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  1. @hermit0208 Thank you for sharing! It looks like with my insurance it needs to be 6 consecutive months. Congrats on all you have done so far. @Readytobeme Thank you for being so great! I was ready that my insurance had denied someone because they fell under 180 by 2 days!!! Thats crazy!!! So many things to consider. I am going to wait for the free seminar and prepare a few questions for them. Hopefully they can help guide me in the right direction.
  2. Thanks for the information. I have a 78 page document my new insurer sent me I have to read thru it to see if there are any specifications for the 6 month period of weight loss program. The new insurance is BCBS- Alabama. My apologies go out to @michiganmilkman for what you have gone thru? What insurance do you have? There are very appalling.
  3. Hello, I am going to a free seminar in January since my new insurance is active then and now includes the surgery. I have already spoke with them and they do require: "At least one attempt must occur during the one year prior to request for surgery or date of surgery. Documentation must support participation in the program for six consecutive months." In anticipation of this rule, I have gone ahead and scheduled a appt. with my for December, I am wondering if December will go towards that 6 month count even though my new insurance is not active yet? THANK YOU!