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  1. Meeting with my surgeon

    Hello. My appointment went well. She answered all my questions. A few times I was told its a case by case basis. But I understand. Thanks Rob
  2. Meeting with my surgeon

    Thanks. Ill report back tonite. Ill make sure to ask about the drains.
  3. Meeting with my surgeon

    Hello. Im meeting with my surgeon today. I have a few questions I was going to ask. Is there any thing in perticulure I should ask. Thanks Rob
  4. Pre surgery nervousness

    Thank you all for the replies. It helps hearing from all of you. Rob
  5. Go time

    Finally got a date
  6. Pre op weight loss

    I got it up there already. Lol I was hoping to have it sooner but thats the earliest date I could get. Do you have doubts about it yet? I seem to get them and then they pass. Take care Rob
  7. Pre surgery nervousness

    Hello. My date is set for the 21 of march. Ive been calm and reserved about my decision until today. I found myself asking if this is the right choice. I got over 130lbs I need to lose. I have sleep apnea, hypertension, pre diabetes. I guess im getting caught up in the "what ifs" . Is it normal to feel this way now? Did any of you who had bypass surgery feel the same before your surgery? Im scared that I wont wake up. I lost my dad 2 yrs ago in march. He went in for a stress test and never came home. They performed open heart surgery on him and he never woke up. Thanks for listening Rob
  8. Pre op weight loss

    I dont think you should have a problem with the liquid diet. I did it for a week after thanksgiving and I wasnt to bad. I just had to stay very active to keep my mind off of it. Just think a year from now what it will be like.
  9. Pre op weight loss

    Im not changing my mind set. I got a goal and I want to achieve it. How you doing?
  10. I did it!!!!

  11. Pre op weight loss

    Its ok. I can understand where the confusion came from. Lol I myself was wondering who this mike guy is. Thank you all for the support going through all of this. Rob
  12. Pre op weight loss

    March 21 is the earliest they can get me in.
  13. Pre op weight loss

    I also started growing a moustache over the last three months. I told myself I would shave it off when I got approved. Problem is It has grown on me. Lol
  14. Pre op weight loss

    Well I did it. I called my insurance and they got all the correct info they needed and approved me this morning. Dont have a date yet but was told in march. So hopefully everything will work out
  15. Pre op weight loss

    Im hoping they get tge lead out. I called insurance yesterday and they got a packet from them. It was missing a bunch of stuff. I called the center and explained my frustration and told them I feel like im falling threw there cracks. The program manager got defensive