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  1. It turned out to be some kind of weird stall--I'm finally losing again! I also have chronic constipation & I'm sure that contributed in some way. Thank you for all of the replies...still playing phone tag with my bariatric team...and wondering if I am eating too few calories. It would be hard to eat more a day than I'm eating now...
  2. Okay--I need help! For the past month I keep gaining 4 pounds, losing those 4 pounds, then gaining those 4 pounds. I'm eating approximately 600-800 calories a day, protein an average of 80 grams a day, carbs very low-25 carbs a day...I'm walking for 20-30 minutes a day. I'm drinking 64+ ounces of water a day. What am I doing wrong??? I have never heard of anyone gaining weight when they were just sleeved. I cannot tell you how down I feel about this. Should I reduce my calorie intake? Thinking about just going on protein shakes for awhile to see if I can lose weight...I didn't do all that I did to be gaining weight on the sleeve.
  3. I have fought a life long battle with constipation--so I'm your woman (unfortunately) -- for this topic! My surgeon was so hopeful that somehow getting the vertical sleeve would solve my constipation issues. I was sleeved 8 weeks ago. He asked me to wait four days after my surgery before taking anything. (because he didn't think I was going to need anything) Then try every other day--by supplements I am talking about Miralax. I did what he asked and I got constipated. And it was awful...because I also had bad gas for the first 3 weeks--so imagine your body is a balloon that is filling up with gas but it can't get out--I was in such severe pain one night I was sure that I was going to have to go to the hospital. I would have driven myself, but moving my body hurt so much, I couldn't imagine driving a car. I've been taking Miralax every single day ever since--and trying to get more than 64 ounces of water daily. 64 ounces is the gold standard, but I try to do more...and so far so good. There was one day that I missed taking a dose of Miralax--and I was constipated again for 5 days. It wasn't as bad as post-op, because thankfully the gas problem is gone. My advice is to take Miralax, drink loads of water, and don't worry about it. My doctor says that Miralax is safe to take every day. Something like it doesn't go into your blood stream like a medicine...just brings water to the colon and coats the stool. I just mix the dose of Miralax in with my morning protein shake. Good luck to you! You're going to be fine!
  4. What!!!! I've never heard this before!!!! I've been stressing because I haven't been eating many vegetables--the protein fills me up. I don't like eating fruit because of its high carb content, but I love vegetables. Maybe I'm doing better than I thought I was...I can eat like 2 scallops or 2 chicken wings...and that's it. No more. I was going to start sneaking vegetables into protein smoothies because I can't seem to think of any other way to get them in! It would be fantastic to not have to worry about veggies!
  5. Yes--you're right. And next year, I won't be alone. This year it was a financial/surgery recovery decision. Thanks for your reply!
  6. Can you be my therapist? lol Yes! Yes! Yes! I completely agree about the meatballs. Way too many meatballs. I won't do that again. I don't regret having the sleeve done. I needed it. I have lost so much weight, have so much energy, and feel myself waking back up to life again. What I think I was just tired of was how hard this is--it is so hard. You can't just eat something. You have to think about every darn thing about it. And I'm in that soft food stage where I just sort of am having a hard time figuring out what to eat. And it is hard when I spent the first 53 years of my life eating a lot of food and loving it all--and now I will try and think about eating something--and I feel so sick. Like halibut. I was going to buy some halibut. I love halibut--but do I? I used to. I went to the market, but halibut is not to be found at this time...and when I imagined cooking it and eating it--I felt nauseated. What do I like to eat? I don't know! And that is a tad frustrating. They weren't lying when they said your "taste buds" would change.
  7. That makes me smile and laugh out loud every time I see it. Thank you for cheering me up!
  8. I woke up this morning mad as #^$### and I don't know why. I'm six weeks out, everything has gone really well--I don't have anything to complain about. Last night I ate 3 Trader Joe turkey meatballs and got very sick--I didn't throw up--but had lots of pain, discomfort, nausea--and haven't eaten anything since. The thought of eating makes me sick. Still getting the liquids in...but what an experience! This was the very first time I felt anything not go well when I ate it--I was even beginning to think that I didn't get the sleeve and it was all my imagination. Or that I was unlucky and my pouch was huge. Why am I so angry? Everything is making me mad...the trash services didn't come last night without notice, none of my pants fit & I have to do laundry, there's water all over the kitchen counter, and I need to vacuum, and it is Christmas morning & I'm alone for the first time in my whole life. And everywhere people are mindlessly just eating whatever they feel like eating...putting it in their mouths without worrying about weighing it, or analyzing it, or chewing it 30 times. Not waiting to see if it makes them sick. And in a warm house in Washington my family is gathered around a Christmas tree opening gifts and eating Russian teacakes, gooey butter bars, petit fours, and sipping egg nog laced with whiskey. Sigh. Wish I didn't feel so x#$%$ angry.
