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  1. S-Melton

    6 weeks of coughing and wheezing

    Thank you! I'm going on 8 weeks now... And its still here... Its crazy... Never had this happen.. I did Google it and seems like other patients have had these symptoms rare but it happens... Just wished it would move on.... 75 pds down in 8 weeks... Least the weight is falling off ... That's always a plus!!
  2. S-Melton

    6 weeks of coughing and wheezing

    Pcp and surgeon said this is common from having the tube run down my throat... He said the thick mucus is just how it works... But I've defiantly caught a bug with the green mucus... I've had 7 days of antibiotics, and a steroid pack, breathing treatments.. Nothing is touching it.. I just need some relief.. Its miserable
  3. I am 6 weeks post-op and for six weeks I have had really thick mucus coughing and lots of congestion I actually sound like a 90 year old smoker the mucus has been making me throw up a lot whenever I ask my surgeon he just says that's how it's made to drink hot tea so I'm just wondering if anybody else has had this and what you can do to get rid of it it's almost like I had pneumonia now I have acute bronchitis I was getting sick before surgery but everything was clear as far as mucus goes right after surgery when I woke up I felt horrible green mucus thick coughing like crazy and now I got for 6 weeks I've dealt with it but in those six weeks I've lost a total of 67 lb since surgery 11/9/2017... I just need relief so I can finally enjoy the weight loss... Help!!!