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  1. I think I'm going to get my gallbladder removed at same time. Would hate the thought of complications later down the rd
  2. Brillant stuff. Thank u. I'll read it
  3. Thank you everyone ..just one more wee question. Did any of u get your gall bladder removed at time of wls surgery. I'm reading that it becomes a problem afterwards
  4. Thank you guys. I was turned down by the NHS. They don't fund it in my part of the uk. We don't have private insurance here. My surgery is taking place abroad so i will not meet my surgeon till the morning of surgery. They sent me preop diet to follow 2 weeks prior to surgery. Not much follow up care but am hoping my gp will help me with that.. good to hear about the waking up part. I will read away here to gain much needed knowledge. Btw. This is the first time I have ever written down and shared my weight with others. So big step right there.
  5. Thank you all.....I'm self funding this operation myself after being turned down by my nhs. I live in U.K....I'm 42. 3 children , great husband but feel like my weight (330lbs) is holding me back....I want to be healthier for my family. I've never had an op before so first anaesthetic....scared I won't wake up. Scared of afterwards and how this will change my family dynamic( we are big eaters)...just a lot of fears really. Really need info on foods afterwards, vitamins etc. Im enjoying reading all these posts. Thanks
  6. Hi I'm scheduled for gastric sleeve surgery on 23rd January....looking some help and advice ...very nervous already.
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