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  1. Thank you all for the kind words. Looking at the pics myself I can see a big difference. But mentally I still feel like the big guy. When will that change? Thanks Rob
  2. Hello. Just thought id give a update on how things are going. Been busy with the farm and my new found energy. Ive have gotten down to 215. Seems like the weight is harded to get off now. But it is still slipping away. First pic is from a year ago when I started my supervised weight loss. Second pic is from this past friday. Thats my wife and son in the photos. He is in 4h with his dairy calf project. Take care Rob
  3. Congrats on the success. I know exactly how your feeling
  4. Hello. Sorry for the delay. Calving and planting season are busy. So its mostly in the spring for me. I belong to a milk marketing coop. So currently my milk is being powdered and used in chocolate production. It also goes to a small creamery and gets bottled. Im only a 1 lb away from being in the 230's I haven't weighed that in 20 yrs. Its amazing on how much easyer I can move around. Take care Rob
  5. Hello. Things are going good here. I seem to be at a slight stall. Im bouncing between 245 and 250. I haven't really changed what ive been eating been eating ( a little less sence field work has been going on) . My protien intake has been around 60 grams a day. I can get one shake in me but I cant tolerate tge second one lol. Im down two pant sizes and im wearing shirts I haven't worn in years. Tia Rob
  6. Im doing ok. I go for my six week check up today. Im at 255lbs. I started at my heaviest in nov at 321.8. I find that it is hard to eat somethings. Im still getting most of my protien threw shakes. Thanks for asking. Rob
  7. Hello. Things are going good so far. I havent had any problems eating soft solids. Just seem to have to force myself to eat. I have no hunger. Lol Im getting almost all my protein in for the day. There saying I need 90 grams but I struggle to hit 75 somedays. Im dring around 3 quarts of water. I feel great. Im getting close to 25lbs lost sence surgery. Thanks for asking. Rob
  8. Congrats. Im two weeks out today. It seems only to get better. I curious on what your cooking in your air fryer. "Steve"
  9. Im allowed full liquids right now. But there is not many choices. Wednesday I go see the surgeon and nutrition again and they talked about going to soft foods
  10. Hi. Things are going good. Im getting all my fluids and protien in. I have no trouble drinking water. Almost as there is no restriction to my stomach size. Thanks for asking Rob
  11. Your going to do fine. You researched alot about this. Make sure you get a picture of your stomach. My surgeon texted me mine. Said it was the second largest one she has seen.
  12. Pain is slowly going away. I get up and walk every 2 hrs. Just lots of gas bubbling inside of me. Sometimes it's painful.
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