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  1. Life so far after VSG

    I have not been in the 200's since early 2015. It is such an amazing feeling.
  2. Life so far after VSG

    Thank you! I always loved being active and playing sports but after I gained weight I couldnt play for more tha 5 minutes and my motivation went away. Now the gym is the highlight of my day!
  3. Life so far after VSG

    So I am 7 weeks post VSG. So much has changed in so little time. I know its just the beginning but I am amazed on how much difference this tool has done for my life. First off, I had regret. At first I didn't until I started eating real foods. I hated that I didn't enjoy foods as much, that 1 bite and I was done. Now I couldn't be happier with the results. Yes your eating ways change and at first it may not feel as if you've done something good but trust it and just make better decisions and it will. I have tried pizza, chicken strips, fries, and most of the bad stuff. I didn't realize how bad and strong head hunger and food addiction was until this surgery. I honestly don't like these bad foods anymore. The more I chew the more I realize the taste is different and it just doesn't make me crave it. My food choices have changed and I am eating better. I also incorporated gym again and I am melting the pounds away. My heaviest weight was 368 lbs. I am currently 306. I can now walk to my office from my car and not be sweating and out of breath. I can finally tie my shoes and not have to hold my breath while tying them. I walked for 2 hours the other day hiking with my girlfriend and my back wasn't hurting and neither was my knee. My energy is through the roof! I feel happier, better, more alive. I cant wait to see what other amazing things change in my life. So if you're reading this and are on the fence about getting surgery then take my advice and go for it. It is honestly the best decision of my life. It literally saved my life. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Sorry if it sounds rushed I have been up since 5 am and I am still half asleep lol
  4. Gym Questions!

    Yes I agree, I just took a little bit of the supplement to see how my body would react and it was fine. Now I am having so much more energy because I started going to the gym.
  5. Gym Questions!

    Lmao you will pull it off man, just keep at it. Do you take any sort of preworkout or anything for the gym. Like BCAAS Creatine, post workout recovery? I asked my NUT and she just gave me a generic mom answer on how stimulants arent good for the body even if you're not sleeved.
  6. Gym Questions!

    I already feel the little muscle I had become squishy lol And I feel weak ever since the surgery. I am drained right after work, but I want to start lifting for muscle memory and because it will keep me distracted from my food addiction that I have really bad.
  7. VSG!!!!


    Time is going to fly by! Next thing you know you will be post op sucking on ice lol
  8. Gym Questions!

    Thank you all, I had surgery in Mexico so I won't have a check in. I will email them though. I have been doing cardio lately but it bores me so much. Thanks for all the responses guys. Sorry I have been away for a while. Trying to get adjusted to a different life.
  9. Gym Questions!

    I am 3 weeks and 2 days post op. I have now started soft food stage! I was wondering about lifting weights. How long did you guys wait until you started lifting weights? I don't want to lift too too heavy just enough to put some resistance on my fading muscles lol.
  10. I am officially on the losers bench!

    Hello Thanks for asking about me. I am doing great. Haven't weighed in since last monday but as far as I know I am down 42 lbs! Back doesn't hurt and I feel much better. Excited for soft foods next week!
  11. I am officially on the losers bench!

    Morning update. They gave me a tiny elementary school juice box that I would’ve devoured in one sip and I have been steadily sipping it for about an hour. I’m not even half way done. Even though I read about this happening and knew it was going to happen to me as well it still just feels unreal
  12. I am officially on the losers bench!

    I’ve been trying to walk but it still aches. I’m going to try to walk a lot tonight to se did it gets a bit better. I will try pain meds as well tomorrow.
  13. I am officially on the losers bench!

    I only stayed one night at the hospital, I’m back at the hotel now and tomorrow we leave back to Houston. Right now what bugs me most is the gas still in my system. Idk how long it’s supposed to last
  14. I am officially on the losers bench!

    Yes I did, ate chips and I was full. Still bloated from the gas but it’s making its way out. I also won the biggest stomach of the day award l. Doctor said mine weighed 5 lbs!
  15. I am officially on the losers bench!

    @Cheesehead I totally agree. I’ve always one to never use or need chapstick until yesterday. I felt as if I ate a handful of sand! Applied that chapstick in a hurry lol