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  1. Heard back from the surgeon's office and my surgery is now scheduled for August 6th. A lot later then I wanted but we have a Disney trip scheduled for the middle of the summer and I can't fly because of chances of blood clots. Positive thing is that it is scheduled! Been a bumpy road, but the light is at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for the continued support.
  2. Not sure of surgery date. Contacted the wls office and left a message. Hopefully I will hear something Monday!
  3. Good news!!! Liver levels were much lower. Ultra sound looked good. Nothing but good news! Doctor said he has no reason not to recommend that I have surgery! Now just have to have surgeon contact me to see what my next steps are with him! Thanks for all the support and well wishes. Still a long road but the road became a little less bumpy. Have a wonderful day!
  4. No they aren't telling me that...yet, or maybe at all. Blood work showed some concerns initially, but has since gotten better. They did a liver test 4 weeks ago and that showed that my liver had damage on it but not cirrhosis, which is a good thing! I am guess the ultrasound is to see if there is any further damage or the size of it. My WLS surgeon didn't want to "cut" in and see something he wasn't expecting. Best case scenario is that everything looks good enough for the surgery to take place. Happy for everyone being so thorough but frustrated that my life has been up in the air for the last 4-6 weeks. Ready to get some answers Friday and I will for sure be updating when I know something. It's been so nice to have the support of you all. Thank you all from the bottom of my ... LIVER!
  5. Friday I go into get an ultrasound of my liver to see how much damage being overweight has caused. I've had pretty good news on other tests but the US will be the one to probably give me the OK or tell me to look at other weight loss options. I guess I won't know if I will have surgery after Friday, but I should have a pretty good idea if it's a viable option. I've started a week long liquid diet in hopes that it will shrink the liver and help with anything else that needs to be done! If everyone could think good thoughts, that would be outstanding! So glad the weather is warming up! Have an outstanding Monday!
  6. Well there hasn't been any changes. I thought I may hear from the liver doctor but have not. I am throwing around the idea of contacting my surgeon to ask some hypothetical questions about the chances of me getting surgery in May if everything checks out. My insurance starts over July 1 and we have a Disney vacation planned July 5th. I really had my mind made that I would weigh a lot less for the vacation so that I could enjoy the plane trip and rides more. This waiting game is the hardest!
  7. I got some good news today...I think. I went back and met with a liver doctor 2 weeks ago. They wanted to do some further tests of my liver. The problem was that I can't get an appointment for 4 weeks so I was becoming a little impatient. I messaged the Dr. today and got a response by one of his colleagues. She said that my liver enzymes are now in the normal category. They also did a fibroscan on my liver that showed it had some damage but did not have cirrhosis. The Dr. is out til next week and booked until my next appointment and she said she would put me on a list if there was a cancellation. They will want to do a ultra sound of my liver at the next appointment and hopefully I'll get good news moving forward with weight loss surgery. I haven't had too much good news, so I'm grabbing on to this for a little bit!
  8. Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement. I think the toughest part is the mental part because I had in my mind what I would look like in 3 months etc... Now it's the worrying on what is gong onside inside my body. Again, much appreciated on the support. Life is good and just have to keep on keeping on!
  9. Bummer news... Went in yesterday for my pre-op because my surgery was schedualed for March 20th. Diagnosed that I have NASH-cirrhosis of the liver and Thrombocytopenia (my blood doesn't clot normally) I go back in 3 weeks to meet with a liver guy and he will do a CT scan and ultrasound. Pretty nervous and disappointed right now. Anyone else have one or both of these. I did ask my surgeon what the chances of me having surgery, ever and he said there was a 5-10% chance I would not have surgery. Surgeon seemed very bummed about having to break the news to me, which made me feel better but uneasy. Thank you in advance!
  10. Thank you @TammyP it's much appreciated!
  11. Time has gone fast! 2 weeks from tomorrow and it will be a go! Started the liquid diet on my own. Have all my pre-surgery appointments on Friday but wanted to get a jump on things and that way if I had questions I could ask after been through it for 4 days. Starting to become more real as the days and hours go by. So looking forward to this massive change! As always, thanks for all the support and encouragement.
  12. Coachy71

    VSG Surgery - Dr. McCarty

    Good luck today!
  13. Congrats! GREAT accomplishment! I can't wait to say the same thing. Keep on keeping on!
  14. 5 weeks from today for surgery! Root canal yesterday and went off with out a hitch. Down 5 pounds and feeling pretty good about things. Little nervous I haven't heard anything from the hospital, but not sure what they would need to tell me. Have it in the back of my mind that they are going to call and tell me that something didn't work out and they are not going to do the procedure. NOTHING makes this a possibility but still hard to believe that in over a month I am going to have less of a stomach! It's very enjoyable to log in and check up on everyone and how people are feeling, both mentally and physically in this process. Thank you!
  15. Pushing myself from this day on til surgery. Gong to try and lose 15 pounds on my own before March 20 surgery. I need to do this to set up the correct mentality and so that I will lose more after the surgery. It's a mindset and I'm ready for it... One meal at a time and one day at a time... Thanks for all the support everyone!