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  1. BIGGEST LOSER Tonight!!!

    When they were sharing their stories, I got something in my eye when Abby told hers. It just amazes me, the human spirit's resilience. Whew. I would have not been at her level given that the accident was in 06. The eye thingy really started when she stated her story and spoke of a higher meaning, and then paused and said: "But, I did a mile today" Good show this season. Season #8 They stated that this is the largest of the groups yet. I'm voting for Abby & Mo
  2. BIGGEST LOSER Tonight!!!

    Jillian has a potty mouth
  3. I Can't Believe It

    Awesome work there skinny
  4. When do we decide that enough is enough?

    Cerissa, My initial question (or more immediate) is: Are you still commited to going to Japan now that you have reached this reality and newly formed perspective? Twin Cities guy nailed it. The asian cultures do in fact cater to the men's Concubinesque lifestyles. If you don't have family or other support there, I can easily predict a very miserable 24 months or longer. Were it myself, I would be staying where I have support and a place to be grounded. Not a foreign country where I could be isolated. Councelling need not be with both of you. You could gain a better vision of the realities before you with a good councellor. Take care Gal
  5. Bezobraz Excellent post! Thank you
  6. March 2009 Staplers

    Helena, I lived in Denver and commuted from the city to the foothills daily. I had these mounted to my truck and NEVER saw deer in my path in 5 yrs. They work. Deer whistle / accident prevention - The animal alert safety warning device. Glad you are ok. Could have went right into your face if the conditions were different. Antlers at 55 mph or higher wouldn't be nice. Mc
  7. March 2009 Staplers

    Ex ILs are way over-rated.
  8. Amount of food?

    I'm with Joesephine on the Peanut Butter (Just make sure its SF) for about ~9Grams of protien for 2 tblspns. It doesn't have nearly the same appeal as fully loaded (sugar) PB, but, doesn't taste aweful either.
  9. Shopping Trip

    Val, Honey.......I gave you a twenty spot for the flea market this weekend and then I find this? We have to talk.....
  10. Elvis or Johnny Cash

    We watched a Kurt Cobain tribute lastnight..... I got to say, he was ubber talented to say the least. They captured his vocals on a single track.... I was raised in the themes of the Beatles whom I idolized as a youngster. I was then influenced by the sounds of "YES" and "Ian Anderson": (later known as Jethro Tull), My Mom is still to this day, the coolest Mom you can ever have. I heard RUSH and other classics because my Mom caught it in doing her pottery downstairs and she would holler to me to "get down here" and low and behold Rush or very early Kansas was on the air....Whoa! 1973 was a very good year for me. Since then, the boundaries of my tastes, span the globe. Thank You Mom!!!
  11. Technology stinks!!

    They don't call em "Ear buds" for nothin. Too funny! How was the Cran/Rasberry Ultra? Runs......
  12. Life Rolls On...

    Soooo, we can sign you up now as a committed water team member for 2010? Taps on dusty floor......
  13. That is so true Nikki, kids say it like it is. That is definately a WOW moment. Awesome for you. Tiki
  14. Mindless Banter...

  15. I wonder

    Honeslty, I took it straight from google images, and when you said this I looked at the properties and then LOLMAO