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  1. Thank you so much ...a life time of comfort eating doesn't hide in six months i need to work on my headspace x
  2. Difficult with the weather as we provide people for the workers i need to be focussed am trying xx
  3. Thankyou you are all so kind and wise
  4. Thankfulness as such kind words
  5. Sorry peeps it's been a month since I was here The drought has meant we have had no grass for our animals or water we are spring water reliant so we have been up to are eyes in it . I am low because my husband's mood and constant financial pressure has led to comfort eating and ice cream binges which I need to get my head round with your help ....I only lost five pounds in July ....on a positive note i am 20 lbs from my doctors goal and have lost 134 pounds so when I look at it that way it's better but I need to believe I've got this to maintain 2,5,10,20 years ahead i am over the yo
  6. You'll be awesome ....this is the most liberating journey of your life
  7. With you on this I eat an amazing diet and don't touch a protein shake or bar but eat totally fresh foods and feel great and get my protein needs and if I checked rarely go above 800 calls a day but don't have to count
  8. Cinwa..you are so where I'm at I am over weighing and assessing...was a life long pain ...I stick to fish and veg and small amount of dairy but usually lactose free feel so much better gluten free and low lactose that I never go there or use the alternatives xx
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