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  1. Thanks... the built in portion control has a lot to do with it. ;o)
  2. It's been a while since I posted... down 75 lbs, no special dieting. I am feeling very good, looking better and hope to hit the 100 lb mark by my birthday in August. I will be trying low carb next week...no bread (I've been taking a sandwich to work most days...but I use the lowest carb wraps/bread I can find), no rice/potato/pasta/sugar. we'll see if that will boost things a bit. Gary
  3. I did lose almost 10 lbs the month prior to the surgery... so 45 since 12/5. I have days without a pound being shed, then 3-6 lbs will be gone. I did eat something sweet once...it make me feel so bad, I won't do that again! ;o) I do well when I follow low carb strictly, so I'm relatively sure that the weight loss will pick up.
  4. It's been 2 months since my sleeve was done. I've lost a total of 55 lbs, but it's slow and to be honest, I don't really watch what I eat...I just can't eat much of whatever, so that's a good thing. I am about to change to a low carb way of eating, so I'm hoping that will help in the pounds falling off. One thing I have not done is to eat sweets, ie ice cream, cake, etc because I do not want to go back on diabetes meds (more pills). Now, for the more important issue, and while I value any insight, maybe some guys have had this same issue...Since surgery, I've noticed a reduction in both u
  5. I never really thought of it like that...meat replacing protein shakes. I just love meat!! hahaha I still drink the shakes and just bought my first jug of protein powder to make my own.
  6. I am feeling fine. I haven't had any bad days so I consider myself lucky. I had to walk down 6 flights of stairs a few days ago due to elevators being out and BOY are my leg muscles sore!!! ;o) Looking forward to getting in the gym and getting strong again.
  7. I am almost at my 6 weeks since surgery. I've had three episodes of near upchucking due to one too many bites. ;o) I find that I get full very fast when I eat meat. Then, I ran out of the Prilosec the Doc prescribed and thought phooey, I don't need it since I experienced no issues with heartburn. And then I did...so a refill was picked up and I'm back on it. I've also resumed regular coffee (or people may die..hahaha) ;o) I'm so used to making a lot of food and my freezer is filling up fast. I am not going back to diet sodas, although I miss my diet Dew. Drinking a lot of Crystal L
  8. One month before surgery (11/05) I weighed 445. On Sun (12/31) I weighed 403.
  9. Hello All... My name is Gary, and I'm from Jacksonville, FL. I had sleeve surgery on 12/05. I have had zero problems and am doing well. Hoping to learn some things to assist me in losing as much as I can. Gary
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