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  1. As someone who works on a college campus, here is my advice. Take advantage of the community kitchen (residence halls typically have one or there is one on campus you can access) once a week to do meal prep and cook a few things that you can eat during the week that reheat well (cook your meats, boil eggs, make some crustless mini-quiches). While your veggie intake will be limited, the small microwaveable steam bags would be perfect for something fresh during the week and don't require a huge stash of seasonings, etc. (some groceries even do steam bags that include proteins like salmon or other fish). Pre-cooked items are your friend: rotisserie chicken, bags of hard boiled eggs or pre-cooked turkey sausage. Also consider microwave staples like mug omelettes. Chances are, as a college student, you will probably need to lean heavily on protein bars and shakes, so find some you really enjoy. The college lifestyle will be a huge challenge, so make sure you PREPARE for each week and have lots of things that are easy to grab and go (and things you can easily stick in your backpack like protein bars). Stalk local menus, campus dining and your grocery stores for items that will work for your diet. If you know what is out there, you will be able to steer your friends toward restaurants and hangouts that will work for you and you will know where to go when you need to grab something quickly.
  2. Before surgery, my reflux was so very bad that I could think about throwing up and do it. If something irritated my stomach slightly, I had to vomit. I am 8 months out and I haven't thrown up ONCE, even when I was really sick and needed/wanted to. My body can no longer do it.
  3. You are in Wisconsin and I am on the gulf coast.....keeping my head warm is rarely a concern down here! I have dreams of shaving it all off in the summer!
  4. Thanks for the info ladies. Based on your feedback, I'm not going to bother stressing about it! I had a fear that I was "just beginning" and that it would suddenly be falling out by the fistful for the next 6 months! I'll keep taking my supplements and my vitamins and go about my business!
  5. I have lots and lots of hair and I am incredibly lucky in that my stylist actually had gastric bypass (she recently cut my hair with hair loss in mind). However, the fallout has begun for the past month and is going strong. How long is this going to last? It's not coming out in clumps like post-pregnancy, but I am still filling a hairbrush daily. I'm seeing where it can fall out for 6 months! I'm not freaking out yet, but it really just depends on how long this is going to go on. When should I expect to reach the worst of it? As a squishy gal whose current body type "melting candle", hair is what I got going for me! On a related note, my skin and nails love my bypass. My skin is the clearest it has been in a decade. My nails are growing like crazy and are the strongest they have ever been. That seems counterintuitive.
  6. I'm a big fan of Collagen Hydrolysate. It's a powder that dissolves in my coffee and is tasteless. Pre-surgery, it definitely thickened my hair and got my nails growing (and my mom swears by it now too). There are even people who say it turns their gray hair darker. I've used the Great Lakes version and ordered it off of Amazon. It might be worth checking out if you question the value of Biotin.
  7. I have accepted that I'm not going to be one of those for whom the weight "falls off". I'm at 6 weeks out and I've lost 3.5 pounds a week (on average with a week one loss of 10 pounds) since my surgery and, for the past month, hitting 2 pounds lost has been the norm. As much as would have liked to be in the "magical few", I'm good with this as long as the scale keeps moving! For those of you that were slower losers, how were you able to keep it moving? I understand the need to "stay on plan", but were there other things you focused on to keep weight loss going? I'm just now getting to work out for real, did you find it made a big difference?
  8. Survived my surgery and beginning to feel a little bit like a person again! A little sore, but drinking my water and moving as much as I can!
  9. Gastric Bypass
  10. My surgery is Monday. I am both excited and terrified thinking about the journey ahead. I can’t even comprehend the impact this choice might make on, not just me, but my marriage and family. I know that losing weight and focusing on fitness will thrill my health nut of a hubby. It will also make me a better role model for my two boys. However, I am concerned about the changes it will mean to our lifestyle (my poor husband is already sad about the drop in happy hours and fabulous dinner dates) and the emotional challenges ahead (because when mama ain’t happy...). I want to focus on the joy, but the nerves are getting to me!