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  1. @Ladybugzzz86 I got your message and read your story right away. I cried reading it because I know exactly what your going through and how scary it is. I remember crying Christmas morning because I was happy to be alive and to spend it with my family. I too was saved by a wonderful xray tech who just happen to catch the blood clot in my portal vein in my liver. I went through my series of anticoagulant shots having to shoot myself in the stomach twice a day for a week. Iam now on xarelto twice a day for two weeks, then once a day on a lower dose for three months. Make sure your doctor keeps up with your labs and check your d-dimers level to acess your blood clot risk. Iam not still out of the woods yet, my last labs i scored 2540 on my blood clot risk which is very high considering the normal range is 0-400. Iam so glad your doing well now please dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or just need someone who understands. Again so glad your here and stay strong i know how devastating this is. All i keep thinking was how could i do this to my family but we were trying to do the right thing so remember that.
  2. I had my sleeve surgery on Dec 13th 2017. I ended up having a hernia repair in addition to the sleeve. I went home on the 14th and thought everything went fine. I thought it was weird that my roomate in the hospital could eat from her tray without pain(she had the bypass)but i figured everyone heals differently. Any a couple of days passed and i began to have such a heavy feeling in my chest. I started to have trouble breathing and the pain progressed throughout the day. I called the doctor's office and they said they would see me in the office the next day. As the day went on the more pain i was in. I called the emergency line for my doctor because it was after hours by this time. I explained what was going on and the oncall doctor said go to E.R. I am a single mom and i didnt have anyone to take me. I knew i had to go so i took all my strength and drove 25 min to the closest E.R. Long story short i had a blood clot in my liver(very serious problem) and ended up back in the hospital for two days. I will be on blood thinners for three months but Iam alive and feeling better. If you feel something is not right GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM! Me not waiting saved my life, we all know surgery comes with risk so I am sharing my story in hopes of saving one of you. Much love Ronny
  3. Ronny

    Hi Im New Here.

    Hello everyone, thank you so much for checking on me. The surgery went well, am supposed to be discharged later today. Getting my water in is hard right now and the protein shakes hurt my stomach so bad so sticking to water. Ive walking in between naps, but i made it to loser bench! Just hoping to feel better day by day. Iam happy to have found this forum because you are so amazing. Thank so much for the support and advice. Ill post soon Much love Ronny
  4. Ronny

    Hi Im New Here.

    Thank you... Thank you so much to everyone. I am sorry for not responding to each one of you individually but i wanted to respond as a whole and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support. Tomorrow is the day hope to keep myself busy with getting ready for my surgery. Still have to pack my bag, and make sure i have everything i need. You are all an amazing buch of people and your words of encouragement have meant more to me than ypu could know. Going in at 9:30 hope to be reporting my status soon. Good luck and God bless to everyone.
  5. Ronny

    Hi Im New Here.

    I am having sleeve my sleeve surgery on Wednesday December 13th. Iam starting to waver should I ? Or shouldn't I. I want to change my life, because iam so tired of my weight being an issue in my life. Every time I go some place new I think what people say or think about me. I know im going have it im just scared of the unknown.Anyway hi all cant wait to get on the losers bench. Btw this liquid diet is so hard.