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    Everything . Pre surg weight 238


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  1. Lankyliz

    What did you eat today?

    Breakfast Greek yoghurt and little fruit Cheese slice and ham Chicken salad Cheese slice and ham Fish and veg Milk for supper Usually 800 call
  2. Lankyliz

    Cheat days

    Mine too
  3. Lankyliz

    ONDERLAND are you kidding me?

    Awesome work happy for you well done but you definitely deserve it
  4. Lankyliz

    CJ, I'm CindyLouWho and I'm overweight now too!!!!

    Woo hoo well done
  5. Lankyliz

    Two for RNY

    Prayers there way ...brave couple taking the best future x
  6. Lankyliz

    I’m new here

    I had already lost seventy pounds pre op so a lower bmi looses slower bit I'm happy ad it' giving me and my skin chance to adjust nicely
  7. Lankyliz

    I’m new here

    Pretty much averaging 10 lbs a month
  8. Lankyliz

    I’m new here

    Well said either surgery will be fine when your head is in the right place ...thats' the key Loads of advice from amazing people who really care on here
  9. Lankyliz

    My first stall

    Thank you lovely lady
  10. Lankyliz

    Pre op is next week and I'm sick.

    Great news ...will come before you know it
  11. Lankyliz

    My first stall

    Thanks bb
  12. Lankyliz

    6 months today, and I'm still alive XD

    Amazing changes ..Well done
  13. Lankyliz

    My first stall

    Thanks Tracy wise words as it does get in your head and you think the honeymoon is over and I haven' unpacked yet .
  14. Lankyliz

    10 month post op tomorrow !!

    Congrats will do amazing stay on here for lost of support along the way
  15. Lankyliz

    My first stall

    So lost two pounds at the start of month four then have been in a stall since . Know it' my body catching up but they are tricky to get your head round . I am following some wise words cinwa posted and if I average I have lost 11 pounds a month which is awesome and I'm following the plan so time will start me moving again soon .