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  1. Thank you all so much! It's going to be hard to sleep tonight. After getting those calls from the hospital, it has put me in high gear. I could hardly sit down the rest of the day. No worries, just excited! Again, thanks so much for the well wishes and encouragement! Bless each of you! <3 Oh yeah...I will update as soon as I can!
  2. I just got the call. Well, actually CALLS, lol. The first call, they told me to be there @ 6:30 in the morning which was great for me, but my mom had to go to Lexington today with her sister and probably won't be home until late, so that was going to be hard on her. About 30 minutes later, I got another call that said he had changed it to 9:30, so that's still okay. my mom will be able to get a bit more rest and my surgery will be around 11:00.
  3. Yes that's another reason I don't want to be last....every delay falls on you if you're last.He said an uneventful surgery takes him about 45 min to an hour.
  4. Actually, they are to call me around 4:00 today and let me know. The surgeons do their next day schedule in the afternoon of the day prior. I hope it's early, but I doubt it. They let diabetics and those with latex allergies go first, so I'm guessing it will be sometime around 11-ish or noon. I hate the short notice.
  5. Thank so much! The hospital just called to ask if I would be able to pay my co-pay tomorrow. I told her yes and when I hung up the phone it finally 'hit me'. This is happening. Very excited but no nerves or fear yet!
  6. Lynn74

    So close.

    I hope everything goes great today! Here's to a boring but successful surgery!
  7. Lynn74

    Stephanie's Getting Sleeved

    Thanks so much, Jen! So hard to believe it's tomorrow! I have no idea what time tomorrow because at my hospital, the surgeons make their next day schedule on the afternoon of the day before. So, about 4:00p.m. today I should know. Hopefully, it's the first one, but I doubt it. They schedule the ones with diabetes or latex allergies first and I have neither.
  8. Lynn74

    Stephanie's Getting Sleeved

    It's me. My name is Stephanie Lynn. User name is Lynn74.
  9. Wow, I did not know this! Thanks, Jen! This has been incredibly helpful!
  10. Sorry, didn't mean to double post that. Is there no way you can delete a reply/post?
  11. Another idea I've had is using a little fajita seasoning on some shreadded chicken. Tenderize a couple strips of bell peppers and mix those in. With a little melted cheese, I'd say it could be purèed. I bought some of the 'Minute Macros' unflavored protein powder and I've been sprinkling it on and mixing it in everything. You cannot tasts it at all. It's just $13.00 for a one pound bag and free shipping. A little cheaper than the Isopure (I think that's the name.). I will add the link below. It's the 'unflavored' of course. I ordered it on Saturday and got it Tuesday. I even add it to my tea, and it tastes exactly the same.
  12. Wow! Amazing transformation! You look fantastic!
  13. I use the Frank's recipe below. The dressing probably contains some sugars but it just calls for 1/2 a cup and spread out over servings it shouldn't be much. For the chicken, I always bake the chicken breast then shred it, or I buy a rotisserie chicken and cut the meat off and shred it. I just loathe canned or cooked (boiled) chicken.
  14. I don't know if you're a fan of the buffalo chicken dip, but you can make it with really small bits of chicken and since it's buried in cheese, it may stay down? I don't use anything to dip it with; I just eat it from the spoon, lol. It has 10 grams of protein a serving and only 3g carbs. You can make it as mild or hot as you want. Just an idea. Sounds like you're doing great though.
  15. Oh wow, I wonder why? That seems extreme. I am so sorry!