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  1. After doing some reading, I got the feeling that is was more because of being obese than maybe another factor. Thanks for all the insight and I am sure my hospital will be calling to discuss the numbers. Thank you all again!
  2. I had blood work run last Friday and received the results today. The hospital has not contacted me yet, I received them online. My AST is 47 normal is 0-40 and my ALT is 70 normal is 0-41 Any others have elevated enzymes leading up to surgery? I was (am?) looking at surgery in March... Thanks!
  3. Meet with Surgeon on Friday-Time Line???

    @kristinwitha_k I actually grew up in a neighboring town, but the University Hospital seems to be one of the best, so that's why I went there. Exciting times!
  4. Meet with Surgeon on Friday-Time Line???

    Met with the surgeon and went very well. I’m going to do the sleeve instead because of less potential complications. They are booked up in February but it looks like a March date is a very good possibility! Everything is sent off to insurance and hope for good news in the next week or so!
  5. 6 Month rule ?

    I guess I will know for sure tomorrow at my appointment. I'll log in and tell everyone my news. Fingers crossed that it will be a surgery date! Thank you all again.
  6. 6 Month rule ?

    Sorry, I should have been more precise. That you have to be on a supervised diet for 3 or 6 months.
  7. 6 Month rule ?

    I have been reading the forums and see a lot about the 3 or 6 month rule. I started in August and meet with my surgeon tomorrow, and there has never been talk about this rule. Is this something the surgeon will drop on me tomorrow, or because I haven't heard anything about this from the hospital, I am in the clear? Thanks for your help and thoughtful responses.
  8. Meet with Surgeon on Friday-Time Line???

    This is what I am thinking (hoping) will be the case with me... I have done all the prerequisite items, just need to meet with the surgeon. I have read on here about 6 month diets, but have not been told that by anyone I have worked with at the University of Iowa. Little worried that I haven't lost any weight since my last appointment. We shall see tomorrow, I guess! Thank you all for making this forum so great. Very insightful and though provoking. Good luck to you all and I look forward to any other responses.
  9. Meet with Surgeon on Friday-Time Line???

    Thank you all for the help. Supposed to go to Disney World in July and hoping those plans aren't going to have to be changed. Looking forward to fitting into a roller coaster and enjoying it!
  10. Meet with Surgeon on Friday-Time Line???

    Thank you @msmarymac, that's what I am hoping will be the case, just getting nervous. Thank you again!
  11. I started this process in August. I have done the nutrition classes, psych eval, sleep test and everything else needed. Not sure what to expect on Friday when I meet with the surgeon. I have lost 10 pounds since starting the process but have not lost or gained since my last appointment 2 months ago. Can I expect a surgery date to come out of this Friday appointment? Just a little anxious on what to expect. Thank you all for being on this forum, first post, but have been reading and taking notes!