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  1. Hello Everyone! I havent been on here in awhile, just got back into work and being busy Last time I was on here, my weight was 294 pounds. I am now 237 pounds. I am very much regaining my confidence, my body is starting to be curvacious and shapeful, oh how I missed that!! But now I am running into my mind changing, I am becoming a different person...And tbh, I am not sure that I like it... I had been with my boyfriend for 3 years before I got this surgery, and he proposed to me about 1 month after surgery... I did this surgery to have a baby, because I was told that I had to loose the weight first due to my PCOS. And now that I am here and now, I dont want babies and I dont want to get married. I am so mad at the surgery right now, and even more mad at myself. I just hate myself. I want things to go back to the way they were... Did anyone else have this problem of not wanting to be with their significant other anymore after weightloss? Or am I just the only %!#%^(&?
  2. I miss eating food. And I’m tired of feeling sick all the damn time. I hate myself for getting this surgery. Worst time of year to do it as well. Can’t enjoy myself at all since I’m always feeling like crap. And I’m ALWAYS in the worst mood. I’m so moody and taking it out on everyone that I can’t eat. This is so frustrating. Isn’t it just ridiculous that I wish I could go back in time and not get this surgery and figure it out by myself? This was supposed to be the best thing for me and change my life . And so far I’m just miserable . PLUS I’m out of work so this holiday season is horrible and causing more stress
  3. Thanks everyone , yes I think I need to call the doctors office and let them know.
  4. Thanks so much ladies. And yeah I do get all my medicine in. But I don’t do much protein, I’m struggling because the premier protein drinks make me gag and I’m unable to find another.... I am doing better with liquids, but still don’t think I’m getting 64 ounces. As far as food goes, I barely eat. The only thing that really sits well is broth, apple sauce, and mashed potatoes. Everything else pretty much makes me nauseous.
  5. Hi Everyone. So today has been 1month since my sleeve surgery. I’ve lost 27 pounds since surgery and gained 1 pound this last week. I weigh myself 1 time a week, and last wed I was 281 and now I’m 282... I feel so discouraged.
  6. Well nothing for me on Christmas but mashed potatoes! Haha
  7. When are we allowed to have ? Nothing in my diet about turkey meat only every other kind of meat. And I’m guessing can’t have stuffing until after 3 months post op?
  8. Lauraw96

    rashes ???

    Hi all I have rashes on my hands and arms.... does this maybe have to do with the surgery ?
  9. Oooo please share the ricotta lasagna recipe !!! And aww thanks I’ll try the papaya extract! My doc recommended me to stay on purée instead of soft until I can get those down better . He said it’s normal since my body is adjusting
  10. I know I’ve heard it mentioned but I can’t remember the big deal about it.. anyone ?
  11. @CheeringCJ Hi guys!! Sorry I been so MIA. I’m just not feeling too hot. My surgery was 11/22 and so I’m about almost 3 weeks out. I now am able to have soft foods but nothing sits well. I’ve tried egg, beans, mashed potato, cheese ... I’m constantly nauseous and my stomach always hurts. It’s exhausting.... I really struggle to eat. I HATE all the protein drinks. So I haven’t been drinking them which I know is so bad but idk what to do I did see the doc 2 days ago on Friday and I’ve lost 25 pounds since surgery. Which is awesome!!! But other than that I’m pretty miserable. Happy to say not really any pain as far as incisions go and not really sore anymore. Finally can sleep on my side which is awesome!!!
  12. Very true!!! I had my surgery last week and I just wanna get my nose pierced lol. I feel weird calling the doctor just to ask that
  13. Hi all, does anyone know how long you have to wait to get a tattoo or piercing after surgery? I don’t think it would matter, but wanna be safe not sorry lol