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  1. pandygirl

    6 Weeks Post-Op

    Well, here I am at six weeks post-op. I was in a no-weight loss rut for about 10 days. I'd lose a few tenths of a pound, then gain it back. Up/down, up/down. Finally, three days ago, I broke through the stall. I've now lost 29 lbs (29 since the liquid diet and 19 since surgery). I've been keeping a daily diary of everything I'm eating and drinking in MyFitnessPal. That really helps me a lot. I'm sticking with the plan. I'm upping my activity level. I'm really trying hard to get my fluid goals met every day. I'm still not doing great with the fluids. Otherwise, I feel really well. I've officially moved to regular foods. I've been tolerating things very well. We had chicken thighs for dinner one night this past week. I was able to eat 2 oz of chicken, plus about 2 tablespoons of a goulash-y veggie mixture I made, and about a tablespoon of mashed cauliflower. That's a lot of food for me. I'm up to about 700 calories a day now.
  2. pandygirl

    3 Weeks Post-Op

    I'm in pureed foods mode right now. I'm supposed to start soft foods later this week. We'll see how that goes. My sugar readings are still normal, which is awesome! I've lost a total of 24 lbs (14 since surgery). I'm down in the 180s now, so I can't complain. Just going with the flow.
  3. pandygirl

    5 month post op today

    Congratulations on your tremendous progress so far! Wow, you should feel really proud of yourself. Looking forward to those "after" pictures, too.
  4. pandygirl

    Day 12 Post-Op

    Thanks, CJ. I'm doing a bit better getting my protein in --- well, close to it. Yes, I'm pretty happy with how my incisions have been healing. That one incision is lumpy now, but the PA said there's a stitch inside that's making it feel that way and that it will eventually dissolve and go away. It's sensitive, but not uncomfortable.
  5. pandygirl

    Day 12 Post-Op

    Blood sugar: 88 Weight loss: 0.4lbs (total lost: 20.4lbs/13 lost since surgery). Pain level: still about a 1, mostly around the one incision where they removed my stomach Protein consumption: only about 40 grams yesterday. Goal is 60-80 grams daily. As far as the pureed foods go, I've tried homemade chicken salad, diced ham, and a poached egg (which I was told is often well-tolerated). None of them have gone down really smoothly. The only pureed food I can get down with ease is small curd cottage cheese. I'm not going to push it. Otherwise, it hurts or just feels uncomfortable swallowing down those other foods.
  6. pandygirl

    Day 11 Post-Op

    Thanks, Jen. It seems to vary day by day. Yesterday I only got about 40. Today I'm on target for 60.
  7. pandygirl

    Day 11 Post-Op

    Not enough, for sure! It's been blistering cold here the past few days, so I've taken to walking laps around our downstairs and going up and down our stairs. I'm looking forward to it warming up a bit so I can start riding my bike.
  8. pandygirl

    Me with my boy, last Christmas vs this Christmas

    You look wonderful Trish, and a whole lot younger in your after pic!
  9. pandygirl

    Day 11 Post-Op

    Blood sugar: 89 Weight loss: 0.4lbs (total lost: 20lbs/12.6 lost since surgery) Pain level: about a 1 Protein consumption: 65 grams yesterday! Finally! Goal is 60-80 grams daily.
  10. pandygirl

    Day 10 Post-Op

    Blood sugar: 87 Weight loss: 0.2lbs (total lost: 19.6lbs/12.2 lost since surgery) Pain level: about a 2 Protein consumption: about 42 grams yesterday I've been cleared for pureed foods! Woohoo! I've literally been starving for the past week and a half, so I'm hoping this will curb some of that. My surgeon's PA said that, unfortunately, around 1/3 of their patients experience true hunger from day 1 and I seem to be one of those lucky individuals. Otherwise, the PA is very pleased with my progress so far. I told her how the skin surrounding my incisions has been a bit itchy. She said I can try a very small amount of Benadryl cream or hydrocortisone ointment, but I have to be careful not to get my incisions too moist yet with creams and lotions, because my incisions can split open. That would obviously be bad. I ordered these little hors d'oeuvres dishes from World Market that are 2" squares that hold one liquid ounce. I also ordered a set of cocktail forks and spoons. Those are what I use to eat. They've come in very handy for measuring out an appropriate portion of cottage cheese or chicken salad (which I made homemade from a rotisserie chicken this afternoon and am enjoying now for my first pureed meal). I felt like the chicken was a little bit difficult to get down, so I'm going to hold off for a bit before eating it again. My next experiment will be with eggs, I think.
  11. pandygirl

    Day 9 Post-Op

    Blood sugar: 94 Weight loss: 0.4lbs (total lost: 19.4lbs) Pain level: about a 2 most of the time, although when I hiccup it hurts my entire belly cavity. Also, sipping down my first shake of the day today is hurting like crazy and I don't understand why. Even the teeniest, tiniest sip feels like I swallowed a whole pretzel log sideways in my stomach. Protein consumption: only about 26 grams yesterday. I need to do better today.
  12. pandygirl


    You look fabulous! What a great feeling to make it to your goal weight. I can't wait to see what else your journey holds for you.
  13. pandygirl

    HALFWAY to GOAL (#1!)

    Halfway to goal at 7.5 weeks! That's awesome!
  14. pandygirl

    Day 8 Post-Op

    Blood sugar: 84 (now I have to worry about it going too low) Weight loss: 0.4lbs (total lost: 19lbs) Pain level: hovering between a 2 and 3 Protein consumption: about 52 grams yesterday! I'm getting there. Goal is 60-80 grams. For the past two days I've nibbled on small curd fat free cottage cheese, a little at a time. I just felt like I was ready for it and wanted it. I don't even like cottage cheese, but it tasted so damn good in light of all the shakes and sugar free popsicles I've been having. I just made sure it was a toothpaste consistency before I swallowed it down --- and the teeny bit that I ate each time barely fit on the tip of a cocktail spoon. No adverse reactions. And 1/2 cup contains 11 grams of protein. I had about 1/4 cup yesterday. Again, it took me about an hour to eat that 1/4 cup, but I did it and felt well afterwards. I also tried about a tablespoon's worth of unsweetened applesauce last night, just for something different. It took me about 20 minutes to eat that tablespoon, but again I had no issues. I have my first post-op appointment this coming Thursday with my surgeon's PA. I'm hoping she'll give me the go-ahead to move on to pureed foods, because I feel like I'm ready to. Normally, they want you to be on full liquids for 14 days, but I feel like my body is telling me it's time to move forward. Fingers crossed.
  15. pandygirl

    Day 6 Post-Op, Part II

    I have a morbid fascination for all of this stuff, too. Is the drain for bypass patients only or do some sleeve patients also have a drain, do you know? I would've been nervous dealing with a drain. I have pale skin, too, and also scar easily, so I imagine mine will also be noticeable, but I'm not really concerned about that. The trade-off makes it worth it. Besides, my bikini-wearing days are long over.