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  1. I'm doing the happy dance!

    Lovely house congratulations
  2. New to thinner times

    Hi there Well done you are doing so well
  3. It gets better but the first week can be tough . Remember it' not a race just rest walk and sip it will pass ...peppermint tea worked well for wind for me .
  4. I get that when my gall stones have a moan then it settles worth mentioning to your Pcp/ gp
  5. November Newbies....we outgrew our name....

    Your looking great amazing job x sorry about the finances having similar issues...carbs are cheaper that' a problem ...Your resolve is admirable
  6. Mine or very similar to yours ..pre op 140/85
  7. Hi From Tasmania

    Hi there . Welcome x
  8. Four months

    Amazing work ...well done
  9. One year out

    Well done ...amazing results
  10. Inches lost

    Wow x
  11. Feeling like a failure

    Wash it from your mind ...not a problem
  12. Why is this happening now

    Ican agree to that can only do warm too unless it' milk. I had my surg day before you I find I randomly have a few days like you describe then it settles . I usually go back to soups for 24 hrs then it' ok again. Early days I guess we'l done on the 25 lbs loss
  13. You will be fine xxx I worried loads and it was much better than I expected. X
  14. Spring/summer clothes

    Wow looking beautiful Trish and as always that lovely smile xx
  15. Hair Loss

    Wow well done you !!