  9. You did it! You are an inspiration!
  10. Well, it finally happened. This morning I weighed myself--299. I did it. I broke 300. Some part of me didn't think that it was really going to happen! Eating now is more a chore than a thrill. I forgot yesterday that I could move on to soft foods. That's how little it matters anymore. The thing is I can only try one new food at a time...and it such small quantities. I did have some refried beans yesterday for the first time--and found out that 4 ounces is way too much...that's 1/2 a cup. I enjoyed the beans--but it took like 4 5 minutes to puree them with some tomato soup. You know? Today I'm going try halibut...I can buy a fillet and share it with Miranda. If I was to go to a restaurant, I wouldn't even need to order my own food, just an extra plate, and whoever was eating with me could give me like two spoonfuls of food from their plate. It's very weird to be eating so little. Then you eat it, it's gone, and you move on. One non-scale victory that I don't think I mentioned was that I no longer have high blood pressure and am off blood pressure meds. A lot of people with Type 2 diabetes lose their diabetes after surgery, too. And my apnea is much improved...I sometimes don't even have any when napping, so says my daughter. My sleep doctor said that he'd do another sleep study when I lose all my weight--he said the apnea could disappear. He said soon my machine will need a reset because I won't need such forceful air to open my passageways when I sleep. With the loss of this last 5 pounds I think I might finally be consistently in 2xs. Right now it depends on the shirt...I can wear a 1x if it is a loose fitting tunic. The shirts that look best on my are peasant tops because they disguise my arms (baggy skin). I've got another pile of clothes that are too big to take to Goodwill. I think that's my favorite thing...folding up my clothes that don't fit anymore. It's so tangible! Yesterday I saw a few people do double takes when they saw me. You'd be surprised how many people see me every day and have not said one word--and I've lost 85 lbs. My daughter says that it is out of politeness and fear of being wrong...but another part of me believes in the "one blob looks like one blob" theory. You're fat.
  11. Thanks for all of the input! I am going to call my surgeon's office today. I went ahead this morning and broke the worst offending pill in half. I swallowed the first half with lots of water--and then waited about 15 minutes to swallow the other half. If anything happens--you'll all know what to tell the doctors and my family. Just kidding. Reading all of your posts it is interesting to see how different our experience can be depending on our doctors. I figured I couldn't swallow a whole pill because it would block the entrance or exit to my pouch--but maybe that has nothing to do with it! Personally speaking, I thinking crushing pills should be outlawed. I've never tasted anything so horrid in my life--I'm deeply scarred by the experience!
  12. I have 3 medications that I have to take every morning. Unfortunately, when crushed they are so bitter that they have the power to curdle milk instantly. I know because I tried mixing them into a protein drink. I have tried mixing them into different pureed foods--banana, apple, sweet potato. The worst was the sweet masking ability. Every morning I wake up and literally have to choke down these bitter, bitter pills. I'm wondering if anyone has had this experience and survived.
  13. For the first time in many years, my daughter and I were able to lie on the couch together and snuggle. We both fit on the couch. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it now--I didn't even realize it at first...then it hit me. I am losing weight. I am. I'm reclaiming my life. It is only going to get better from here!
  14. Butterscotch! That is my favorite all time flavor! Where did she get it? Brand? Let me know how it tastes!
  15. Thank you--I didn't know this. I'm still not sure if I'm full. Sometimes my stomach starts gurgling a little bit, especially when I eat soup, and I stop then. But as far as feeling "full" -- I'm not sure I know what feeling is. Before the surgery I didn't pay attention to whether I was full or not either--and being a binge eater would often eat until I was in pain. Knowing that I'm not going to stretch my pouch out makes me feel a lot better!