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  1. Almost 3 yrs post sleeve

    Hi there Sure you can do it with support xx What is your motivator ...xx
  2. What Are You Wearing Today?

    I' m pre op so 18 jeans bit snug and 22 top hoping the sizes will be lower this time next yr You all look amazing and truly inspirational
  3. Lab results

    I had problems with anaemia due to periods and was advised to have a mirena coil solved it overnight and bonus no monthly xxx What confusing advice I think vita alternate days sounds a good start xxx
  4. How are you doing today 

    What a time you'e had .you have been in my thoughts and prayers 

    Good times are ahead for you xxxxxx

    1. Ladybugzzz86


      Hey there @Lankyliz :) Well it has been tough my friend I must admit. Being told I could possibly die from different procedures and seeing my mother's face as she does listen in, breaks my heart. I know if anything were to happen to me my family would really be a mess. I think that in all honesty is the hardest part of all of this. 

      Thank you for your kind words and prayers, they are greatly appreciated. One day at a time, and even one step at a time on the extra hard days. 

      With much love,


    2. Lankyliz
  5. 2 week Post op VSG

    Ditto x welcome
  6. My secret

    I How amazing is that !!!!!!!!! !Top day today feeling at peace with gb decision ,great shift at work and hubby got great price for our beef cows in market Woop woop woop ******
  7. Feb 17 gb

    Thanks cheeringcj . Makes me feel better that goes through iv line and not mask x Bit of a control freek I think ..hate to feel confined ..silly me !!
  8. Feb 17 gb

    Wow x
  9. My secret

    It' a great feeling to have back up from you all ..and to have those questions that keep you awake at night shared xx .I'm confident will make the bumpy journey to health an enlightened one
  10. My secret

    Thank you all so much for your lovely replies and support how lucky am I ...x
  11. My secret

    Thank you all so much for your lovely replies and support how lucky am I ...x
  12. My secret

    Bless you
  13. My secret

    Thankyou x
  14. My secret

    Well after all your amazing support I found the right time while he was in the bath .... I used lots of the supporing literaure from jen581791 and some quotes from burgandy boy ...had it all prepped and used cj's advice of using his way of reasoning and to the Point then gave him time to sink it in ...stephtay. I am here in amazement and awe he said" you need to do it I have been slowly watching you dying with pre diabetes foot and back problems and you need to do it for us and our family " speachless moi for once .....I drove to work with a huge grin feeling a weight from my shoulders and the most positive for surgery in three weeks I have ever felt and my future . He won' tell anyone one else and like cheesehead the details of my wls are mine . Surgeon and doc happy to write abdominal surgery for sick note for work Happy lady Feel like I have new friends which is so nice I can' tell you all how blessed I feel to be in my shoes xxxxxxxxxxx Ps just got cancelled my surgeon has cancer large op to do that day so have no qualms and will wait for a new date . It will happen when the times right Prayers and good wishes for the poor pt taking the slot and positive thoughts for a good outcome
  15. My secret

    Bless you all . You are so very kind