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  1. I understand the husband issue. My husband is a big guy who can eat a great deal without damage. He supports me but I am trying to wrap my head around all the many cooking changes I need to make.... I cleaned out all the grains from my kitchen except a bit of quinoa... Basically all the things that I tend to overdo but I have to come up with alternative options for my husband and teenagers.
  2. I am midway through my six month pre surgery diet for vsg. Any one at the same point it with similar interests? Still struggling with making kitchen changes and getting my family on board. I am trying to learn everything from what kind of food and alcohol I can have in my house. Thanks!
  3. @athenarose from what they were saying to me they only want me to lose very minimal weight. My BMI is 41.5 according to the doctor's office.... (That did not match my chart) and they do not want me to lose below 40. Which is what freaks me out. I know I can drop below forty in a finger snap... But I also know I can gain that fast too!
  4. Thank you so much for the reassurance! I appreciate it. My surgeon's office mentioned that they needed me to keep my BMI at a certain level for the insurance company. That was one of the reasons I was and am so nervous. Because I know I can lose but maintaining especially a higher weight on purpose is freaking me out. When I am up I usually don't pay attention to where I am with wise. It is only when I am down or losing....
  5. I am three months or so until my surgery. My surgeon's office told me that I needed to lose some weight but not allot and not fast. It is so hard as a fat person to be told to make all these dietary changes and not lose allot of weight! I get freaked out and binge. I am afraid I may even gain, eek! The thing is I know I can lose weight. I have lost one hundred pounds more than once.... And various amounts lots of times.... I just haven't been able to keep it all off.... So, I just want to get off of this roller coaster ride. Did anyone else have this experience?
  6. Hello, I am at the very beginning of the process. My first surgeon appointment is next week. I already have the referral from my PCP and my insurance Co says they will pay 100% once all requirements are met. Right now I am nervous and hopeful. I don't know which procedure will be best for me. I just know that I can't live this way forever. I am 38 years old 265 pounds female with spinal arthritis, asthma, and chronic tummy troubles... I have lost 100 pounds twice with my top weight 310 ... I just can't do that anymore. I want of the roller coaster.