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  1. angelav

    Belly shots!

    Emily is so cute! Can you believe you're doing it all over again? I absolutely LOVED being pregnant...I couldn't wait to meet my baby, but loved it nonetheless!!! My friend is 9 weeks 6 days as well, I think she's due January 2nd? I hope the next 7 months flies by for you:)
  2. But of course:D We are throwing her a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. It'll be a little over the top but it's her 1st. She won't remember it, but at least she'll have a scrapbook;)
  3. Thanks!!! We are truly blessed. She is such a goof it's not even funny, I'm sure could tell by some of the pics. Her new favorite word is "stop.." good thing she's so cute. My hubby & I are in some serious trouble;)
  4. I can't believe she's 11 months old...seems like I was just announcing my pregnancy:p
  5. I took Citracal Prenatal 90 + DHA (prescription only). The pills have extra iron we need as bypass patients, and max folic acid. You definitely want to take something with DHA as it helps with brain development. They weren't covered by insurance, but worth the $35 a daughter is amazing!!! Check out and, both have great info and tips. Once you're prego, you can get daily/weekly updates that help you on the journey to mommyhood.
  6. Yeah right Jeanie...your avatar pic was taken before our wild night in PB;) Awe Kim, it's great to hear from you! I've met some of the best people through this process:)
  7. Thank you guys!!! I know I will never forget where I came from, it's what makes It's just nice to live a "normal" life where losing weight isn't the focus anymore p.s. I do have the cutest BO SOX fan ever!!!
  8. Here are some pics from me all "grown up." I'm married to the love of my life and have the most beautiful daughter!!! It's crazy how quickly life changes! 4.5 years ago I was worried about what I was going to eat next...seriously, I LOVED food:eek: 4 years ago I was worried about what not to eat and 3.5 years ago I was worried about what I was wearing to the club;) (just ask Jeanie) Now it's all about my family:)
  9. Guess I'm a little late...Dr. M. Mark Mofid...he's amazing!!! PM if you'd like more information:)
  10. I had mini lift with saline implants and ABSOLUTELY love the results. I went from a saggy C to a perky D, no underwire required:p Due to the fact that I had extra skin, they look natural. My scars are around the nipple and you can hardly see them. I recently had a baby, produced breast milk and they still don't sag. I did however have the best doctor ever, too bad you weren't in California. The only advice I have, is to do your homework and remember that you get what you pay for. Good Luck!!!
  11. Thanks! This is our 1st baby and we're having so much fun with her. The joke in our family is that it's going to be hard to top this "one";)
  12. It's been forever since I've posted, Motherhood has sure kept me busy:D Here are a few pics of my baby girl, she'll be 5 months next week:eek: Time sure does fly!!!
  13. This time tomorrow I'll officially be in labor:eek: My doctor decided to induce a few days early. I haven't slept since Monday, the anticipation is killing me! I'm feeling so many different emotions. I'm mostly excited but also find myself really nervous/anxious too, I'm sure watching every baby show on TLC & Discovery Health doesn't help:rolleyes: I was blessed with an AWESOME pregnancy and hope that God blesses me with a safe delivery and healthy baby. We can't wait to meet our new son or daughter??? We'll keep you posted.
  14. angelav

    Holly and the Baby

    Thanks for the info, she & Brooke are in my prayers. Have you checked to see if Holly is registered anywhere? Maybe she could register online, she can do it from her house. If she registers @ Babies R Us, people can order items she needs and have them shipped to her home. Just a thought?