal. And would never be normal.so I’ve really tried to find food that’s are super tasty and almost feel naughty to compensate because a
  13. I hate them My diet is normally as follows half a poached egg, normally just the yolk. With half a slice of toast. (6) 2 x baby bel cheese (9.2 grs) a teeeny tiny bowl of cottage pie or fish pie maybe 2 more babybels (9.2) 300ml semi skimmed milk (10) ive been rubbish at monitoring exact protein intake. This I must work on as I’m sure that’s nowhere near 60grs. ETA: worked out protein to be 34.4grs...which goes to explain why I nearly fell over at the gym yesterday! so other than shakes, how else are you getting protein into yo
  14. I’ve bought some protein bars and I WILLtry and eat at least half a one before going back to gym tmrw. and I’ll attempt a protein shake after. i will not give up! thanks all
  15. So it’s 7 weeks since my VSG and I’m ok to go to the gym. started today with 30 min circuits. 12 stations, 1 min on each. Half way through I felt light headed and that lasted for nearly 2 hours.i ended up spending 3 hours at the gym because I didn’t feel safe enough to drive home i KNOW it’s because I’m not eating enoug and simply didn’t have the energy, does anyone have any advice? How can I go to the gym when I feel this way? should I try to eat somit this before I go? But what?
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