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  1. Pre-Op marriage counseling?

    I see this is an older topic, but it has been one of my concerns as well. My husband and I have been together for over 8 years, married for over 5 years - but are former high school sweethearts and have known each other since we were 11 & 12. He has literally known me as the cute, spunky cheerleader & the morbidly obese middle age woman I am now. I heard about this issue in a support meeting and have been worried about it since. My husband was not 100% on board with this at first, but he has come around and is fully supportive. He thought the surgery was too radical of a solution to my problems. I explained to him, if a woman who has lost her sister to breast cancer, has a cancerous tumor in her breast & chooses to have a double mastectomy instead of a lumpectomy - do you think that is too radical? In my mind, what I am doing is the same. I've told him that he needs to worry about me more if I DON'T have the surgery than if I do. Based on my family history, 10-15 more years is all I will have, on average. Diabetes runs in my family - but cancer is the big killer. My mother, father, sister & brother have all died of cancer - that's a quadruple whammy. Currently, I am dealing with a diabetes diagnosis - my motivation for having the surgery. But cancer is always in the back of my mind & excess weight is definitely a risk factor for cancer. I know that I may do all of these things & still not conquer my family medical history - but at least my family will know that I went down swinging. Morbid thought, but there it is. My love doesn't have the best record of being the most supportive person when I've been sick. But I know he loves me and always wants what is best for me, this is what is best for me & he knows that. I don't want to have this conversation about relationship risks with him before surgery, I was just hoping that if we do run into a problem later on down the road, I could tell him about this and we could seek help at that time. Is that an unhealthy way of handling this?
  2. Hi! New Here!

    Thanks everybody! I started my weight loss journey 2 years ago. I lost over 40 lbs that year (fantastic for me, 20 lbs was the max I could ever lose). 1 year ago, I went in for my yearly check-up fully expecting all of my numbers to be improved(none were ever more than a couple of points high). The next day the doctor herself called me. My fasting blood sugar was 368. I immediately went to buy a meter. After I figured out how to use it, I saw my blood sugar was 539. I panicked. My A1C was 13.7 and I was immediately put on insulin & metformin. After a while, I was beginning to regain the weight I'd lost & then found out weight gain was a side effect of insulin, grrrrr. While researching diabetes, I came across an article that said gastric bypass was an effective means for long term diabetes control because the surgery reroutes around the duodendron. So I started researching it & went to a seminar. I started the long process of approval a month later. I have been off insulin now for over 2 months through diet & exercise and have relost all but 5 lbs of what I gaines back. I know the cycle of diabetes is to become more & more insulin resistant. Currently, I am at 40 carbs per day for control. I know without the surgery, I'll have to keep decreasing the carbs even more until I am forced back on insulin. I should add my brother died in his sleep from diabetes complications at just 7 years older than I am now, so I am fearful of going to sleep. Also, my brother in law, who is 10 years older than me is struggling to save his foot & leg. I also had my own diabetic ulcer on my foot that was difficult to treat. The weight loss will be great, but diabetes is my motivator.
  3. Hi! New Here!

    Hi! I am new to the site, I am having gastric bypass done on January 8th. I'm nervous and excited. I'm planning to creep along here for the next few weeks and learn as much as I can from all of you! I have a cousin who had the surgery and I have a support group that I go to at my local hospital, but a forum like this is an awesome resource to add to my arsenal of information!